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So I am actually a 12GG/H.

If I got liposuction I'd be the ultimate anime character/female superhero. :D?


And because it occurred to me that I have not pimped in a good long while, Lackadaisy Cats, guys, is this awesome rollicking bootlegging time in the fifties where everyone is a cat and the artwork is gorgeous and Wick is an absolute dorkotard I am not joking.

Also, since Angus & Robertson is full of insipid trash I once again resorted to Penguin Classics in order to use my book voucher there, and purchased:
  • In Cold Blood by Truman Capote, because I ought to read it and he interests me,
  • The History of Sexuality, Vol. I by Miuchel Foucault, because apparently gender theory hasn't driven me mad enough just yet,
  • Usage and Abusage by Eric Partridge, because I figure it will be useful,
  • The Chimney Sweeper's Boy by Barbara Vine, because it caught my eye and I pay attention to my subconscious, and
  • Love in the Time of Cholera by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, because [ profile] alleyne has assured me it is good.

Now I am off to accomplish the rest of my to do list. :D

[EDIT] Oh, yes, and I found bras, if you couldn't tell. |D; That little place called All About Eve? Excellent service and advice. Those ladies know their stuff. ♥ And their stock. So I now have two black bras and one red bra and, god, do you find that you forget what it's like to have proper chest support when you go for a long time without real bras? Because, god. <3 <3 <3
cheloya: (FF7 >> kill yourself) according to Bendon's sizing guide I am now a 14G.

[ profile] ignite: Now I kinda wish I had a tape measure
[ profile] cheloya: I used a ribbon, but it's pretty easy to change to inches, and cup size is basically in inch difference between under your boobs and around your fullest bust point.
[ profile] ignite: *wonders if she has ribbon*
[ profile] cheloya: XD I am lucky Tifa's package came this morning or I would not have had ribbon.
[ profile] cheloya: .......Tina's.
[ profile] cheloya: Tifa does not send me things.
[ profile] cheloya: Except her cup size, apparently.


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