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Because Y/Y.

Uh, how do you think people would react if F&F were delayed by SHEER UNADULTERATED AWESOME?
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So, that movie was great fun. GREAT FUN. Nice blend of art styles, fabulous jazz, and utter, utter dorks. Naveen is such a ridiculous, adorable 'tard. His completely inadvertent bopping to the music? Ffffffnsdfhsdfjdhj. Tiana was wonderful, and her voice was so rich and lovely and sjdfhdj. X3 Not the most fantastic score a Disney film ever had, but still beautiful. Will probably see again, and will definitely purchase.

Mood-wise, today has been pretty high all 'round. I did start feeling acidic in the early afternoon, which I am tempted to blame on the bread I bought from Brumbies. Realised I was completely exhausted as soon as I sat down in Wyrr's car later on, but we'd been wandering in the heat for a little bit at that stage, which could pretty easily account for it atop last night's sleep, which wasn't fabulous.

Picked up the Da Vinci notebooks, Mother Tongue, the Koran, and All the Windwracked Stars from Borders, mostly with my Christmas vouchers. Should probably add those to my reading list before I forget, actually.

Have done a little weeny bit of work on AtM, but I mean it when I say weeny. Oh well. It's work. That's what counts.

District 9

Nov. 30th, 2009 10:15 pm
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District 9 was amazing. Amazing. I fear I think it should be viewed by everyone, everywhere, as soon as possible. I felt ill for a lot of it. But it was amazing. Really well-crafted, and perfectly book-ended by the 'news coverage'. It starts you off with a documentary, isn't-this-fascinating feel, then drops you right into the middle of the horror, from a number of angles, and then pulls back at the end and bookends it again, like this is how easily you'll forget. And because it made that point, you won't.

It was amazing. Go watch it.
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1) Tickets to New Moon. (No, I'm kidding, it was actually kind of okay. Except that NO ONE HAS FACIAL EXPRESSIONS. Actually, I take that back: Edward has more facial expressions than everyone else. I CANNOT HELP BUT FEEL THAT THIS SAYS SOMETHING.)

2) Cute Underwear. (But who feels guilty for that? It is so cute.)

3) Assassin's Creed II and Dragon Age: Origins. (.... I got nothin'.)

It was great to wander around with Neek again, although far too bloody hot for it. XD Damn summer!

Currently trying to convince myself that I should NaNo instead of playing video games. Since I have, y'know, this week to catch up. >_> And I'm still not halfway. Sigh.
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i.e. nonsensical, but fun. It was, as my boss put it, the most expensive B-grade I've ever seen. I suppose these are technically spoilers. Pffffsnnrrrrk. )

I am pretty sure every vehicle in the film was stolen from either FFVII or Wall-E, though. And John Cusack can get some better cheekbones and come back to play Crowley any time, I am just saying.

On the bright side, hey, heat, seawater and time! You didn't even need that last continent!

Oh man, I was exhausted before the movie. I think I've slipped into over-tired now. Not yet awake enough for NaNo, though. We'll try again at 4am, eh?
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Ffffffffuuuuuuucjfksdjfsadkl I need a subject divider for my mind. Either that or to spend a week in seclusion, planning things to my satisfaction. I finished the task that I knew I had to finish this morning and spent the afternoon in what, for me, amounts to a whirlwind of confusion.
Also Gary broke something and I still don't know what, and the fucking, fucking Cache FAQ is broken again. Ausdfjkasdhfhsdfsdfl.

Tickets for New Moon have been purchased. :| Neek, this is a measure of my love for you. I am still going to buy an ...and then Buffy staked Edward t-shirt.
Also, seeing 2012 tomorrow night. I think I should make a habit of booking myself up after work so that I go the fuck home.

Chatty meeting tomorrow to hopefully dispel some of the aaarhgjfsahgjsdfsadfauisdfkvss. Why do I let myself get into situations where I am anything resembling in charge? I hate it. jfdksflksaklfd.
It's not even that I'm stressed right now, it's just that the move and the week off combined to make my head a floaty place of negative concentration. Also, I require better playlists.

Fuck off, summer, we do not serve your kind around here.
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Watched Zombieland.

I think the only adequate description is, yippee kai-ey, motherfucker. :)


Sep. 18th, 2009 09:55 pm
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So, today:
- awake at 4.30am
- meeting at 6am
- ...orrrr meeting at 6.30am?
- ...surprise! No meeting at all, and no cancellation email. THANKS, AMERICAN TEAM, YOU ARE SO CONSIDERATE.
- everything Isaac could think of that I'd need to know to take over from him
- much quiet panic over having to take over from him pretty much next week
- fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck FUCK.
- lunch with Scott
- the triumphant return, with good mood, milkshakes and donuts
- Mario Kart
- fixing things with neuroticism and relentless documentation of process
- dinner and a movie with Rage and James
- bought Patrick Wolf tickets OH FUCK MADDIE I FORGOT MADDIE SDFJSDH sorted. phew.

I'm kind of exhausted. No, not kind of. Really quite. My head has flatlined, so perhaps I'll be able to sleep.
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I approve of UP! with all my four-year-old Disney Pixar-loving sparklesparkle heart.

The storytelling was beautiful. The opening montage was heartbreaking, and heartwarming. The comic timing was BANG. ON. The whole screen fucking glowed. It was beautiful. And the dogs were dogs. Oh, they were such dogs. It was fabulous.

(They started out playing old music, like, really old music. Ash ventured out into the middle of my head and sat down and just... watched. Avidly. For the whole film. It's not often he's fascinated by something like this, so it was kind of... yeah, the word I am looking for is the masculine of 'adorable', if there is such a thing. Adorableu?)

So yeah, work today was so long ago and so far away from my happy four-year-old sparkle balloon place, I don't even remember. Whatever! I have to do something for Josh. I'll probably remember what it is soon. Hopefully before I run off to Dad's place tomorrow. :D

My daddy got my grandmother to not get us up and on buses so crazy early tomorrow morning, and this is why he gets good Father's Day presents. ♥ ♥

You know, aside from the fact that he's totally awesome, as you all well know.


Jul. 22nd, 2009 08:51 pm
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So the moment I walked into work today, Rudi pinged me on IRC with the news that he had four advance passes to Coraline 3D and was only using two of them. :D! Spent the rest of the day in a glee-induced tizz (all right, and a JBoss-induced hissy fit) and trotted off to Chermside this evening with Rudi, his wife, and Chris, who sits opposite me and patiently explains CLI commands to me forty or fifty times before I get them.

The movie was good! Very pretty, and I still love the vibrant colouring. The Other Mother is deliciously creepy and thorax-shaped. I do approve. Now to read the book, orz.

This is a writing meme I pretty much made up because I wanted to see Katie's handwriting today. :D )

And you know, I actually came home feeling like I wanted to write, so I think I'm going to! Night, all!
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Oh, Watanuki, please stop, you are breaking my heart it will be okay / Oh god Maru Moro come here babies I will make it better / Doumeki-kun is looking so manly this chapter!

Yes, those are all of my thoughts.

Also, Hook? Is the best movie ever. And still makes me sob. AND THE CHILDREN WERE SCREAMINGGG. THE CHILDREN... WERE SCREAMMMINNNGFGHFJH.
ME: *chokes back tears*

Other memorable moments:

And now that I'm back... well, going to try to teach myself that coding trick before Monday! Because it's only language, dammit — how hard can it be?
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Work was pretty good today; got a lot of proofreading done. Like, probably in excess of 100 pages, which is nice. Still have no idea whether my document builds in their build system but y'know, whatever, unsupported. (Yes, this is going to be my answer to everything from now on — I'm taking a lesson from some of our more helpful engineers. XD)

The Hangover was actually reasonably entertaining! Well-written, I think, because I don't remember rolling my eyes at the writing, just at the stupidity. And even then, not a lot. There was some stuff that just... wasn't funny. Because, y'know. I don't get some kinds of humour. But a lot of it was. :D And Wyrr and I went shopping and although Daily Planet did not yet have Shin Petshop v5 (CRY) I did buy Lucifer v1-2, so I guess I'll be rereading Sandman at some point soon to prep myself for reading them.

Quote of the Day:
"You could not possibling be comprehensive of my– *giving up* –AWESOME."
~ [profile] teacupscientist

Now I have to somehow clean the house and pack for Dad's and stuff and... fffffffuuuuckthatshit. I'm goin' to bed. =_= 'm buggered.

Oh, right, and the reason for the icon: HP6 shinies came out today and Snape's bookshelves are my hot hot sex, just sayin', so this time, I mean this weekend, I'm rereading HBP. Because why read something new and exciting, or write?

[EDIT] Oh, and Megan (from HN) wants me to move in with her. This could actually be pretty okay. Cheap, safe, and close to the city — and her wage is lower than mine at the moment, so, uh, if she can do it, I can do it. Or something. XD I don't know! Thoughts? I'm still paying off surge-- FUCK, I FORGOT TO CALL PEOPLE. Monday. Monday. Fuck, someone remind me on Monday to call people with my credit card details. *facemash*

[EDIT] Dear Rave,
What the fuck sort of thought process is actual delighted relief at the thought, "I still have most of my money and I got paid today!"???? D: THAT IS NOT APPROPRIATE BRAINING. GO TO BED.
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Welllllll, I gotta say that the movie was pretty crappy. Comic relief was wacky in a bad way for the sort of movie I expected after the first one; several characters made me severely wtf, and several more made me wish once again for Fireflight and Sunstreaker and Prowl, oh my— BUT.

Starscream was Starscream, and Starscream is amazing. So, really? I'm okay with this. :3

Also with all the new slash that will shortly jump up into the movie fandom, because LOLOLOL, there were some scenes, right, and I am not entirely ashamed to say that Bec and I probably would have narrated terrible slash fiction right there in the cinema if the people sitting behind me would not have hurt me with their feet.

I wouldn't waste my money on it for just anyone BUT IT WAS STARSCREAM SO IT WAS WORTH IT, YO.

That's all. XD Bedtime now. I'm buggered.

[EDIT] Oh, wait, except I have to pimp our new docs blog because, well, the tweeter my boss mentions in the latest article is me. ;) Say hello to FOSSdocs, where we attempt to transform rants into coherent and well-substantiated essays.
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I love Simon Pegg, especially in kilts at Star Trek premieres, and I love that this movie has Patrick Wolf playing in it and I really do not love that these meds make me funny enough in the head to have to post about this in a long broken sentence.

[EDIT] Okay, enough is enough - these painkillers do nothing but make me dizzy. >:\ Last dose was two hours or so ago; no pain relief, and my thumb is probably worse, actually. Grrgh. At least lying still and watching the movie made me feel slightly less drunk. (See, pain is fine, pain is excellent, it is just the persistent feeling that I am made of lukewarm water that is frustrating to me.)
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WHY DID I NOT HEAR ABOUT THIS. ...I mean, obviously there are several things to go um over but uh I don't care enough about that because RDJ is Holmes? Even though I now see Holmes as Felix with a wig on, which I blame entirely upon Sarah Monette?

Damn movies, forcing me to rearrange my reading schedule around them...!

[EDIT] Things discovered in the shower:
1) The crocodile fae is a goddess of commerce in modern Azra, to whom Youta cleaves as much as Youta cleaves to anything. There are temples filled with crocodiles, the business moral of which is 'Choose your risks'. I wish I could see Youta with an actual plotline, sdhjfsh.
2) CHAZ: At least you have the opportunity to make something of yourself. I am whatever people believe me to be.
ASH: Bollocks. You only kiss me because I believe you want to? Bollocks.
ASH: *bright red and sullen*
CHAZ: *sputter spaz flail cannot deny*
ASH: *leaves*

And now Chaz seems to be sitting by himself trying to stop himself pulling out his hair and Ash is... no, wait, there he is, he's gone home and he's glaring at things.

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strip bed
wash sheets
set up raph-is again
crank music
vacuum bathroom
clean shower
clean sink
clean toilet
tidy room
dry sheets
vacuum room
tidy desk

organise shelves
buy mothers' day gift
plot snake OR f&f timeline (to thinner south OR end, respectively)
-----> note scenes requiring major time changes in the latter
make bed
make dinner
lineart - at least one full body
sketch - border plan
plot and speedwrite one NTP fic
resist the urge to write essays about consistent tense on facebook
schedule your weeks - drawing and planning on w/e, exercising and writing during week?
give in to temptation and bloody reread good omens already you are killing yourself jeez

'Eat breakfast' should probably be on there somewhere, but wtfever.

I blame the total lack of hips in the photograph that has me picturing Hiru wearing these. XD They're kind of cute in their shamelessness. I think this is my trainwreck syndrome talking, though - I sure as fuck wouldn't want to wear them.

And yeah, sorry for the confusion with the last post - was so damn tired out from all our concentrated awesome that I just could not have typed out everything that was awesome about the Star Trek movie. I still probably can't. It was awesome, though, and really well-cast, like folk have been saying, and... yeah, I'd see it again. Just maybe not this week, guys, I am so fucking sick of going to the movies, omg. |D;

Also, one day I will be the kind of person who sees things like Mothers' Day coming, I swear. I knew it was soon. I just, you know, my chronology is funny. And by funny I mean broken. And also, I need my six extra hours per day, or I need to lay out a schedule for the next, you know, YEAR. I don't watch enough television for ads to remind me about this shit. :\
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Also, holy shit, guys, I'm so fucking tired. Maybe two hours' sleep last night. I bought a muffin on the way to work and just... forgot to eat it until about half an hour before I went to have lunch with Rage. And then again until about half an hour before I went home. Going to bed in about fifteen minutes, or as soon as James vacates the bathroom so I can brush my freakin' teeth.

There are so many holes in that movie, even if you discount the other movies. Sigh.

There is a new Starfighter page up and I can't look at it until people gtfo my room.

(The irony is that they would leave my room immediately if I just started looking at it.)
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Fern Gully is, was, and always will be an awesome movie. 8D I love Pips SO MUCH. Also, "You're not half bad for a homonid." Oh, Batty. Oh, oh. How did I go so long without this movie. sajdkfskdjfhkasdjfh.


And since apparently Fern Gully makes me draw naked fae... well, it was only right to share him with [ profile] kuchibue. :P Feel better when you wake up, baobei.

[EDIT] Aaaaand the night-after-decent-sleep phenomenon strikes again! If I sleep for more than seven hours, my body seems to think it can stay awake for 36! This is madness! -_- Tell it to stop.
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Movie was good, again. Also, Wyrren, you may be interested in the Shousetsu*BANG*BANG yuri special - just got posted over at LJ.

Also, Gambit runs like Yuna.

Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!

Also, I felt like a zombie when I got home and then I went and refreshed at Dragon Cave and now I am going the fuck to BED.

And Chris agreed that we should watch one X-Men movie a night until we go see Wolverine again on Tuesday, so mum is officially outvoted. W00t!

Also, MY GRANDMOTHER WAS ON THE NEWS TONIGHT, KICKING ASS AND TAKING NAMES. Well, okay, just saying, "God, no," when asked if she was stocking up on food for the flu. SUCK IT, PANIC-MONGERS. MY GRAMMA KICK YO' ASSES. *crosses arms and jerks chin smugly*

...yeah, the woman is awesome. I'm going to bed. XD


Apr. 29th, 2009 10:33 pm
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So the verdict is, Wolverine didn't make me scream awesome at the top of my lungs. .........but Gambit did. XD And so did people I usually hate, so that bodes well for repeat viewings. Need to read up on things I have forgotten/never heard of, though. (Also: ....THE TALKINGEST. ♥)

So tired. Made some docs coherent this afternoon. So much brainhurty, I broke mine English.

Should actually go make report on days three and four of challenge but uhhh challenge not going so well. May abandon. sjdfhsd.


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