Jul. 21st, 2009 05:40 pm
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Today I handled a number of small niggling tasks that largely were important enough to warrant the attention. Unfortunately I left the pointless task until it was nearly home time and ended up throwing up my hands and storming dramatically from the building.

So I'm feeling kind of silly about that now, but at the same time? TOTALLY JUSTIFIED /RAGEQUIT. Just saying.


...that's about all I have to say about today, actually.
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And now you know what I did today.

Oh, except for a quick errata break.

I am excessively tired, but perfectly awake. How unusual!

My brother has eaten all the lasagne in the fridge. Fortunately I had the foresight to hide some in the freezer. >:D

[EDIT] Chira just said everything I want to say about the Avatar movie, down to and including the desire to boycott the fucking thing.

So there.
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So I'm not going to bed after all. Or having a bath. If I cannot have surgery, I will blame her for it.

[personal profile] ignite, did you see any nice queen beds in your Ikea travels?

[EDIT] *twelve year old snigger*

Oh, and Wyrren: http://www.yankodesign.com/2008/06/16/cylons-love-this-chair/
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Today was okay except for a few lengthy frustrations, including but not limited to my incessant irritation with my hands. Everything is much more annoying when you are in pain and the shop closed fifteen minutes ago.

Rosie is writing me a cheque, but not without a lot of ridiculous brouhaha.

On the bright side, I have a day off tomorrow and plan to do nothing but a few loads of washing, a brief stint of vacuuming, and a long reading session of the second book in the Administration series, because there is no bad mood that cannot be transferred to Toreth and transmuted into frustrated adoration, much like my love for Felix Harrowgate.

Oh, and the air conditioning? $2500 later? Still not fixed. Fuck me sideways.
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ME: Here is all your menu stuff back and by the way I sent Robin that invoice in digital form so you could not tell me you lost it.
ROSIE: Hey, we went online the other night and couldn't see it! :}
ME: ...........
ME: ...........
ME: Do you know how to spell your own surname?


Anyway, I have lasagna, I have ice cream, and I have the house to myself for the night. I'm going to do my requisite cleanup of stuff that needs no cleaning for the sake of proving to my mother that she's being a dipshit, and then I'm going to... read, probably. It's pretty warm today, so that's about all I'm prepared to commit to prior to killing today's bee visitors.



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Right, to everyone I was talking to, my internet is too busy with its thumb in its ass to let me use chat programs, so. Sorry about that.

[EDIT] Uhhh, so when I said 'complete sketches' for [insanejournal.com profile] stepstepjump, you guys knew I meant 'design sketches for later coding' too, right?


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We should have this $398 promotion all the time. Also, I should get to work with Cathy for ever and ever she is like my favourite work person in the world aside from [insanejournal.com profile] alleyne, who doesn't really count as a work person.

Today was actually really good. I was kind of surprised when I walked in the door, actually, because mum took one look at me and went, "OH MY GOD YOU LOOK SO TIRED." Which, um, is not exactly news. :| And I'm wearing makeup today and everything. Ah well. *glances in mirror* ...yeah, whatever, I look relatively chipper today, she's kind of crazy. o.0;

Picked up a CSS manual from the library and a copy of Breakfast at Tiffany's so I am all prepared for bookclubbing with the uni peeps - assuming I can escape and actually make it to the time/place involved.

Um, so... I'm going to go forth and be productive now, because today's the first day in a while where I've felt like I was capable.

- wash clothes
- dry clothes
- draw sketch 6
- write stuff/plan writing stuff
- tell yourself over and over that you do not require this book
- or this book
- and that this book is as yours as it is going to get until its release in April
- and that you are weak, weak, weak if you give in and you should not read all the one kind of thing and that just because it is all your guilty pleasure does not mean you have to read it

Also for the record, this Autumn Blend is delicious. Smells sharper than it tastes, though, which could be a shame.
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To do tomorrow:
- shower
- breakfast
- work: 8.30 - 5.30

- website: redelegate
- website: alter front page
- website: add images?
- website: add recipe?
- sketch 005
- standards - write it so you CARE, for the love of god
- sleep before midnight ten
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I knew I'd forgotten something yesterday. :\ I promised Robyn I'd call her re. the website hosting, so, um. T_T; That was fail on my part. On the bright side, I can probably have it all done and uploaded tonight. But I think she has a family so I may not call until 7.30 or something. I'm not sure what time she has dinner. :|

Sadly, I spent my entire lunch break in the staff room listening to Candi swear like a goddamn trooper over her younger sister and how she is allowed to do whatever she wants to do while she is pregnant. Other than that period of "...." it was really quite a good - if fairly slow - day. Once again, Katy and I are Ultimate Tetris Team !!!! So tomorrow we're going to deal with the ridiculous amount of Kenwood, Kambrook, Breville and hopefully Morphy Richards stock that we've had sidelined for a few days.

Also, I got home to a gorgeous rendition of Ban by E.K. The fact that Ban is grumping over a pose that is not sensible and contained is entirely irrelevant because I like it. <3 <3 <3

Going to try to get the rest of my list done, now! And then settle in for dinner, and writing. Today was a nice Wednesday. I liked it rather a lot.
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...I am never sure when to call people on Sundays. Everyone else in my house gets up stupidly early regardless of the weekday, but I am never sure if this applies to other people or not.

In other news there is not enough time. T_T Why do I do this to myself.

[EDIT] I will not commit suicide over the web hosting process. I will not commit suicide over the web hosting process. I will not commit...

[EDIT] Okay, so yesterday I spoke to Rosie and she said they had bought webhosting from fucking webcentral, which is terrible and template-savvy which we do not want. They had, in fact, merely renewed their domain name THROUGH webcentral, which is actually through Melbourne I.T. and akdsjfaksjdfsk, listen, guys, if you do not understand what you are talking about DO NOT TRY TO SET THE SITE UP BY YOURSELF. OKAY. I just spent half an hour trying to work out how the fuck to ESCAPE their template maker to see if it were possible to upload MY OWN GODDAMN PAGE, but webcentral seem to be of the opinion that a) their templates are the only way, or b) the correct way to interface design is by making other options INVISIBLE.

And I thought I might be able to handle that job, teaching people how to use Word on Macs. LOLOLOLOL PATIENCE WHUT.

[EDIT] .....oh my god, Shinigami Zukan takes all the angry away asdhfajdfjdhf the Shinigami Women's Association rules the fucking WORLD. XD FROM KUCHIKI MANOR. FUCK YEAH!

[EDIT] I'm going... to kill them. Just. Kill. Dead. dfka. sadfkjkj. sajdaskjdkdsfsdfdfsff.

(Rosie is never in when I have time to work on the website. Thus, the website sits. Forever. And I have a sneaking suspicion she's not going to pay me until it's uploaded, which at this point is looking like it will happen in about FIVE HUNDRED YEARS. KFJDKFSFJDSFDDHGFGF.)

[EDIT] Viscose is officially the weirdest fucking material EVER. SERIOUSLY. In the wash, it goes like... really thick and hard, like denim. When it dries it is the most beautiful, thin, soft material you have ever felt. I MUST FIND OUT MORE BECAUSE IT IS KIND OF AMAZING.
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Tetsu is a formatist - against TIFF files and anything that has ever come into contact with a TIFF file, or maybe even smiled at a TIFF file in the street once when they were five years old and didn't know any better.

(Yes, this is the part where I scream and cry and vow never to make a website ever again... then make one for my uncle after Christmas.)

Off to talk to Rosie about hosting as soon as I finish my tea. Woooooo.


Nov. 18th, 2008 08:13 am
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Oh, yes. God's will on Earth, right there. Are you fucking serious.

I still kind of want to make a list of dangerous Australian things just for my own peace of mind, but that would be ludicrous and obsessive-compulsive.

SIMON PEGG IS SCOTTY IN THE NEW OLD STAR TREK MOVIE LOLOL. NO SERIOUSLY I AM KIND OF DYING HERE. My first thought should not be, "But where is his boyfriend? D:" But I am glad he's getting awesome roles outside Rogue Studios and British comedy. XD (Also: it is sad when you are on my level of internet and have to click down the quality of a YouTube video. :\)

Anyway, off to shower and get back to coding. Shouldn't take that long this morning and then I can work out how the fuck I'm going to put an invoice template together. XD; Woo hoo.

(Sorry, this was the only available icon for a film involving young!Spock.)

[EDIT] Just for those of you who don't have Neil Gaiman on your friendslists, I have to agree that this is the funniest eight minutes of someone staring at you and telling you about his experiences as a coal miner and novelist ever filmed.
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Perhaps I should take a proper break for a while; I think my eyes are crossing from all the code. o.0 Since, y'know, why stick with what you had when you can recode entirely? That's what I thought. >> It had to be done, okay? It Looked Funny.

We have no decent food, which makes this whole thing somewhat more difficult, but... enh. I think I just want to get it all over with. XD Maybe I'll speed-code the recipes and fish-facts and then concentrate on the image issues.
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- shower
- breakfast

-clean desk
- make website
    - raise + shade navigation bar
    - nav for home/menu/catering/location/extras
    - widen main panel/set columns to 20/*/250px/20?

    - write catering page
    - write location page / find map
    - code recipe for extras page
    - code fish facts
    - remember to actually put your name and email on this somewhere
- take website to Rosie

- also point out that the drawing/colouring for children will cost her
- give her your ABN and account details
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  • [insanejournal.com profile] feather_qwill: you can change your layout if you create a whole new layer, like you did when you brought in Flexible Squares. Then go paste in your CSS as usual - the problem is probably that the system hasn't stored the layout source code where it's meant to be stored for easy editing. Whether this is because of IJ's random deletion (so until random deletion sets in, editing is easy) or because of bad design (so editing is impossible) I cannot tell. [EDIT]Looks like it's the former, which is encouraging.[/EDIT]
  • Samurai!verse is, in fact, set in the vampire state. Which is part of AtM!verse. Which means that Malus gets a katana. Ohhhhyeah. Sweet, sweet Vampirese steel, forged with the bones of loyal human servants or something. I don't even know what I'm saying but it works in my head.
  • Whenever I am going well with writing anything, I blog about going well until I have well and truly interrupted my own flow and can no longer write well at all.
  • I really like blues and greys. No wonder I am so fond of school uniforms.

[EDIT] It's true. I write best between 4pm and dinnertime; then from 11pm until sleep overcomes me. The hours in between are spent procrastinating on the writing itself and considering what else I could be doing were I only finished writing.... then doing those things anyway. It's ludicrous. I would be more disciplined about NaNo. :( I'm sort of running out of university-applicable discipline.
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I've spent most of today coding in the hope that I can get the website done, and I have, but there's really very little to it. :\ I don't know what else she wants. It's kind of retarded to have a site that's one page, but whatev.

...I just found a copy editing job at Wiley & Sons in Brisbane and I want it oh so fucking badly and dfjdsafhaslkdfssjkfhj goddddddddddddddddd. And there is another smaller position doing copy editing for a firm in Wickham Tce that would be seriously sweet and. And. jdfhsdfakkkds. I don't know if I want to apply before this website is done because I have no real experience other than my uni work.

Also, I am sick of working on things. :\ My head is not in the place for it any more and my hands are sort of better than they were this morning but not much. Also I am hungry and want fish and chips because of the damn website. XD Mum is doing something involving rice paper and vast amounts of steak, though, so we'll see how that goes.

.........I think I want to write but I have no idea what. Other than assignments. Maybe tonight is the night! I don't know! I will try! And if I fail I will continue to perfect my ability to draw Ambrose's ass in a low-cut dress. XD It can only be a matter of time before the universe spontaneously explodes from his sex appeal.
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Was talking with Karen and Lauryn last week while I wrote my essay, and I just have to repost this little gem, extrapolated by [insanejournal.com profile] howl_for_words from the title of one of my resources:

"Lessons in becoming a straight man: do not wear pink, and do not put your penis in a boy."

I know I'd publish that thesis. XD ♥ ILU, Karen. <3 <3 <3

And since we are after class now, you are looking at me on a newly set up wireless network! 8D This is particularly hilarious because I can see all the other wireless networks in the building, and they are called, like, GAYBOY_MANSION, and such. :'D Oh, Valley.

Of course, the signal is not exactly grand, but this is not the point. >_>;

[EDIT] Also, this afternoon I offered my website-construction skills to Jim Frenkel. Life is hereby awesome, and full of what-the-fuck.
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Japanese exam was fine. Missed a line or two because the accent on the tape meandered around the country and I didn't have time to adjust before the information I needed was said, but finished the writing/reading half in half time, so that was... nice. :\

.....omigawwwwd, the Ace Attourney manga is coming out this week! 8DDD OFFICIALLY! 8DDDDDDDDDD I DID NOT KNOW THAT THIS WAS HAPPENING! 8DDDD Something tells me that Edgeworth icons are imminent. ♥

Mum has Chris and Karen from Powerlink over for dinner, so I ate with them and scarpered. XD Tired, and do not want to spend the whole night talking about football.

Should probably take a look at the info that Rosie Gambaro gave me this afternoon, for the Gambaro site, but I think I'll actually start working on that on Saturday, or Monday, depending on how much sleep I actually get on Saturday. (Because I am setting it aside entirely as a day of sleep.)

Also, is it windy today or WHAT. Whoo-ee. o.0

Oh! And my <epic icons and postcards arrived today. HAPPINESS. Except that my Kamina/Simon 08 election badge didn't come through. DDDDD: Shall mail EK about that soon.


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