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I have spent more time working from home in underwear and a sarong this month than I have spent in a sarong at any other point in my existence. It's just more comfortable. True, I can't answer the door, but at least I'm nice and cool when I'm sprawling on the couch.

I am a little behind on NaNoWriMo, but I have finished the opening at approx. 11k on Saturday or Sunday night (I forget), so presumably all the things that make it a zombie novel are about to happen. Some day this week, I probably ought to write a bit more of it. So far, Our Heroine has met:
- the cute Asian DJ,
- the slightly pathetic groomsman her mother is trying to set her up with, and
- the Islander dude who is probably going to save them all if he ever makes it back into the story.

In other news, this is probably the most racially diverse thing I have written so far that does not involve races that do not actually exist. Hurrah!

I have spent probably the last week procrastinating on drawing, which may be one reason NaNo was progressing so well. I am still procrastinating on drawing as I type. On the bright side, if Harriet Potter and Ronalda Weasley were not the best thing about the internet this last week, it is only because this afternoon I discovered both Verka Serduchka and genderswapped Weasley Twins, Frida and Georgia, who are perhaps the hottest thing ever in the world.

My anxiety is higher than it was a few months ago. It seems like I am anxious with my pills, and sad without them. I can't say I approve, but I'm going to chat with the doctor about it next week, so we'll see how we go. I've also been sleeping worse as the weather warms up, which kinda sucks. Mum has suggested dark cellophane on the windows. I am seriously considering it, but I think I just need to get used to sleeping with a mask on.
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The funeral was yesterday, and it was nice enough. It was at the church next door to where Mum and her sisters went to school. Mum mentioned everything about Oomee that I thought was important, so I was satisfied. I didn't cry at the lectern doing my readings, just at every other point during proceedings, which is okay by me. Oopee seems to be doing okay, although I am about to call mum to confirm that.

I did about two thirds of a day's work today, and spent the afternoon reading On Writing and scribbling vaguely on a whiteboard until I had a vague idea of the overarching plot of Lesbian Zombie Wedding. The forecast for the next thirty or so days is 'tasteless' with the possibility of LOL.

Having called Mum, apparently my aunt was on the phone haranguing Oopee about Mum and Chris being in the front row at the funeral. Which upset Oopee all over again, because he defended mum and how much she's been doing, and how much Chris has been doing, and had to deal with the fact that his middle daughter is a stupid, selfish bitch again. He hasn't slept in weeks, is hardly eating, and has a weak heart. Let's upset the poor man further the day after his wife's funeral! Great fucking plan, Auntie Diane. You stupid, stupid bitch.
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Went to see Oomee again today; her colour was better, and the nurses are now saying she may last weeks rather than days (although how she is going to manage this without any food or water is beyond me). I spoke to Dad this morning and he said something that Oopee later echoed; you get the feeling if it were a ten year old in there dying there would be a lot more racing around. That it didn't seem like they were trying to save her. She's only on very low doses of morphine apparently, and I understand Oopee's frustration at the lack of food/water she's getting. I'd like to think they know best, but that's a hard thing to trust to complete strangers.

I've been exhausted for the last two, three weeks -- haven't been exercising because I just feel like I need to sleep whenever I get the chance to sit down, and crying over Oomee whenever I think about it hasn't helped with that.

NaNo is in a week, and F&F is nowhere near finished; not much past where it was a month ago, in fact, because I just haven't felt like it. I'm bored of it again. I want to finish it, but I'm bored. I've solved all its problems, I've figured out its plot, and now there are no enjoyable puzzles left to solve during the writing, I can't be stuffed writing it. Story of my life. Hoping that outlining and writing a bit of Lesbian Zombie Wedding will help.

Hoping I will still have something to celebrate on Wednesday, but if not, I have a date with the QI crowd on October 31 which I am very much looking forward to.


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