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Let me take you back, dear readers, to my eleventh year of schooling. It was glorious. I was doing IPT. I was top of IPT, which right now seems pretty sad, but at the time got me book vouchers. We did databases, oh, so many databases, and forms, and SQL. And we did Visual Basic, which scarred us all. Not because it was difficult, either. (Quiet, [profile] teacupscientist, it had nothing to do with my beating the teacher in a mousefight.) No, VB scarred us because it was broken.

We had this thing, see, this environment, with a little pixellated triangle pretending to be a robot. A robot which had a limited set of functions, such as only being able to move a certain distance and only being able to turn left. This meant we got to make methods like Turn_Right out of three Turn_Lefts, and coax dear little Robo to While Clear_In_Front Walk and If On_A_Marker Then Pick_Up_Marker.

Except sometimes, for no known reason, Robo would twirl.

Not consistently, either. We could have the exact same code, and only one of the Robos would twirl. But twirl it would. Forever. Just like this icon. And no one could ever figure out why.

Trying to publish French docs with the new server today was a bit like that. It only took about twenty minutes before Darrin turned to me and said, wonderingly, "Maybe it is just you." Hint: this is not a good sign.

On the bright side, I am now their insurance against SkyNet.

Also, my boss visited this blog today, and I sincerely hope he is not traumatised by the experience (but it would not surprise me). He's considering commissioning an album cover from me! Abject terror does not begin to describe it! But this is what Big Scary Things are about, and if I can pull it off? Awesome.

Now: I am going to watch some goddamn Sherlock Holmes and I am not going to install Fedora on a VM because I am not that kind of geek. Really. I. Oh, hell.


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