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I love you all dearly but I am far too tired to talk to any of you tonight, and I plan to go to bed in about an hour, immediately after a hot bath, because you definitely cannot be operated on if you have a fever, and I refuse to have a fever on Thursday. My solution to this is apparently to drown myself in hot water before the day arrives.

[personal profile] leviathanmirror may or may not have made a valid point about my hating women who get in the way of my slash pairings; I honestly cannot remember enough women that I hate to get a decent grip on the variables involved. So far the list that applies in this situation is: Princess Zelda (OOT only), Rinoa Heartilly, Molly Chandler, and Merrick of the Vampire Chronicles. I feel that the latter two do not count because a) I do like Molly, actually, I just hate that spoilerspoilerspoiler Fitz is a retard, and b) the Vampire Chronicles was a very long time ago, and by the time I hit the fourth book, let alone Merrick, I no longer cared about anything but Lestat and Louis, because Anne Rice's writing and characters made me want to cut out my own eyes. As such, I really wasn't giving Merrick herself much of a chance because I did not CARE, I just wanted my goddamn fluff, and since fanfiction was not allowed, I couldn't bloody get it from the internet, so I don't know that my trash-reading tastes should apply to my fandom-tastes. [EDIT] Oh, and Nia from Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann. I don't hate her, but I am aware that she irritated me, and I liked Simon/Viral better. ....mostlybecauseIlikedViralokayshutupIalsoshippedhimwithliketwelveotherpeople.

[EDIT] Actually, I guess for an unbiased case study, I also require gay 'ships that involve women I like being an impediment to the gay. I can think of far more of those. ...LOOK, IT IS ON MY MIND, OKAY, IF I AM A BIASED ASSHOLE ABOUT THIS STUFF I'D LIKE TO BE AWARE OF IT.

Yes, there is an essay coming. Yes, I planned it on my lunch break. Yes, I am a terribly sad individual.

But if you remember any women in fiction that I have utterly loathed, particularly if you feel they could be construed as being loathed because they were cockblocking impeding a relationship between two guys. I want to do a decent case study, here. I have already determined that the princess type annoys the living fuck out of me.

And now to bath. With Shadow of the Colossus music, because fuckdamn it is so beautiful eeee.


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