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ME: begin!
CARD: ...try 'the colour red'.
ME: Well, obviously, hahaha, I need more sleep. T_T

I would like to add, for the sake of my pride, that I recognise all of these in context. orz

Also, [ profile] ignite, I am blaming you for getting me into the mood for Kenpachi/Byakuya when I have read everything that exists for it about five million times.

Also, my arms hurt.


KANJI LEARNED: 142 of 174

There are only about 48 that I could use refreshing on just before the exam, and there are only about 16 in that that I really desperately need the refresher on. :) I like that just shuffling past them reminds me of them.

Except for 'week' and 'far', which I persistently write incorrectly the first time, frown at, and then replace with the correct version after a moment's glaring.

(Like I said: I know when I read it. XD It's like people spelling words to me aloud - if I can't actually visualise the word written down in my head, then chances are I am going to say 'aptitude' when you have spelled 'apparent' at me. XD)
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Well, now I am legal in every country. Woo! Thankyou to everyone who thought of me. <3 <3 (I tried to go around and respond to you all personally, but my internet is a giant pile of fail.) And a return Happy Birthday to [ profile] feather_qwill, who shares my day of birth, although that is, in fact, in another country. Your birthday fic will probably be ready before Christmas, probably. XD

I now have a lovely little Sheik statuette sitting to my left, beneath yesterday's yellow roses. It has a registration card, and I am kind of ridiculously amused. I also got thirty dollars for Borders and for Coaldrakes, from James and Chris respectively, and a Sesshoumaru-sama bookmark from James, and three shiny new moleskines from mum, despite her insistence on transferring me gift money. Which is ridiculous, because that is already, what, two hundred dollars. No one needs more on their birthday than that. XD Maybe when I'm forty.

Anyway, today is a day of making sure I know how to answer any of the questions that are likely to come my way during the oral tomorrow. This may involve recording each of the questions and setting them to shuffle in iTunes so that I have to think on my feet. XD WE SHALL SEE.

- write feasible answers to the questions on the sheet
- revise locating things in stores
- revise being a picky bastard
- record questions for task three?
- revise counting, money, and dates
- do not set the internet on fire for being a massive wankface
- send John SMS to remind him to pay you properly (...I wonder if I get a pay rise?)
- write fic in lieu of AtM


Also, the last of my eggs hatched. :3
Adopt one today!
It will be an Earth Dragon.
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[ profile] satsukidesu, I don't suppose you can reveal the secret behind changing "mitsukeru" into potential form? As in, if you can't find it? *stares at her verb sheets in despair* Or is that as potential as it gets? It looks as potential as it gets. Or do I just ignore it and go negative-if-finding, which would possibly be... mitsukenakattara?


*wishes she had had more time this semester*
I cannot stop scanning people's tag lists for 'Havemercy'.


Sorry to [ profile] satsukidesu, who has just joined the madness and now has to put up with my incoherent spam like the rest of you.

I want to draw things but my hands are broken and twisted and okay so I may have been typing sideways, hush.

She hath studied too much Japanese, and it hath turned her brain!
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Well, I am home. I have a haircut! I will post pictures once I get photobucket to work. It looks cute, I think. Japanese exam was all right, apart from a few jshdfsjsWTF moments. We played a listening comprehension version of snap which I kicked serious arse at. When it comes to foxes wearing blue ribbons and yellow shoes playing with blocks? I AM YOUR GIRL.

Going to try to actually do some Gambaro website tonight, since I sort of told Rosie I'd go over tomorrow to show her how I was going and I've, uh, been avoiding it like the plague... and I still have one draft to go with the scene analyses... least it's the draft with zombies. ♥

Someone on devART tried to seriously argue that having massive boobs is worth the back pain because, if you had a boyfriend, it would give you an excuse to beg massages off him.

Given the state of my shoulders and spine right now, I'm pretty sure you can guess how that went.

[EDIT] Haircut! 8D
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Japanese exam was fine. Missed a line or two because the accent on the tape meandered around the country and I didn't have time to adjust before the information I needed was said, but finished the writing/reading half in half time, so that was... nice. :\

.....omigawwwwd, the Ace Attourney manga is coming out this week! 8DDD OFFICIALLY! 8DDDDDDDDDD I DID NOT KNOW THAT THIS WAS HAPPENING! 8DDDD Something tells me that Edgeworth icons are imminent. ♥

Mum has Chris and Karen from Powerlink over for dinner, so I ate with them and scarpered. XD Tired, and do not want to spend the whole night talking about football.

Should probably take a look at the info that Rosie Gambaro gave me this afternoon, for the Gambaro site, but I think I'll actually start working on that on Saturday, or Monday, depending on how much sleep I actually get on Saturday. (Because I am setting it aside entirely as a day of sleep.)

Also, is it windy today or WHAT. Whoo-ee. o.0

Oh! And my <epic icons and postcards arrived today. HAPPINESS. Except that my Kamina/Simon 08 election badge didn't come through. DDDDD: Shall mail EK about that soon.
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(So, like, my tax return amounted to $1470. Fuck. Yes. My faith in it coming in this week was not misplaced. ♥)

Which pays off my credit card nicely and leaves me enough to save for a proper laptop instead of a stupid little baby thing. *_* Happiness is not having to worry about expenses. And now I can happily pay Glass what I owe her for the commission, too! Eee!

Also: Mum is coming home early! :'D She'll be back on Saturday. This means that I may not actually die over the weekend.

Writers Fest was HILARIOUS OH GOD. The guy I went to see, right, I went in thinking his main character was meant to be a parody of boysy fantasy protagonists who know all and can do all despite their raging self-confidence. OH, NO. THAT IS ACTUALLY HOW HE ACTS. XD; But his co-authors were neat people, particularly one Margo Lanagan.

(Intermission: Ran into Danielle, who is still stressed but apparently has a boyfriend now... who does not have a job and she asked if he could get in at HN. :D;;;;;;; Also had lunch with Rage and Xant, during which I cackled hysterically over aforementioned author, and we all cackled hysterically over my serve of chips. I WOULD LIKE TO STRESS THAT AT THAT POINT I HAD EATEN PRECISELY ONE FRENCH FRY. This was then inscribed in the Book of LOL.)

Then I went back to WriFest to see this guy again and caught the tail end of Margo Lanagan's panel and decided that this woman was Freaking Awesome and that I should read all of her everything, so in the period between her going offstage and Michael Pryor coming on, I ran to the bookstore, bought two books, ran to get them signed and tell her how awesome her talk was, and then ran back to the bookstore to purchase the book she'd actually been talking about, and then ran back to Michael Pryor for the sake of my assignment.

So, so much of what he said was anathema to me. |D; I think my question for him sums the session up nicely. (Keep in mind that I am, like, one of ten people at this talk not in a school uniform or a teacher.)
ME: Was the character of Aubrey Fitzwilliam intended at all satirically?
HIM: What? No! :D
His main character started out dead. HOW DO YOU POSSIBLY GO WRONG WITH AN OPENING LIKE THAT? And then to not even mean anything by this painfully perfect character? It is like Twilight all over again! D: WORDS CANNOT FULLY CONVEY MY DISGUST. An extended metaphor might, but then again, I'm lazy.

So, yeah. Japanese exam tonight, too, which was fine except for me totally blanking on shokuji. WAY TO FAIL. Oh well. At least I understand grammatical structures. (You would not believe how many people cannot pick up ~temiru, ~nagara, etc. and run with them. o.0 SERIOUSLY.)
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Author Profile:
Laura Bailey does not write so much as struggle to make worlds where her constantly multiplying hoard of characters can sensibly exist. Sometimes this means that pirates really do fight ninja, but at least the internet will always understand.

And yes, for the record, Samurai!verse has pretty well become Pirates vs. Ninja, possibly with a hint of Romeo and Juliet thrown in. I lovehate my life.

My Japanese oral for Wyrren's perusal. )

I hate writing synopses. Just saying.


Oh, right. I guess I should make dinner. >_>;
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By which I mean to say, Friendly Hostility has been updated and I have been gifted with my quota of Derringer spine and shoulder blade. *happy sigh*

Kanji exam was all right! Learned how to articulate desire to do or have things in Japanese tonight, which can only damn me further! Two thousand words to write before bed!

Also. HEY, YOU GUYS. GIVE ME PROMPTS. ) It pleases me that I have as many major fandoms as I do major 'verses. :'D


;____; OH, YOITE.

(One day I will be well-versed enough in this fandom to write for it myself. For now, I just have to thrash helplessly with love for Yoite and Yukimi and Raikou and Gau and Miharu and Thobari and asdkfbhkasdas. I love everyone. The end.)
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Today was fun~! OzLit was essentially performance poetry and chatting about how much we all loathed lit theory, and I had lunch with Rage and sorted out all my super stuff. Forgot to take any of my Japanese study material, and I think I can expect 18/20 because I totally forgot the word/kanji combo for 'air'. *headdesk* We don't use it much, so I looked at it once and associated it with Kuukaku, and that was about it. Oh well.

I bought A Companion to Wolves and Poppy Z. Brite's Drawing Blood, too, but have banned myself from reading them until Conductor is satisfactory, so I'll be writing that tonight and tomorrow morning, and probably for a good portion of my off hours on the weekend.

For now, I have to find somewhere to post my Conductor draft so that people can read it, preferably without revealing my IJ to the world. |D; Erk?


Everyone seems to be having terrible days lately. :( I love you, everyone! Just keep swimming. *cuddles to all of you*


Oh, and the other thing that was awesome about today was that Josh mentioned in passing that the vacuum cleaner for that lady had come in, so presumably he has called her so that she can come and pick it up. >:\ He said he'd take care of it, so he had damn well better!
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Subject says it all. Had lunch with Rage and failed to find a shirt for tomorrow's interview, so, uh, going to wear my new turtleneck instead of the imaginary ideal blouse. OzLit tute was not quite as painful as I expected. Happily, I still finished the kanji test first. XD I like being comfortable with things. I think I am going to bed now, so that I am not going to die in the morning of either nerves or caffeine deprivation. Also so that I can straighten my hair.
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Twister was a great movie for many reasons, but I think the main one was the highway scene where everyone's music is spliced together. Mostly because of the "Oklahoma" finale. And the guy who is listening to classical music and laughing like a maniac. XD XD XD It was just so beautifully done, and so appropriate for the film.

(Although now that I'm listening to the rest of the soundtrack, wow, it's pretty awesome by itself. I don't remember any of this. About the only thing that stuck in my head for years on end was the guitar at the beginning of 'Talula' by Tori Amos, before I knew or cared that it was a real song. XD)

The more I try to write Conductor as a snippet, the more I realise that in order for this part to make sense, I need to add in this bit. And that in order to make that bit clear, I need to go back a little further to that. But that doesn't start there, so really I should go back a few scenes to when that other thing happens-- and before you know it my urge to have everything explained properly will have the whole damn book scened out. This was not my intent. ...but it's probably not a bad thing, except for the assignment that is due on Thursday. *cry*

Also, all of Sanga's relatives seem bent on giving Hiru acid burns and poisoning him. Just as a fun sort of welcome to the family thing. Even your baby stingray made his hand swell up blue and purple, Tina.

..............why did I think it was nearly two when it is barely twelve. Oh, dear. So much for my internal clock.

ヤった!ランゲージーバーがありますよ。よかった、な。にほんごのしけんをすることができる。I think the Apple version of this application is slightly fucky, as it tries to use hiragana 'n' whether I'm in hiragana or katakana mode, but I can live with this. It has taken away my mid-level dot, though, so 'language bar' becomes 'languagebar', which is... not quite what I was after. Anyway: now to go do that test the lab computer decided to delete on me last night.
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For the record, Japanese verb conjugation is a form of mental gymnastics of which I am extremely not-fond. ~________~; I just get caught up in the ita-ida-shita-tta-nda confusion and wander around with my head spinning.

We are heading out to the new block today to take another look and shift marker pegs (?). Then we are coming back to do more conjugation. HIDOI.
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It is probably not sensible to learn Japanese purely through references to stories, but so far it is helping my kanji, so who cares if I spend the rest of my life giggling at the number counter, right? Right.

[edited for idiocy :D;;;]

In other news, I swear to god I have another tooth coming down behind the last molar on my upper left side, but I have had all those teeth removed, so fuck knows what is going on there.

And, um, since mum has Chris over again, I think I'm gonna sit in here and fiddle with icons while I wait for all these updates to install and scribble down bits and pieces of Project work and... maybe go out and whine about dinner some time. Because this is what I do.
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So, Japanese was pretty good. I have Yumiko-sensei for this class as well, but whether the class was more awake or Yumiko-sensei was more confident, I'm not sure. I made several retarded mistakes, the most major of which was being totally unable to say 'it was warm'. Atatakakunakatta, I can say. Atatakakatta? No. Just, no.

I was sitting next to a guy for the whole class, and he was struggling with his written Japanese just enough to set my teeth on edge.

Then, at the end of the class, he turns to me and says, "I'm Felix, by the way."

Second Thought: ...but he can't read Japanese! DDDD:
Third Thought: .....Felix is stupid as an owl with languages!
Fourth Thought: Shit! Answer the guy, quickly!

Fortunately I fangirl at the speed of light, or something, so at least I don't spend too long in the middle distance.

Anyway. Mum is out on a date. I hope she brings me dinner. :( Have already gotten a start on my reading list, which is good. I should keep this up. (I won't.) I should also make a list of assessment that has to be done, but I think I'll leave that to Friday so that I've spoken to everyone involved at least once, first.

I am exhausted. New people + new rooms + walks to and from uni + reading late into the night = gahhhhh. I am beginning to remember why I have no social life.

Dear Self.

Jun. 16th, 2008 12:54 pm
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Stop turning every ち you write into an を by default! IT'S REALLY ANNOYING.

No love,




D: D: D: IT WON'T LET ME WRITE TSU WITH TENTEN HELP HELP oh wait, never mind, handwriting function. Yay!


Also, dear internet, why are you being so fucking annoying. I want to talk to my Rynryn and my Squeaker! D:
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Because this was pretty much the funniest typo EVER. )


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How It Went. )

I am not even going to FORMAT THAT, that is how much I am not going to think about it from now on. XD The exam lasted for about five minutes. Then I went and got a Chai Latte and sat in the coffee shop playing Pata Pon, which is - I have to say - possibly the most enjoyable game ever. You are a god. You hit a drum. Your people march to war to the beat of your drum and heaven help them if you fuck the beat up - and you will fuck the beat up, because the better you are at beat, the more complicated the background music becomes and the more likely you are to be distracted by its awesome. IT IS AWESOME. IT IS ALSO RIDICULOUSLY CUTE. I need icons, because attack, defend, and march are totally the only things I should ever need to say about my mood, Y/Y.

Anyway, after I tore myself away from the game, I went and had lunch with Rage and said a tearful farewell to The Mirador, which is going to Sydney with her for the weekend. XD This will keep me out of text-induced trouble while I'm trying to work on assessment. ♥

In any case, my task for the afternoon is to write a fake interview with the Paris Review about my writing practices, and to see if I can rework the latter half of my Conductor synopsis, because the one I wrote yesterday does not actually include any of Chaz's character development and this makes me sad.
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Japanese exam was fine except that I totally forgot how to say, "I like ___ because _____." FORTUNATELY THIS IS WHAT READING SUKI IS FOR: IT IS ON THE BOARD AT THE BEGINNING OF EVERY CHAPTER. AHAHAHAHA.

(That said, what I wrote was probably entirely ungrammatical. XD NOT THE POINT. The point is, sometimes CLAMP saves us in addition to stabbing us in the heart.)

Lunch with Rage was fun! We found out that Crisis Core is due out June 19. I HAD A BRIEF PANIC ATTACK AND DROPPED TO MY KNEES IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FOODCOURT BECAUSE I THOUGHT I WOULDN'T BE ABLE TO PICK IT UP, BUT IT'S OKAY, I WAS JUST BEING RETARDED AND PANICKING WITHOUT THINKING ABOUT HOW THE CALENDAR ACTUALLY WORKS. :D; This is two days after my final exam! I can see people... and then I can lock myself in my room to howl in fury at what they have done to my fandom! I CANNOT LOSE. :D


♥ ♥ ♥


Man, this is why I should not be allowed to get stressed: when I cease to be stressed I am very abruptly terrifying.
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It should not amuse me so much that the adjectives for 'thick' and 'hot' are written with the exact same hiragana.

But it really, really does.

(In other news, why haven't I learned vocab before tonight? How did I decide this was a good plan? I think I am going to make myself vocab cards over the June/July holidays and just learn everything that I possibly can for next semester or I am going to die. XD)

[EDIT] Gentlemen, I like brawl.




(It occurs to me that I would kind of kill for a fighting game with Enrico in it. |D; I... I don't even know why....... he couldn't do anything......)

[EDIT] Trying not to spam for absolutely no reason, but my stomach is obviously bipolar.

(Half an Hour Ago)
"No, I don't need to eat anything. I'm not even hungry. I ate a really late lunch and I'm probably okay to go to bed like this."

(Three Minutes Ago)

And in five minutes time it will decide that something is horribly wrong and the cramping will begin anew! I love my stomach. :\


...okay, and this is pretty fucking awesome, too. :3 (I think I just like the song.)


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