Dec. 23rd, 2011 10:16 am
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So as you may or may not have guessed, I am on holiday! For another week or so! I already think this time is far too short, but am trying to ignore that. Also to persuade myself out of bed so I can actually do things with my holidays.

Spent the last week and a bit in Perth with Lauryn, Karen, and Tina, and got back on Monday night. Naturally I was ill for about 80% of the week, but perked up in time for birthday and zoo outings, so that was all right, and got to spend time with my girls besides. <3 Need to do this more often.

I'd really like to reorganise the house while I have the time to, but that would involve getting out of bed, and honestly, I can't see it happening until I have run out of internet.
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So, things I have done recently:

  • booked tickets for myself and Darrin to see QI live in Brisbane in October (*shriek*);

  • booked tickets for myself and Darrin to visit [personal profile] ignite and [profile] howl_for_words for [personal profile] ignite's birthday in December (*SHRIEK*);

  • watched the first season of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic;

  • seriously considered ficcing for same, because the fandom is Doing It Wrong;

  • had every Pinkie Pie song stuck in my head at least twice;

  • joined the Splat On! blog at [personal profile] alleyne's command;

  • started jotting down topics that I might care to post there;

  • found myself in the same week as the birth of my godson (*hyperventilation* FIVE DAYS);

  • had cuddles from Scruff during daylight hours with no prompting;

  • gotten sick, but only a little bit sick;

  • finally had movement on a thing that was behind at work;

  • written bits and pieces of F&F; and

  • thought a lot about why I'm so dissatisfied with AtM the way it is.

So I guess I'll get back to you when I'm finished with F&F and have moved on to the lesbian pony fic. |D; It's good to be having ideas again, but honestly? Arrrhajsdfjshfkyou step your left hoof in / you pull it right back out / you step your left hoof in and you shake it all about / you do the pony pokey meeting lots of folks with clout / that's what I'm singing about
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Had a pretty awesome weekend and a pretty awful day and I'm feeling a little over it at the moment, but mostly that's just tiredness and hormones. Doesn't exactly help, but it gives me something to tell myself instead of just feeling miserable.

Also, I miss [personal profile] kuchibue and [personal profile] ignite and [profile] howl_for_words, and the constant additions to the fucking work schedule makes it impossible to see any time I might be able to see any of them.

But I think tomorrow I should look at the schedule and work out the best possible time to take a holiday and just fucking take it. Because in four weeks, I'll have been at Red Hat a year, and one week's holiday in fifty-one is a little silly even for me.

And now I'm going to read Dragon Haven, because Tina just reminded me that Rapskal existed, and I have been sufficiently distracted from my sulk.
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[ profile] howl_for_words: I went to play some wii!!!
[ profile] howl_for_words: ...while making lauryn some tea :S
[ profile] cheloya: and then you rhymed at me. :D
[ profile] howl_for_words: XD!
[ profile] howl_for_words: I DID!
[ profile] howl_for_words: and you rhymed back with me!
[ profile] howl_for_words: ^__________^!!!
[ profile] cheloya: and now we're a rhyming we!
[ profile] howl_for_words: and we achieve that amazingly
[ profile] cheloya: with great longevity!
[ profile] cheloya: but now unfortunately
[ profile] cheloya: I have to go to slee...........p.
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  • I fail at sleeping on planes.
  • Where are my cats omg I miss cats ;____; catcatcatcatcat where are my hobbes and my peejayyyyyasdjkfhasjdf ;_;
  • My mother failed to set her alarm this morning, so having sent her a text telling her exactly where I was I got a groggy phone call that went something like: mrrrridontknowwhuthappenibetheresoon. Cue me cracking up in the middle of the baggage claim area.
  • I miss my girls already.
  • Speaking of people I miss: TINA. RAGE. WYRREN. WHERE ARE YOU. KJDSFJSD.
  • The humidity coming off the plane was like a lungful of water, even at half five in the morning. FOR ABOUT THREE SECONDS I THOUGHT THIS WAS A GOOD THING. D:
  • God, now I have to finish... whatever... for that fucking website.

MUM: And I was wondering what you would think of that Twilight movie, because the books and posters are everywhere.
(ten minutes later)
ME:, yeah, I kind of do want to go see it so I can throw things at the screen.
MUM: ...let's wait for the DVD.

Oh, and since I'm not sure I remembered to blog about these things:
- I got all sixes this semester. :D
- I got to 31.4k before 4pm on Nov 30, and I am currently up to 35.3k. XD I do kind of want to keep writing this rubbish, but I don't think I'll ever be tidying it up. XD XD XD;;;

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1) I am still alive!
3) I am having fun. :D
4) I have been primarily without internet for the better part of this week and busy with NaNo for the last few days of last week so didn't actually update much. XD Oops?
5) I did not win NaNo. :( But I did write 31.5k in four days, so that was pretty awesome. XD 5k, 5k, 4.5k, 15.5k. Not that my writing is erratic or anything. XD
6) I have to go now because the pub only gives you an hour of free WiFi. :D;

Your rainbow is strongly shaded green and black.


What is says about you: You are an intelligent person. You appreciate mystery. Those around you admire your fresh outlook and vitality. You may meet people who are afraid of you.

Find the colors of your rainbow at

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So last night the girls and I dedicated some time to working out what I could possibly wring 50 000 words out of in the next five days.

Tina should be happy with the results. )

Are you scared yet, Tina? Tina?

awwwwww :3

Nov. 24th, 2008 12:44 am
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I has a kitty. :3 Since his mommy has an allergy at the moment, Peej has chosen to bed down with me... probably because my door is the only one that's open. Cute kitten is cute, but I'm not sure between my feet was such a great plan... mostly because I have to lie down at some point and he's going to be disturbed when he looks so comfortable now.


Oct. 11th, 2008 08:06 am
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Haven't had much time to read or translate the new volumes, really, but I think the highlight of v6 is pretty much Wu Fei being dragged around, like, Disneyland, by a pet who is also an assassin. Lao-san looks really cute without his glasses, and without his hair slicked back. Seriously. ♥ I am slowly falling into this man's thrall. CHIN QUIETLY SLIPPING COUNT D GIFTS ON THE SIDE HELPS NOTHING. XD It's like Wu Fei barges in, rants and rages, takes up time, and then Chin-san just quietly hands over a box of tarts just before Wu Fei leaves. I'm starting to wonder if he's not perfectly aware of what Count D is, and just... bribing in order to keep Wu Fei out of trouble. XD I like Chin-san.

High of v3 continues to be Femto, who is adorable. Seriously. XD He's just... such a cat. I approve. No major translation sjdfhjd, but probably only because I haven't read v3 as closely as I had v2. XD

I suspect that v7 may actually be the last one, which is concerning. :\ I haven't been able to see much of the overall plot this series, but... well, I suppose I wouldn't have seen most of it in the first series, either? And it's not the same this series, either. There's been hardly any mention of Sofu, and mentions of Papa faded out around v4.

God, that panel. ;_;

Off to work again today, but I hope you're all having good weekends. Especially my [ profile] squeakelala and my [ profile] ignite and my [ profile] howl_for_words. Get well soon, and try not to worry too much. *snuzzle*
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Sleeping on a tennis ball = awesome. Now I just have to try to make sure that the knot doesn't come back. :D Since I have no idea what I did to know it in the first place, that could be tricky, but, eh heh, not the point.

Also, note to self: This is a really sweet student/teacher manga. [ profile] leviathanmirror, you might enjoy it, too. ♥

Man, I cannot type today. XD So many typos already in such a short post! Both forearms are sore/numb, which isn't grand, but at least my hands aren't in too much actual pain (yet).

To Do:
- shower
- breakfast

- wash sheets
- dry sheets
- wash load

- dry load
- clean kitchen
- make massive stir-fry

- clean kitchen again
- write: ban is crazy grumpy in the morning
- write: hiru knows twin centaur guards 8D
- write: auberon is creepy and likes little boys
- write: all your court are belong to aundin
- write: jewellery swap~! 8DDD
- write: scene by a brook
- write: ban is really grumpy in the morning
- celebrate!
- print for structural edit/revision
- draw for the remainder of the day

And yes, dividing a chapter up into components and calling them by retardalicious names really does help the writing process. XD I should sit down and do this with the whole novel some time. (Some time. XD)


Oh, and since it occurred to me yesterday - MEAT BAMBOO! Tell me what your characters smell like. 8D It occurred to me on the bus - there was a guy who smelled the way you smell when you clean enamel paint off yourself with turps and I thought it was an interesting character smell - that I rarely actually associate smells with my characters right off the bat. So, tell me what your people smell like! :D

[EDIT] I guess I should actually tell you what my people smell like, too, huh. )
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This post made my year.

Of course, now I have a mental image of Eodranaich and Loganaich going all out and buying Hiru a stepladder for his hundredth birthday, and Lady Kagami spewing in fury in the background.

Fortunately, Hiru maintains all allegations made in that post are LIES LIES ALL LIES, so at least now I can just suffer the mental images without the damning knowledge that what I am seeing is canon.
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GlassShard is amazing, and Murkoph makes me happy in my everywhere. I love how many times Bastion looks horribly dismayed. XD

I was less awake before this comic, which makes it important. Oh, also, I have a Tegaki now. Even though there is currently nothing in it. My left hand is pretty officially dead today, though, so after These Messages I think I'll skedaddle away from the keyboard for a bit and make epic use of my sketchbook.

These Messages being the Hiru profile I promised [ profile] pinkumbrella. Where do I begin? )

And that, my dearest, is that.


Jun. 28th, 2008 03:07 pm
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Okay, so, um, Rage and I sometimes just... fail... at not spending money. |D; Together we bought five books, and discovered that Shadow's Return is due out in about three weeks' time. I picked up one of Orson Scott Card's fantasy novels (ABOUT PRINCE IVAN. FUCK YES.) and Marcus Zusack's The Book Thief, which I have been dying for since I read the first chapter in Novel this semester. It is narrated by Death. It is awesome by default.

Of course, now I really cannot spend money ever again. XD SO NOT THE POINT.

I think I'm finally getting somewhere with making Shizuru look like Shizuru, which is nice. I think the main problem has been that I am used to drawing longer faces, since the vast majority of my characters are male, so going back to an intentionally feminine facial structure has taken a lot of adjustment. XD;

Also, everybody, Tami is back on the internets, and this makes me light and floaty in my heartplace. :D And I am talking to my Meat Bamboo and my foursomes, they are all intact! Life is good.
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Squeaky is fiddling with the site today, and it has made my layout go kablooie. ;_; I hope it comes back.

Also, I am sore today. Not from lifting things, I don't think - my hands feel weak, but my arms and shoulders are fine. Well, excepting the obvious. I look, today, as if I have never slept in my entire life, which does not give me great hope for my wellness level, but I'm sure I'll be fine. I'm going to clean the house, and read drafts for [ profile] stepstepjump and see if I can't work out what the fuck I'm doing with Crisis Core, because the Great North Cave equivalent got me all turned around.

Okay, so remember years ago how I drew Yuffie and Vincent in kimono? At [ profile] ignite's behest, I redrew it today. Vincent is no longer retardofaced! Although he does look like he wants to kill someone to the right of the camera. I may colour it eventually, but probably not, because I think the design on the kimono made me want to kill myself enough in black and white. XD

Anyway... uh... I've pretty much been talking to Rynryn all day! :D And cleaning and stuff, but that's the sum of it. XD Haven't written anything, as am useless, and am about to heat up some shepherd's pie, because omg, shepherd's pie. <3 Probably going to try and write a little more tonight, since I promised Squeaker fic. :3

Also, just for the record? Lauryn and I are fucking twins across the continent, srsly. XD Except she is Tall and I am Not.
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Today I drew the first even vaguely masculine Sheik I have ever drawn in my goddamn life, and my mother wrote I am very dopey!!! in a speech bubble next to him while I was at work. :( I don't think he looks dopey. Just... vaguely irritated and vaguely bored.

Work was pretty nondescript except that [ profile] narnizzle came in to talk to me for a while and I spent about two hours putting up new tickets all over fruit and veg. Also, Patrick is an excellent conversationalist, but really, really bad at facing up.

I was actually feeling so crappy when I left to go to work that I took my Hiru plushie with me. Obviously he didn't leave my bag, but it still made me feel better to have him there with me.

In any case, my neighbours are up to their usual tricks, and I doubt I'm going to get any fucking sleep unless I fall asleep with my headphones in, in which case I will spend the night drooling onto the keyboard and in danger of being electrocuted, which would be kind of hilarious, actually. Primarily because, with luck, it would blow the electricity for the entire building, so after the sirens died down the rest of my suburb might be able to get some fucking shut-eye.

This song is bizarrely relaxing.

I miss [ profile] howl_for_words and [ profile] ignite. :( I hope you get the internet back soon, guys. [ profile] squeakelala, are you going to be online this weekend? I sort of just want to flop at the other end of an IM program with you guys. I am missing out on my RDI of Meat Bamboo.

Iiiiiiiiiii just want to fly draw / put your arms around me, baby, put your arms around me, baby.
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Okay, Forgetting Sarah Marshall? Was kind of awesome, you guys. :D There was a Dracula musical! He didn't have a moustache but it was epic! I really actually kind of liked the story arc! IT IS AMAZING TO FIND CHICK FLICKS THAT I LIKE. Also boyfriendman reminded me of someone and I can't think who but he made me laugh pretty much every time he opened his mouth, not even counting my hysteria when he spoke of rimming waiters for tips. YES. GO SEE IT NOW. So, yeah, KIND OF AWESOME. I had a great time with [ profile] narnizzle, even though we were both too broke to actually have dinner together afterward. XD

I spent the bus trip home thinking happily of Sanga and writing and porn but then I got home and I sat down in front of the TV to eat dinner and they played a Powderfinger song and now I am reliving Odyssey Number Five instead of doing anything productive. I'm not even sure what I was thinking on the b-- NO WAIT THERE IT IS. *lunges for notebook*

Okay, so now apparently it is porn-writing tiems. Whatever you say, Sanga. XD; Lightswitch that you are.

[ profile] ignite:
My feet are cold, Raven T_T
[ profile] cheloya:
Awwww, Rynryn. D:
*rubs them and gets you socks*
[ profile] ignite:
I have socks and ugg boots on
[ profile] cheloya:
Th-then I cannot help you.
*sends you Landre to sit your feet on
[ profile] ignite:
wiggles them underneath you
[ profile] cheloya:
XD I can has be blanket?
[ profile] ignite:
XDXD Landre. Reduce to a hot water bottles
[ profile] cheloya:
XD XD XD She's good at it, though!
just had a mental image of Kir happily snuggling into her chest in winter
[ profile] ignite: too?
[ profile] cheloya:
kadshfsad XD XD XD
Mindtwins strike again!
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Dear Meat Bamboo Brigade,


I feel this requires a duct joke but I'm far too tired for that. XD

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:3 Okay, so apparently having a header with the kids on it? Works wonders for my inspiration. :3 :3 :3

I THINK THIS CALLS FOR AN ART MEME. :D [ profile] ignite, [ profile] howl_for_words, [ profile] squeakelala! PROMPT ME. GO.

Other people are welcome to as well, of course - here is a crash course in Against the Moon. :B )




(Damn enthusiasm making me not-tired. XD)


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