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Our internet has finally been connected, which means I will shortly be back to my slovenly internet-sloth ways. I have been reading a lot in the interim, alternating between new things, and things that have been gathering dust on my shelves.

This weekend I am off to Melbourne to see the amazing Amanda Palmer with the equally amazing [personal profile] kuchibue, and hopefully [personal profile] alleyne if she stops feeling awful in time. I am ridiculously excited and have no idea what to wear.

Also I will be dyeing my hair tomorrow night, so anything could happen. I cold need a new wardrobe just to deal with it. Who knows? All I know is, I need to buy pills tomorrow on the way to work so I am not a mess later.

It's bedtime, but despite being, well, female this week I am somehow buzzing with mental energy despite being in pain and exhausted. wtf, self.
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First things first: Shin Petshop 8 was okay, I guess. I'm kind of. Tiring of this series stringing me along. I keep buying it in the hope that some remnant of the overarching plot will show up, but I'm losing faith that it will. The art is pretty, though.

Secondly, have the playlist I am using to cheer myself up at the moment. )

I didn't get much done today - like, at all. We arrived late and there were lots of interruptions and I couldn't concentrate, so today never really started, so I've been in a really shitty braindead upset mood all day. Trying to work out a way of getting myself out of it, which at the moment consists of:
- listening to the above playlist at full volume
- writing out the psychology stuff I've been avoiding all month because dealing with it makes me miserable
- promising myself I can work from home tomorrow if I'm feeling the same way in the morning, or at the very least that I will go and find myself a conference room to hole up in

On the bright side, apparently I make Java work entirely by magic, as nothing I had on my machine SHOULD have worked correctly... but did. Helpful coworker has decided not to touch it, and that I should just keep doing what I'm doing. Whatever that is.


May. 18th, 2010 08:35 pm
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Actually quite fine until I stop concentrating on things, as usual.

- surprise beta of product I haven't started working on due out in 3.5 weeks \o/
- surprise lengthy meeting about something I haven't had time to work on but can't really put off
- got in the middle of budding work/twitter drama and prevented it from going too badly
- blip battle, round one: j-pop/k-pop

(And incidentally, how is it not okay for someone to talk negatively about work on their personal twitter, but okay for someone else to dob that someone in to their girlfriend for not being 100% constructive and helpful all the time? I'm just saying. o.0 I know technically I'm someone else's manager as well as someone's girlfriend, but, well, I'm not someone's manager. If someone else has a problem with someone, someone else should probably talk to someone first and not (a) get their nose out of joint first and foremost, or (b) comment pointedly to someone's girlfriend about how someone's comment on their personal twitter is not on.)

Not that I'm saying it's a great plan to say possibly-incendiary things where they'll likely be read by people to whom they are incendiary, either, but sometimes tweets that are prompted by discussions are not actually directly related to the discussions that prompt them. And it's probably best to think things through before we launch ourselves at people. Er.

Discovered by way of a third someone today: Butterfly Effect K-Pop - "Shoot the Chicks" is kind of awesome dance music; review of the rest of the album to come.

Also, there is a muscle in the left side of my jaw that needs some goddamn anaesthetic to calm the fuck down, I swear. It is so tight it is ridiculous. o.0 I don't know how to fix this.


Aug. 30th, 2009 09:20 am
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You can learn a lot about someone by the music they listen to. So here is the game! Hit shuffle on your ipod or mp3 player and write down the first 25 songs. No cheating or skipping songs that are shameful. That is the fun! Then tag your friends let your friends enjoy their goddamn weekend.

From my collection. )

From my favourites playlist. )
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Didn't sleep fantastically, but god, it was hard to get out of bed this morning. By which I mean my alarm went off at eight and I barely managed to wrench myself upright half an hour ago. Latex pillow still fucks with my neck — I'd just have swapped pillows, but mum decided to wash them yesterday, and destroyed my previous favourite in the washing machine. Sigh.

Cleaning the bathroom as much as I can (both hands are pretty terrible today) and then heading to Wyrr's place for the afternoon to... watch her play video games, I imagine. XD

For the time being, though, I must refresh my iPod's tracklisting. I require more awesome to my days!

Finally something I can give half a shit about.

Ummmm, today was good, kinda broken in my brainplace after rewriting twenty pages of geeklulzmanual, though. Need to get faster. FASTER FASTER FASTER. There, that's my own comment on the writing feedback meme.

Dylan Moran was awesome. I wrote notes, but all you really need to know is what I wrote last night: I am constantly distracted by his hair.

Have stolen like thirty of Chris's CDs and am working my way through them. Have Depeche Mode. Apparently this is the music Sarah Monette does Felix to. :D!


Mar. 4th, 2009 07:36 pm
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(It took me a LONG TIME to find this song, okay, damned if I am not going to share it with all of you.)

Here is a video of how awesome(ly retarded) it is!

Here is a download link!

The Bees FTFW!!!!!
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Why would you make it necessary to download a full shiny service pack over the internet just to sign up for your fucking PS Network? Seriously, guys. SERIOUSLY. Fuck off, eh? I just want to play some fucking Rock Band, and this update is going to take fucking DAYS. >:|

On the bright side, have discovered that there is NO PROBLEM, it was just that Wyrren spent long enough creating her avatar that the controller thought I wasn't playing any more and turned itself off. XD PHEW. (She didn't even take that long, wtf, srsly. XD)

(Feeling much better since kicking ass on 'Creep' on Medium, just so you know. I really will be That Girl before long and then I will be absolutely no fun at parties.)

I guess this is the part where I call my father but... whatever. XD; Cannot be buggered doing anything at the moment. Maybe I'll make dinner. BUT THEN AGAIN, MAYBE NOT.

Someone needs to remind me that I have dinner with dad at Mecca Bah at 6.30 Saturday night, or I am going to just get home and flop and get a call while I am in my pajamas saying wtf where are you? >_>; Whyyyyajksdfhshfs.

I really need to stop associating songs with fandoms. It makes me like things. Like Paramore. I DID NOT LIKE THIS SONG BEFORE I ASSOCIATED IT WITH HAVEMERCY. Or at least, I did not like it nearly as much. XD

This is another song I love entirely too much, probably because every time I hear it I think of the Corps and the direct quote: SO HE CAN GO ALL NIGHT LONG. )

I think it is because I want to put the lines on a t-shirt and support them mindlessly and that is what the song is about, so, yeah, Bad Religion are amazing. Just sayin'.

[EDIT] Om nom nom, curry. There is just no way to fuck curry up. It tastes fan-fucking-tastic no matter what you do with it. Even Lean Cuisine curry tastes fucking amazing. God, curry, love. WHY DON'T I EAT THIS MORE OFTEN. <3

[EDIT] I am becoming increasingly convinced there is something wrong that my mother isn't telling me about. It is not NORMAL to be this grumpy all the goddamn time. And it's not that she's grumpy or I'm grumpy necessarily, it's just that we are clashing like mad crazy whoa, and it's quite a frustrating thing to be party to. Either that or she objects to my relaxing. Ever. As in, having done everything I needed to do tonight, she got annoyed at me the second she walked in the door from a night out with friends because I was playing a video game. I don't get it, and she won't explain it to me. WHAT IS THE DEAL.
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In other news, [ profile] tainted4life is writing Chocarena fic set in F&F!verse and we are possibly never allowed to talk to each other ever again because we have entirely too much fun.

And I think Hiru now has a vague fluttering interest in guardian-butterflying Vinseth.

But that is just too hilarious to contemplate.
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And also because this music is hot. YOSHIDA KYOUDAI. ON "NABBED". HELL YES.
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Ashley sounds like Mildmay. *cry*

Writing on Tetsu, because it is easier to write on my bed, which makes me kind of sad, because Raphael-Islington is enormous and beautiful. I think it's because I can see the door, though - I need to block out the world when I'm writing, but I hate not being able to see the rest of the room. My history with assassination or something, I don't know. XD

Also, for the record, sketch-plotting might be effective for me, but it purely does make me want to draw better. XD Chaz is ridiculously cute, and Ash deserves to have someone drawing him who can actually draw vaguely burly men.

................................Ash, you could have mentioned before now that you don't like Ashley because that's what your coworkers called you after the incident, you giant moron. I'd have stopped teasing you about it. =_= You are singularly unhelpful.

MUM: If you want dinner, it's nearly ready. Do you want to come eat with us?
ME: Yeah, sure.
MUM: may want to change your pants.
ME: Listen, it's Sunday night. He comes over now, he knows what he's getting into.

No one should ever listen to this song while reading Mirador. Really. It makes your brain do strange and hilarious things. I don't wanna be your~ big brother; I just wanna be your MIDNIGHT LOVER - take you for a ride, work you over, never let you get away~~~! Such as Felix wielding a guitar ever. Ahaha. Hahahahaha. Haha.

[EDIT] Oh, and [ profile] kuchibue, in case you didn't guess, I totally failed my 8pm deadline. XD
No, there has been no Disc One. Sadly, my version seems to have become strange and so cannot be uploaded anywhere.


VAGRANT STORY OST, DISC TWO, composed by Hitoshi Sakimoto.

Because it is basically impossible to find, and also basically the greatest soundtrack ever.
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I cannot believe I have never actually uploaded this properly before.

Staff Roll by Hitoshi Sakimoto from Vagrant Story.

I only listen to at least once an hour, you'd think it'd occur to me to megaupload it before now. XD


Lauryn, this Tol profile is 3000 words long without the words of your profile sheet, and I'm not finished yet. XD I find this slightly ridiculous.



Plan for tomorrow:
- get up @ 7.30 am
- cycle for 30 min
- post info to c'link
- finish the profile
- plot some AtM
- scene some F&F
- write some F&F
- work: 6 - 10
- bed before midnight plz
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You never realise how much Tori Amos music you have collected over the years until you burn it all for someone else. |D; Eight full CDs' worth of Tori for Xanthe? Check. I feel slightly obsessive, but only slightly. I have done worse, I am sure.

Found a song by Newton Faulkner for mum this evening, and his music is actually pretty nice. A little easy-listening for my usual tastes, but varied enough that I think I could stand to listen to it for longer than five minutes at a time.

Anyway, I think my goal is basically to level-grind in Crisis Core until midnight. XD; Damn Sephiroth and his damn madness-enhanced ability to be awesome. *shakes fist*


Sometimes I read a bit of Yuffie!voice that I don't remember writing and I laugh and laugh. XD Yuffie!voice, you are funny. Never go away.
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Okay, so today I have done... :D; Nothing! No, really. I've written about two paragraphs and sketched half a Sephiroth and drank a lot of tea. XD But that's about as far as I got. So much for my grand plans of finishing Crisis Core! XD

I did raid mum's iPod for old music, though, and I found LOTS OF THINGS. :D Kappei Yamaguchi music! Weiss Kreuz and One Piece and Bleach music! And, more importantly, 'Hadashi no Kiseki' and 'Kimi wo Sagashiteta', so that solves most of my musical quandaries. XD Chatted with Squeaks and Rynryn and Tina, too, and discovered that an offshoot of my old choir is on a show called Battle of the Choirs on Channel Seven... which is kind of awesome. ^^ Go, Birralee Blokes! I can only imagine the rest of the Birralee choirs are on there somewhere. XD

Speaking of which, [ profile] ignite, I have since discovered that one of the kids in my brother's class is actually in that Birralee Blokes choir, so he was on TV last night. XD No idea who it was, though.

Anyway, tomorrow I have to go and get my second cancer shot, so I can pick up that assignment and flail over the fate of my GPA tomorrow. And I'm going to start cycling and doing crunches and walking again! *vows* Because this is just getting pathetic! Lunch with Rage and Xant on Wednesday, too, so... so, uh, I'd really best finish Crisis Core tomorrow or it will never happen. XD I was doing so well. I can't stop now!

And I'd better read the stuff for the Other Writing Group at some point, too. I'm not sure I can handle it, honestly, but I guess it's a good thing to have around.


Note to self: when Sanga sings, do not draw. Do not. Oh, hell. *facemash*

Let the record show that I did not intend to draw Hiru in a Raspberry Beret.
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Suffered my first defeat at the hands of Sephiroth a few hours ago, and it was less glorious than it could have been. *sigh* He's not as awesome as he should be... and he still beat me hands-down. XD How's that for a mark of sheer awesome? The first battle wasn't an issue, but the second one... ahahaha, I need higher attack power so that he doesn't kill me dead. And possibly to equip that Vital Slash materia at some point. XD;

Also, Neek, THIS MASHUP IS AMAZING. :DDDDDDD Brick by Ben Folds' Five melded with Manic Monday by the Bangles = a mashup that was made to be. The backgrounds are perfect for each other, although I think the actual singing is a little busy. XD But it's awesome. Also, Billy Joel. :DDDDD (Except that Sanga has appropriated "River of Dreams". XD; DAMMIT, SANGA.)

Songs for Squeaker! )
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Actually appropriate on many levels, as my mother made date cake this evening in between bar-hopping and going on long walks. I did have to work with fucking Luke, of course, after laughing all afternoon over how it wasn't even possible. You know the hilarious thing? The first thing he says to me tonight is, "Oh, hi. We didn't get much stock done today because I only had three people on all day."

And you didn't get much stock done? With only three people? On a Saturday, which from the look of sales was actually slower than it was on my Friday night shift? IMAGINE THAT! Funny how it takes more than three people to get stock done, isn't it! You hypocritical bastard. *chk-BLAM*

Anyway, for [ profile] narnizzle and all the rest of you who did not get it last time:

DOWNLOAD IT. It is epic and hilarious and probably makes more sense if you know something about Portal. Also, speaks to my mood about the entire work thing. XD Psychotic computer systems. You must love them. Or at least sing along.


Just as a point of interest, I have this. Unilateral, as far as I can tell, but it's been getting worse as I get older - it used to only happen when I get tired, but I think now I'm tired a greater percentage of the time, which is the reason that it happens more often. Sadly I am squint-eyed and not skew-eyed, or I would gleefully cosplay Felix.

It's only slight, so it's not like it's of major cosmetic panic, but one thing I have noticed is that while my left eye is the eye that turns inward, it also sees better than the right eye - I mean, if I cover the right eye, the left can see clearly and can focus with little difficulty. If I cover the left eye, though, the right has considerably more trouble - things appear.... not quite blurred, but there is a definite sense that surfaces aren't matching up. That doesn't happen with the left eye. It might just be because I rely more heavily on the right eye, since the left is fucky, but either way, it's probably something I should have looked at at some point. The last thing I need is to be the crazy cock-eyed cat lady at eighty. XD
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Okay, so, [ profile] leviathanmirror told me about a million years ago to find The Demon Ororon, and I did find it at Supanova this year, but today was the first time I sat down to actually read it. Did you predict that I would get all keyboard-smashy over Othello, Katy? I'm sure you could see it coming. In any case, the guy is a scream. XD I'm also kind of stupidly fond of the cat monsters, too. I'm going to try not to just churn through the whole series today, since I do have other things to be getting on with, but... well, we'll see how that goes. XD It's kind of cold this morning, so I'd relish the opportunity to curl up in bed and finish the collection.

Apparently there was a great hullaballoo outside at four o' clock this morning, which I missed, which at least means that I got a decent night's sleep for once in my life. Woke up at eight-thirty to my alarm, turned it off, and promptly crawled back into bed because it was freezing, yo, and I was not going to put up with that. Reading of Ororon commenced, because I didn't want to go back to sleep in case I slept until midday or something, and now... well, I think I'm cleaning the bathroom and then my room and then... presumably studying for Japanese before I go to work. >_>; Really cannot be bothered, to tell the truth, but as if that matters, right? Right. *huff*

[ profile] alleyne, I don't know if you're back in Brisbane yet, but do you want to have lunch on Tuesday? I have an exam in the evening, and I figure I'll get more study done at university than at home. Also, I need to locate Z Block at GP, and gods only know where that is, so I had best have some wandering time on my hands. XD

[EDIT] For [ profile] narnizzle:

Queen /
Bohemian Rhapsody
Killer Queen
Fat Bottom Girls

And other things people might be interested in:
Yoshida Kyoudai / Hyakka Ryouran (Blooming) [download]
Apocalyptica / Path Vol. II [download]
Apocalyptica / Enter Sandman [download]

I'm having trouble uploading, so I can't upload any more Queen music for you, Neek, but I'll see about that in the next day or so. ♥ IT IS VITALLY IMPORTANT THAT YOU HAVE "GOOD OLD-FASHIONED LOVER BOY" WHILE READING ABOUT CROWLEY. It just is.
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Work was work. Got to work with Cora for the first time in ages, which was nice purely because I know that she will do shit. :'D Srsly, though, Luke has gotta stop leaving us trolleys of stock to do at night, because we cannot do it.

...I just discovered that SW uploaded some Apocalyptica and hyperventilated for a little minute. :3; Eh heh. Anyway, I'm soooo over standing up right now, so I may not actually make my bed before I lie on it, which if you believe the sayings should solve at least half of my problems. Also: Brisbane, I am proud of you. You have finally hit eight degrees. GOOD JOB.

Now, this. THIS is a song I should learn to play on violin. ♥ Oh, Apocalyptica. HOW I HAVE MISSED YOU. I have "Path" somewhere... possibly from [ profile] flamika... in any case, it is awesome. Apocalyptica are awesome. Even though I think I will associate this song with Hiei for pretty much ever. XD; ALSO, "ENTER SANDMAN" ON ELECTRIC CELLO. WHAT IS NOT TO LIKE. HDSYHJSFKYLHSJF. OH MY GODDDDDDSADKLGFSDHFSJD. No, seriously, I have to upload this for you guys right the fuck now, along with stuff for [ profile] narnizzle becuase asdfyasdhjfasyfd DO YOU SEE, I EVEN MISTYPED "BECAUSE" I AM THAT EXCITED.

(Wyrren, this is a song that would require violin/cello beating. Omfgajhfdsdsjfasudfjsdfm. ♥)

Well, we all know what I'm spending Wednesday through Friday this week teaching myself how to play. *cough*

[EDIT] Okay, so the uploading isn't happening because my internet keeps shitting itself, but tomorrow is another day and it will be full of uploads, because asdjhfjashfd, this stuff is amazing. ♥


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