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Hiru has decided the first line of AtM is now, His thighs were sticky with blood.

ME: Are you sure you want to get into this so early?
HIRU: Yes.
ME: It'll save me setup later, but are you sure? Really? You're okay with this?
HIRU: *eyeroll*
HIRU: It Is What Must Be Done.
ME: ... ♥ ♥ Can you write the story all the time?
HIRU: Don't be stupid. I'm doing my nails.
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In WriPub today, the tutor had us make a writing plan - not what we had to write, as I tend to make, but when we intended to have certain things publishable by.

Despite my flailings about the number of universes that exist in my head, it has been a vague worry for some time now that once I've written the stories in those 'verses, that'll be it. No more ideas. What if I never write again. It never bore thinking about.

Having thought about it, and laid it out, and factored in the time involved, I'll probably last until I'm about fifty on these ideas alone.

Which makes my life seem much less empty and terrifying.

(You would think narrowing your life down to thirteen novels and assorted people would actually make life more-so, but apparently not.)


There is a warm fuzzy glow in realising that you would rather work on your own novel than read the feel-good mush which had previously captured your attention. :3 I... I love AtM. I really, really love it. It is my baby. It is full of my babies. I am going to work out my vampires if it is the last thing that I do and none of them will be scintillating until I give in to the urge to draw/write hilarious omake Auberon/Malus.


A paraphrased conversation with Skeff, who is discovering uses for hormones. )
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Bloody [ profile] no_true_pair! I want to write all of these prompts, but the way things are going, I'll actually have to write them on the day that I post them, almost. XD Not even I can churn out thirty separate fics in the space of one week. Particularly not while I'm supposed to be studying. On the bright side, though, NTP is an on-going thing as far as I know. The next round might not be such awesome, awesome sauce, but the whole idea of the community just makes me squeal. Let's experiment with fandom. Oh, yes. Let's. Please. ♥ Makes me full of squeals and giggles just thinking about it. ♥ There is nothing more satisfying than pulling a story together out of uncommon and entirely cracky elements.

I think Hiru has actually taken a leaf out of Sanga's book and removed Deneve Haydee entirely from my mind. I hope I can find where he buried her and resurrect her corpse before Friday, because Ash is going to have a hell of a time investigating with no benefactor to write angry letters for him. In any case: Hiru is officially just as ruthless as the Water Master. This is kind of terrifying, and when I said Sanga was training him to be a good seme, this wasn't exactly what I meant.

(I love my kids. I love my kids. I love my kids. Oh, god, I love my kids and I want to just roll around on the floor and perform bizarre dances in order to communicate the intensity of my love for them. I feel as though I've been neglecting them lately, concentrating on Conductor and Half Jack, and Lapis doesn't help when he stands in a corner and taps his foot pointedly at me. Like I didn't have enough to do before he swanned back onto the stage. You ought to be a peacock, not a cat, you silly bugger, but then your relationship with Hamish wouldn't be nearly so amusing. And poor Hamish just sitting there and taking it because everyone knows that the biggest and most ostentatious jerk gets the girl, and the humble sorceror gets buggerall. Not to worry, Hamish-my-lad. Erin would rather stab Lapis than sleep with him, and Lapis is more interested in making her scream with wrath than with passion. It's his one chance to be a pain-in-the-ass older brother! Because Revkha was born first, and she's too serene to be bothered with him.)

Oh, boy. You can tell when it gets late and the stories start coming more easily, can't you? I wonder if I can write my Art of Fiction interview like this?

LAUGHING MY ASS OFF. LAPIS IS WATERBORN AND HIS FAMILIAR IS A CAT. SO MUCH FOR DIGNITY, GRACE, WIT AND POISE, THERE, BUDDY. XD I must now, officially, drench you whenever you are in cat form. It will be a running joke and it will never stop being funny.

You know you've got the attention span of a gnat when you find yourself writing five different things simultaneously.

Also, what kind of cop-out pansy have I become? When did 10.30pm become more than I could possibly deal with? No wonder I can't fucking write anything lately. I'm wasting my best cognitive hours on sleep.


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