Nov. 23rd, 2009 07:39 pm
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So I just realised I have maybe two nights to myself over the next week. o.0 I know it's that time of year, but really? Really? Gah!

Work today was much better than it has been for a while, due mostly to my mood improvement. Sudden week-long crashes are really not awesome, I am just saying. It's not really gone yet, and this is... nine days and counting, I think... but it's certainly much less severe this week. That is excellent all by itself.

Watching Merlin, and then trying to get some writing in before bed. Two hour meeting that starts at 6am tomorrow. Then weekly meeting at ten. Then meeting about cleaning the middleware docs the fuck up... |D; It's going to be a long, unproductive day, I fear. I can't concentrate enough to do anything useful if I can't get up any momentum.

For the record, that final scene of Merlin 209? Just made up for an ENTIRE SEASON of fucking up everything to do with Merlin and Arthur's friendship.
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Shin Petshop of Horrors vol. 7 just came out in Japan. It will be with me by Friday because the Japanese shipping is pricey and incredibly fast.

Training today was pretty dull, but I think it'll pick up quickly. We're being taught by Aurelien, who went through orientation with me, which is good. ^^ He's a smart cookie, and he explains things well.

And now... Merlin and then bed. Because damn, I am tired.
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Final commit finished five minutes before I wanted to leave, which means all I have to do tomorrow is write a new index page, commit, and hope. :D! Life is awesome.

Merlin is also awesome. :D

So are timezones that mean my 6am meetings are now at 7am. :D

Everything's coming up Raven!

...tomorrow is going to suck.
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Dear mother,

It is not cool to have your mobile off when you don't come home when we have previous arrangements and you've made no intimation to the contrary. For all I know you and Chris made fast friends with a stringybark on the side of the highway.

No love right now,
who is mildly disgruntled and wishes the bloody woman would a) call or b) LEAVE HER PHONE ON.

Merlin was fabulously tacky, by the way. Now I need to go raid the fic comm again.

[EDIT] OKAY, SO I HAVE ADVENT CHILDREN COMPLETE, NOW. Flows much better than the original, except for the division between Tifa and Marlene getting to the church and the fight, so thank all gods for that. Also, my Girl With Pigtails gets a bigger part. As do the Turks and Yazoo. 8D And Zack! Who is still a puppy!

Things I can understand without subtitles. )

'kay, guys, it's, uh, totally worth suffering through again. :"D





Jan. 25th, 2009 05:28 pm
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I think my brain just tried to connect Vagrant Story and Merlin.



Jan. 19th, 2009 07:49 pm
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Oh, [ profile] narnizzle. Thankyou for finding me the iPod episodes of Merlin. :'D I feel much better now. Mostly due to laughing my arse off at Merlin and Arthur's first meeting.

Also at how totally amusing Merlin finds the stocks. XD

And oh, Gwen. Oh, oh, Gwen. I love you so, so much. I know most of the fandom hates you because you are a woman and you are messing up their ship, but oh, Gwen. You are so lovely and believable. ♥


Jan. 7th, 2009 10:04 pm
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[ profile] narnizzle made me PSOH icons.

I can never have too many PSOH icons.

N-now I want to write PSOH. >_>;


CONSENSUS: PFFFFFF NOT EVEN CLOSE, BRADLEY JAMES. Let's all ignore that the goddamn show met my two true fandoms and one-upped PSOH before Neek's icons came along and that I still have icons on Crowley that I haven't uploaded yet. >_> This must be unhealthy.
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Okay, so, when I do eventually move out of home, this is how I will eat for pretty much the rest of my life: carrots, corn, and broccoli, with the occasional addition of peas and meat and rice/noodles when I get the effort up to make a stir fry. :| I am destined to be well-nourished on laziness alone.

[EDIT] Why is this song appropriate across every single fandom that I have. XDDDD
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Oh, the way you say Gwynhyfar. Oh, Arthur. X3 Must own this series on DVD. Dying.
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oh, bradley james

oh, oh

i love his fucking face so much dfjashdjdh

there need to be cartoons of him or something


oh god his face I want to draw it forever HELP ME I NEED TO GO TO SLEEP AND MY MIND IS EVERYWHERE


Dec. 15th, 2008 10:19 am
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Oh my god what he just-- the Lady of the-- AUGH.

(Season finale of Merlin? So, SO what the fuck. SO VERY VERY WHAT THE FUCK. Although I guess this is how they plan to bring in Morgan le Fey, which is going to make a lot more sense very shortly. They're not very good at keeping Morgana's agency in the plot consistent, though. :\ The hell. Anyway. Blah blah blah, want next season now.)
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I love new fandoms because the fic is PLENTIFUL and oh god I am going to be horribly late for work HOW DID THIS HAPPEN I HAVE NOT STARTED READING YET :|



Dec. 10th, 2008 06:49 pm
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As usual, work is nothing like as bad as my wild moodswings make it out to be. Today Was Fine. Tomorrow Will Be Fine. Stop Being Retarded.

Also, I picked up all the manga that I had Daily Planet put away for me today. XD; Ouch.

Also, I love the Merlin fandom because there is new fic EVERY DAY. And it is tolerable! Because the actual show is pretty ridiculous and teenage, the fic seems MUCH BETTER BY COMPARISON. :D I approve! I do not approve of the fact that the last episode in the season is out in three days, though. :( One should not be able to watch a full season of any program in, like, eight hours.

Friendly Hostility is hazardous to my brainplace. Because I think of it as FH, and then I automatically think FISHERMAN'S HORIZON and then I am just terribly confused.

........this song is so much hotter than it should be, seriously. I love Richard like... well, like burning. Which is appropriate, really.

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He is a prat, okay, but I think I love him anyway. I very rarely like this kind of character, so I'm allowed to like him just this once. ;_; Even though he is kind of a total arse, he is an emotionally retarded spoilt-brat total arse who cares about people in a backward kind of way.

Whyyyyyyy is Corambis still unavailable to meeeeeeeejafkshdkafsjfhajkshdfjakshdakshdfajsh ;_;

[EDIT] Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

I can has seasonal dragon! Please to be halping mai bebe. :3
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There is little more to say about this show other than:
1) I appreciate its use of metaphor, even as I laugh at its utter lack of subtlety re. the social justice regime, and
2) I will never be able to think any variation of the phrase "destinies entwined" without thinking of gay sex ever again.

Another historically inaccurate and bizarrely compelling teenage drama from the BBC. XD

(No, really. You don't get much gayer than moaning someone's name, hastily followed by faster, in your sleep, in episode four.)

[EDIT] I forgot about the finger thing. XD

[EDIT] I sketched this (NOT WORKSAFE) while watching the show. The entire picture is crap but I am SO FUCKING PROUD of Thom's hand and arm. (That is meant to be Thom and Rook, by the way; I know you won't have been able to tell from the actual picture. XD) Seriously. Hand! Wrist! What happened there, brain! You were working really nicely for a minute! Hurrah, the BBC!


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