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Man you absolutely SUCK **EN BALLS in updating. You think those so called 'apologies' are anything to whine about? A real updater with an attention span even WORSE than whatever you have would have gone and updated this piece of crap that has been here rock still since close to four goddamn years. Why
don't you just stop with your **en **-** promises and just go ahead and delete your whole account? It might make us feel better without having to always think if you're gonna update this shitass story.

All this for a piece of fanfiction. :'D Thanks for the laugh, dearest Psh!

[EDIT] Aww, and then later in the day I got this:
Just saw the horrible review that was posted for Faith and Feather and I felt
compelled to comment. Just wanted to let you know (and I'm sure you do, but I
think its nice to hear it every once in a while) that not everyone is as
stupid as that selfish, ignorant idiot. Granted, I love the story, and I
really hope you do get around to finishing it ASAP, but I can be patient.
You're not getting paid to write it or anything like that. You're doing it out
of your own free will. No reward besides the feedback you receive. You don't
owe us anything. Frankly, I'm just grateful you’ve posted what you have.
Despite the fact it isn't finished, I've read it several times now, and it’s
always a great read. So, yeah, pointless I know, but I thought I'd let you
know. Like I said, I felt compelled to do this.

PS. Sometimes I really hate people. Okay, quite a lot of the time, actually,
but this really goes to justify my feelings, I think. *shrugs* Thanks for all
your amazing work and all the effort and time you've put into them. It IS

Piccolo999 is lovely, and has always been lovely. :3 Totally unnecessary, but lovely all the same.


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