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Sarah Palin's supporters speak their 'minds'. I stopped counting the headdesk moments about thirty seconds in.

- breakfast
- clean shower

- clean bathroom
- vacuum
- hit 42k before 2pm
- Wyrren! :D
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Writing went surprisingly well this weekend, for all that it is so loud in that place I can hardly think. I think keeping ahead of the wordcount is a good way to beat Week Two-itis. I suppose we'll find out now that it's officially Week Two.

I'm certainly remembering - or realising, I suppose - more about this story as I go, which is what usually happens. I think I have a good two hundred words of notes as to where to go next and the explanations behind things at the bottom of every section.

I have to be at work super early tomorrow to make sure something is done for QE... may actually drop back in the evening if I don't manage to finish it in time. Sigh.

And now the ABC has actually made me ill by broadcasting a few minutes of someone's hideous remix of Strauss' music so I need to go to bed with real Strauss in my ears and not this awful remix. ;A; Aaaaaauuuuuughfjdshdj.
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Dear Fingers,




Just tweeted Sarah Monette to see if she'd mind telling me what I'd got wrong when I paint Felix and Mildmay and asjdkfhdustfajmwdsgf WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT TO ME, FINGERS, YOU KNOW YOU'RE NOT ALLOWED TO TYPE THINGS WITHOUT THINKING ABOUT THEM LIKE THAT.
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...............oh god. D:


Oct. 2nd, 2008 08:52 pm
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Well, I'm home now.

Mum has cleared my entire room - as in gone along and made a massive pile of whatever she thought wasn't sitting in the "right" place - so now I don't know where anything is or what order it's in, and I have to sort it all the fuck out before I'll know any of this.

I just need to go clear the bed of this pile so I can have a panic attack into my pillow over all the time seeing my father cost me out of my assignment writing schedule, and then I'll be fine. It'll be awesome.

Sometimes people need to fuck right off and realise that I'm not doing things their way because it is physically fucking impossible, rather than going ahead and breaking my fucking system and forcing me to waste more fucking time sorting everything the fuck out again.

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It never ends.

I just. Even listing it all doesn't help to calm me down. Assigning days to work on things and knowing that it's technically possible does not help.

The second set of words out of my mother's mouth today were, "You look half-dead." This does not at all surprise me.

I now have a printed schedule for the next... 55 days, plus exam block. I am going to highlight the important bits of it and then restructure this essay, since rewriting it on this level of headache/brainhurt seems like a bad idea. was necessary to stave off panic-induced nausea, all right? Organising things is how I relax. This is why I enjoy filing.
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I think the major problem with trying to summarise AtM is that it's all about conflict of interests, and it takes the whole book to reveal and explain (or refuse to explain) the lot of them.

Anyway. After many hours of screaming and swearing and wishing I were, say, having a gay old sing-along with HAL 9000, here is what I finally have for the goddamn 'content: story' section on my proposal.

Faeries in modern children’s literature are seen as sweet and gentle, if mischievous, beings – bright-eyed, brightly coloured, and no more dangerous than the butterflies their wings often resemble. (Marriott, 2006.) Against the Moon (hereafter AtM) seeks to recapture the awe and horror of the oldest of folk tales by relieving its human protagonist of the position of power. This allows an exploration of the fear and the wonder inherent in the unknown, and there is much unknown to our narrators, Hiru and Tol.

AtM follows these two characters along the razor’s edge dividing the interests of humans, vampires, weres, and fae. Human mining and shaping of iron ore – the creation of the first ‘cold’ iron – is the cause behind the iron plague wracking the faerie courts. The fae want the forges closed down and the iron returned to the earth before their kingdom fades completely; the vampire clans are prepared to destroy the forges before the humans have the chance to work silver into anything more dangerous than a knife.

Without forgery, humanity is largely defenceless against the whim of any other sentient race. But without Faerie, they may lose something even more precious.

And since it is late anyway, and my Photoshop trial is finally done downloading, and I have to get up early regardless of how much sleep I get, and I still have a fuckload to do, I think I'll get that cover mockup out of the way while I still have a vague idea of what I want to be doing with the fucking thing.


ME: You wanted to be the protagonist.

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Should have set my alarm for earlier, but there you are. I feel stupid even submitting this, because there's still so much that is horribly horribly wrong with it. I haven't even written the final thousand words yet. I think I'm going to submit the list of things that I want to correct in it, so that next week - because we have more private consultations, haha, woo hoo, just what I need, another conversation about Firefly and Dead Like Me, those are really helpful - he can focus on things that I, um, don't already know about.

Which will be precious little, as my list at the moment is pretty exhaustive. XD

Anyway. 1k to write, then class, then home and cooking, and then printing for excessive structural revision on my own part.

And then, uh, that literature subject and the presentation/essay that's due for that next week and the week after, and my Japanese oral. Fuck me sideways. |D;
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  • Craig didn't turn up for class.
  • Have been paid a little over half of what I should be getting in one week... despite the fact that this was meant to be a fortnight's worth of pay.
  • Mum gets back from Canada on the day my holidays begin. Do you know what this means? This means that while I have free reign of the house for three weeks, I still don't have enough time to see my girlfriend, so free reign of the house is utterly useless to me. AUGH.
  • When I have to draw, I feel like writing. When I have to write, I feel like drawing. When I have to do anything important, I feel like playing video games! I WANT TO DIE.

    • On the bright side, only fifteen pieces of assessment to go!



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SDBFJHKDSJLV SDVLXBDS,agvsvxb,vbv okay not really but seriously Jim Frenkel from Tor Books akjsdfhla sdfjladsf hasjdfhasjdkfsa.



*slaps self*

Right. Okay. Awesome. Um.

I am going to go throw up out of glee/terror/stress, and then I am going to write more Conductor. :D Prepare to have your arse kicked into gear, Ashley! I will eat, sleep and breathe you, and if this involves getting a haircut and a dorky hat, then so be it.


Aug. 26th, 2008 09:00 am
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So, the Kay narrator in Corambis is a man. Kay Brightmore, Margrave of Rothmarlin. Well, now I am even more intrigued. DAMN YOU, APRIL. COME CLOSER.

(And apparently neither Thaddeus nor Gideon would ever tell her what the deal was, so we don't get to know, either. AUGHSDJHFskafldf asfshvb,fv,bcxzx,cbvxz. I feel her pain, but jsdhfaksdjaksldfkjahsdfjas. XD)

Also, I can has the five principal gods of the Marathine pantheon and their domains. :DDDDDD I mean, I knew them all; I recognise them all, but it's nice to have a definite list sometimes, too. XD

(I like these question/answer sessions. :D Also, Phi-Lazary makes me happy for no particular reason except that she's the daughter of Kethe. Also, the sun god is the god of thieves. AWESOME OR AWESOME.)

Today is a writing day. Possibly a writing and beating myself up day. At least I did not give in to my body waking me up at half-six and go to the stocktake.

It needs to be April 7 2009 right now, I am not even joking. ;_; But then I would miss my meat bamboo brigade.


Aug. 25th, 2008 10:23 pm
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Tired Rave is tired, and Ash looks good in a suit.

You can just imagine me whining about an inability to write here. I can't even be fucked writing it out. In summary: I want all organs but my brain to be replaced with cybernetics, such that my body is kept alive and I don't have to do anything except write.

Alternatively, a Haste would be lovely.


Yeah, no, fuck HN and their stocktake tomorrow. Better things to do than count shit as a learning experience, kthx. Certainly not going to be there long enough to do it again, so I'm disinclined to get up at the asscrack of dawn so that I can be there for an hour before I head home again to work on shit.

If I could stop feeling twisty and guilty about this like the loyalty-complex freak I am, that would also be great.

(Do you ever want to clone yourself so you can slam your own head into a wall? Yeah.)

Dear Self.

Aug. 19th, 2008 10:00 pm
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Remember that thing called 'stop worrying and write'?

You should actually try it out at some point.

Not that there's anything wrong with trying to work out Kuja's Theme from memory when you've not heard it in at least a year, mind.

(I need a bitchslap machine.)


Aug. 14th, 2008 09:02 pm
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Well, I'm finally happy with the first scene, but it's only about 10% of what I need to hand in in three weeks' time. So basically, it's going to be a lot of hard work from here, but at least I feel like I'm on the right foot now. I'll take it with me on Saturday and Sunday and work on Chaz's scenes in my lunch break, I think. Or maybe read the OzLit novel so I don't need to panic so much about my presentation on the thing.

(Speaking of which: fuck, fuck, fuck, and also fuck.)

[EDIT] Oh, and the food-related part of the post I was planning to make: random stomach cramps are definitely, definitely not love.

[EDIT] Yeah, okay. Any time you want to not feel like vomiting, body, you just let me know. What the fuck gives? I have eaten nothing deserving of this. ngshgasdjfs.
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Monstrous amounts of assessment are monstrous. Just saying. Already drowning a little, but I think that's because I am determined to be ahead and to give myself plenty of contingency time. (Watch me fall out a window or something equally impossibly disastrous now that I've said that.)

I think all I have to do for Thursday is actually write the writing sample for Conductor. Studying kanji s'more could not possibly hurt me, except in my brainplace, because argh. ARGH. Also, while I appreciate this obvious and defined a form of conjugation in theory, in practice and from scratch it can only be described as OW OW OW.

Cannot believe I have uni tomorrow. =_= I feel as if I haven't stopped since we came back. My guess is I'll keep on feeling like that until it's all over. Bring on graduation, sez me.
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I watched the first episode of My*Boss My*Hero while I was cycling. :'D It has no subtitles whatsoever, but I still remember most of it, so this is okay. Water remains hilarious. I have forgotten everyone's names. |D;

...I hate QUT so much sometimes. I just got moved into a Monday afternoon Project 1 class when I have Japanese immediately afterward and I need time to travel because hello, peak hour traffic. It is mortally offensive to be late in Japanese! I WILL BE FIRED. And I don't want to have to leave Project 1 early every fucking week. >:\ Thursday 1-4 is my only fucking option. God dammit, how did I get kicked out of Friday's class when I was one of the first people to sign up? Augh! This is just annoying.

...ugh. And the assessment for this semester is already making every muscle along my spine tense to spasming. Project 1 and Writing and Publishing Industry should go alongside each other fairly well, though, so it'll be a matter of balancing OzLit with Jap2, and I am just not going to think about this any more until I've actually bought my books and organised a proper notebook and my subjects have given me their assessment schedules, because there is buggerall I can do until then. Right.

Now. Shower, and on to my epic to-do list!
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How It Went. )

I am not even going to FORMAT THAT, that is how much I am not going to think about it from now on. XD The exam lasted for about five minutes. Then I went and got a Chai Latte and sat in the coffee shop playing Pata Pon, which is - I have to say - possibly the most enjoyable game ever. You are a god. You hit a drum. Your people march to war to the beat of your drum and heaven help them if you fuck the beat up - and you will fuck the beat up, because the better you are at beat, the more complicated the background music becomes and the more likely you are to be distracted by its awesome. IT IS AWESOME. IT IS ALSO RIDICULOUSLY CUTE. I need icons, because attack, defend, and march are totally the only things I should ever need to say about my mood, Y/Y.

Anyway, after I tore myself away from the game, I went and had lunch with Rage and said a tearful farewell to The Mirador, which is going to Sydney with her for the weekend. XD This will keep me out of text-induced trouble while I'm trying to work on assessment. ♥

In any case, my task for the afternoon is to write a fake interview with the Paris Review about my writing practices, and to see if I can rework the latter half of my Conductor synopsis, because the one I wrote yesterday does not actually include any of Chaz's character development and this makes me sad.
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Today is clearly a strange and novel day: I am out of bed before my mother. XD I'm going to finish my breakfast, dust my bookshelves (they are in Sore Need) and then settle in to hopefully finish off the beginning of Conductor (and, if there's a god, not get distracted and try to do something silly like scening the rest of the book at this point because that would be madness).

Also, what the fuck, America, are you fucking serious. "Fashion statements may seem insignificant, but when they lead to the mainstreaming of violence - unintentionally or not - they matter"? Wtffffff, there are no words.

This is simultaneously hilarious and horrifying, because I love Piccolo but you all know about my lack of good feelings for Light. (Also, I know that as far as fusion naming conventions go, Lightolo is accurate, but I still think it should be Piccolight purely to account for the fact that Piccolo is awesome and this fusion is clearly just a lightweight, humanised version. it sad that I find the tall green alien with antennae more attractive than the Japanese man in a suit? Even with Toriyama's art style?)

Hee, it is misting prettily outside. ♥ I love this sort of weather.

X3 And now it is raining properly and everything is excellent. It is hilarious how gleeful the rain makes me.

On the other hand, my eye twitch is back. I don't remember noticing it very much yesterday, so this is kind of disappointing. I got decent sleep and everything! Totally unfair. Ah well.

Bloody hell, what is it with me and my obsession with death and immortality? It just occurred to me that, unfortunately, there is another story sitting about, waiting to be unravelled. I'll have to add it to the list. Actually, since the last list was on LJ, I should probably make a new list. ) There are probably more, but I can't remember them all at present. They'll crop up. I think that's all of them, but gods only know.

In any case, I have to say, it's kind of stupidly exciting to get to sit here and write, properly, without having to go anywhere or do anything else. To have this as a priority. It's... giddying, really. I'm not hugging myself or anything, because I don't, really - I rub my face on things - but I do keep sort of sitting here just grinning to myself.

I love 'Orpheus in the Underworld'. I really do. I wish I could go back to an ensemble and learn to play it with other people again. I can't play for crap at the moment, and it makes me very sad.

In other news, in searching for the list of novels that I made myself on LJ some time ago, I found this post, which involved me saying, right down the bottom, "I can't possibly keep up the murder fic for 50k." HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. *headdesk* I like jinxing myself, don't I? XD How much longer is Bonnie and Clyde destined to be? Another fifty thousand? Another hundred thousand? Who knows. XD

(I should probably make a list of the fic that I intend to finish at some point, too. I had one, once, but I suspect things have changed since then.)

Have made some headway on both synopsis and Conductor so far. Should have synopsis done before too long, and will probably be done enough with Conductor draft to wing it the way of Meat Bamboo for Heavy Critique so that I can move on to the interview and some Japanese study. And Half Jack, which is going to be a fucking nightmare, although not as nightmarish if I hadn't been so painstaking about planning it all.

Anyway. Resolutely Not Panicking. Onward.


May. 30th, 2008 07:29 pm
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For the record, I love piano. I've just been sitting here following the music with my mind for ages. XD It's probably hell on my internet quota, but now I want to pull out my keyboard again and fumble through things. ([ profile] teacupscientist, d'you think your customers would be impressed by the Vagrant Story theme? I can play it, therefore it's pretty easy, and you know it's gorgeous. XD)

And now, a to do list for the next week, because I can. Technically we have a one-week extension on Digital Media, but I wouldn't mind getting it all over with anyway. XD Pity I have no godscurst marks for my first two assessment pieces yet. Maybe I'll just hang on to these for the time being.

  • DIGIMED: exercise - circular storytelling (anaphora, epistrophe, resumptive modifiers)
  • DIGIMED: exercise - demonstrate use of good worldbuilding; 100-200 summary of tech. and what you hoped to achieve
  • DIGIMED: A3 - code digital folio
  • DIGIMED: A3 - write rationale for chosen 700 word piece
  • JAP1: rescript prepared speaking task
  • JAP1: learn to fucking count things, you lazy bitch
  • NOVEL: A1 - write ~1200 ~1000 words of Conductor + edit
  • NOVEL: A2 - write ~1500 words of Paris Review interview
  • NOVEL: A1 - write ~800 ~450 word synopsis of Conductor + edit
  • IWRI: A3 - write ~2500 ~2200 words of Half Jack proposal
  • IWRI: A3 - photoshop gameplay screenshots
  • IWRI: A3 - draw ability chart a la instruction manual (Jack)
  • IWRI: A3 - draw ability chart a la instruction manual (Jill)
  • IWRI: A3 - draw monsters (golem, sylph, undine, ifrit) [physical]
  • IWRI: A3 - draw monsters (golem, sylph, undine, ifrit) [spectral]
  • IWRI: A3 - draw comparison between physical/spectral area map
  • IWRI: A3 - scream and flail and tear at your hair and try not to give in to the urge to stab your tutor in the eye with a Wii-mote.

lolololol, who here thinks I should try to take part in Healthy High? 8D (Note to internet friends: I have had about ten beers and one musk vodka in the three and a half years I've been legal and that is why this suggestion is amusing.)

My mummy is out at the movies tonight, which leaves me all alone to... procrastinate on that list. And try not to clean obsessively in the pursuit of that procrastination. >_>; Thank god Rage has taken Melusine away from me, is all I have to say. I've picked up Mirador about five thousand times this week; the parts that I read obsessively are beginning to be obvious. Not as obvious as they are in Virtu, but pretty obvious nevertheless. |D;

[EDIT] Also, [ profile] teacupscientist - just transferred you $320 for Wicked. XD Please tell me if the amount is wrong. I have a memory like a thingie, as you know, because I think I've asked you how much I owe you about fifteen separate times.
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Hysteria being useless, have a to-do list. )

I need to lie down.

[EDIT] Yes, Deviantart. You keep telling yourself that. :\ How does the Sheik/Zelda relationship equal girl power? HOW?


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