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Potentially a really bad week for this, since I already know of two exceptions to the schedule (Mary Poppins on Wednesday night, and dinner with Alyce and James on Friday night). But that's okay. Friday can just be my night off.


21.30pm - 05.30am    SLEEP
05.30am - 06.00am    EXERCISE
06.00am - 06.30am    SHOWER/BREAKFAST
06.30am - 07.30am    WRITING
07.30am - 08.30am    TRAVEL TO WORK / READ EMAILS / READ / WRITE
08.30am - 09.00am    COFFEE / MORNING ERRANDS
09.00am - 17.30pm    WORK / LUNCH
19.00pm - 21.00pm    DINNER / TV / WRITING
21.00pm - 21.30pm    READ / DOZE


21.30pm - 05.30am    SLEEP
05.30am - 06.00am    EXERCISE
06.00am - 06.30am    SHOWER/BREAKFAST
18.00pm - 21.00pm    DINNER / MOVIE
21.00pm - 21.30pm    READ / DOZE

This may also be altered depending on when my natural waking time works out to be. Because right now it's like I wake up three or four times during the process of dawn, and conk out completely immediately after the sun comes up, for three or four hours. This is somewhat irritating. So I may need to start getting up for the day whenever I wake up and see daylight.
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I'm still in a state of boredom and non-productivity at work and at home, but I'm doing okay aside from that. I just want someone to come along and magically reset my house to "spick and span" so that I don't have to magically reset it myself with elbow grease. :(

Doing okay at NaNo, but not really enjoying what I'm writing just yet. Maybe that'll happen soon, idk, but I just don't think I'm the person to write Lesbian Zombie Wedding. Much better left to someone who writes humorously and/or horror.

Things that I would like to vanish:
- the weeds in the garden
- the filth on my tiles and carpets
- the washing
- the junk in the garage
- the junk all over the kitchen how doe this HAPPEN
- all my social obligations (except dinner with Alyce on Monday and my holiday in December)
- the next five weeks of work that I have to get through in order to be on holiday
- the necessity of Christmas shopping
- the additional twenty or thirty kilograms I am currently carrying
- my period
- the elusive sense of dissatisfaction that is causing me to write this list


Oh, and I should get my brother a graduation present of some sort. Maybe an EB voucher. Maybe a book on staying organised for university with an EB voucher in it.
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Didn't get up to a lot this weekend; we spent Saturday afternoon wandering around Strathpine after a GIGANTANORMOUS lunch (on my part anyway) at the Coffee Club, and today has been largely about rolling around refusing to do any but the most necessary chores (again, on my part -- I'm still trying to work out why D puts up with me). We've also rearranged the spare room so we can fit a desk in it for when visitors are here, because obviously the most important thing we can offer our visitors is a workspace. |D; Guess the personality type, folks!

I'm about to sit down and write for the evening, having just jumped off the bike, and since I cooked tonight's dinner yesterday all I have to do is microwave stuff when I get hungry and then I can get straight back into it. But before I do that, I want to talk a little about some shows you ought to be watching if you aren't already.

Number one is Fringe, because Season Four just started up and I'm so happy to have this show back it is slightly stupid. It's been described as a hybrid of a number of shows: The X-Files, Dark Angel, The Twilight Zone, etc. I agree with this, but as with most TV shows I rave about, the really important thing here is the characters and the relationships between them. If you do not wibble with joy and/or despair every time Peter or Astrid interact with Walter, I'm afraid I have some bad news: you may be a robot.

Number two is, of course, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, which comes second only because I've been watching Fringe longer. Dear readers, I was once as skeptical as you are now, but you know my track record with awesome cartoons and let me tell you, this is something like the pony version of Gurren Lagaan in that it is completely fucking awesome. Six ponies of varying personality types and their magical friendship adventures in the magical world of Equestria. It's fantastic, and not nearly as sickly sweet as it sounds -- largely because it is one of those rare sincere shows. Also, it's not a cartoon for girls -- it's a cartoon for awesome people who like awesome things. Are you an awesome person who likes awesome things? That's what I thought, so go find it.
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So, things I have done recently:

  • booked tickets for myself and Darrin to see QI live in Brisbane in October (*shriek*);

  • booked tickets for myself and Darrin to visit [personal profile] ignite and [profile] howl_for_words for [personal profile] ignite's birthday in December (*SHRIEK*);

  • watched the first season of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic;

  • seriously considered ficcing for same, because the fandom is Doing It Wrong;

  • had every Pinkie Pie song stuck in my head at least twice;

  • joined the Splat On! blog at [personal profile] alleyne's command;

  • started jotting down topics that I might care to post there;

  • found myself in the same week as the birth of my godson (*hyperventilation* FIVE DAYS);

  • had cuddles from Scruff during daylight hours with no prompting;

  • gotten sick, but only a little bit sick;

  • finally had movement on a thing that was behind at work;

  • written bits and pieces of F&F; and

  • thought a lot about why I'm so dissatisfied with AtM the way it is.

So I guess I'll get back to you when I'm finished with F&F and have moved on to the lesbian pony fic. |D; It's good to be having ideas again, but honestly? Arrrhajsdfjshfkyou step your left hoof in / you pull it right back out / you step your left hoof in and you shake it all about / you do the pony pokey meeting lots of folks with clout / that's what I'm singing about
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Well, today was, uh. Eventful without actually being eventful.

By which I mean we did buggerall but somehow had excitement anyway because the hose fell off the washing machine again, flooding most of the lower level of the house. Fun times. At least the floor is pretty much mopped now. =_=

Tomorrow I am going to have a massage in the morning! I hope I have a good body day. I will need to set myself up for one properly. Preferably with breakfast before I leave the house. I probably could have set myself up better if I'd, um, actually done some more washing this afternoon, but no matter. I totally have clothing available to me. Totally. Er.

In other news, Mildmay is really hard to draw, and Portal 2 is really interesting. Loving the new AI character, and wishing the Playstation Network weren't dead so I could play some goddamn co-op. Really enjoying some of the new mechanics, too, which is awesome.
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1) Wash all the things.
2) DRY all the things.
3) Vacuum, or have D vacuum, the whole house. At very least the bathroom.
4) Clean the toilets.
5) Cook for the Wulf.
6) Cook for us.

7) Figure out what I don't like about the Reeve scenes.
8) Start working out what I can do to fix them.
9) Do some form of exercise.
10) Draw the fucking umbrella!

Edit: Did everything but the toilets. Suck on that, lethargy!
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I can't even remember what last night's were about, but I seem to be having to do a wild variety of things in the dreams. Presumably I am worried about what I have to do between here and ... well, whenever, really. It's probably because I haven't really processed it all.

Next Saturday I'm going out for Neek's 21st, then back to work on Tuesday. I'll need to spend most of that week on the phone to real estate agents, organising inspections. Then D's mum is coming to stay for a weekend before she has her shoulder surgery. Wicked is in the week after that.

We have to move some time in February, so we'll need a bit of time off for that. I'm kinda worried about getting it all packed up, so I need to start culling my possessions again.

And I'm not sure if it's sad music playing in the background or a genuine inability to cope with this, but, well.

This Is Why I'll Never Be An Adult.
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Well, that's not true. I did washing, and I moved the video games to their new home. But I didn't do anything about plot except opening the document I would be plotting in, hypothetically. >_> Sigh. At least I have most of it outlined already. What I probably should do is leave the replotting until I'm done rewriting the bit I've already plotted.

Chords are my undoing. Apparently they have a serious effect on my brain chemistry. Why else would I be nearly crying to Taylor Swift? Gah. Stupid tablets, work faster.

Need to:
- shower
- wash colours
- clear the spare room
- bomb the spare room

And then I need to think about NaNo.
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Not sure why. Forging ahead for a little while, then returning for psych session-related writings. I need to get this out, whatever the hell it is, and stop thinking about it.

What I will do today:
- sort release notes
- wash the darks
- hang the darks

- wash the lights
- hang the lights
- figure out what has to happen with mod_cluster
- chunkify what has to happen with mod_cluster
- fill out psych stuff
- cook dinner

What I will do tomorrow:
- do one chunk of mod_cluster
- figure out what I actually feel like doing
- do that thing
- cook dinner

[EDIT] Yes, making a StupidFox Firefox icon on a whim counts as working out what I want to do and doing it.

What I should do but will probably not do:
- vacuum
- mop
- be at peace with these items being on this list.

[EDIT] Yyynot so much with the white load. Weather says no.
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Feeling a little better this morning, and determined to have a better day. I have cold medication now, which proclaims an ability to shorten my cold. I really hope so, because the depth of colour to this mucus is truly alarming.

The outcome of yesterday's fiasco is, I've emailed the real estate agent and told him we can't take the place until the end of August, since D has tooth work to pay for anyway, but we're still interested. (Even though in all likelihood we are not for the time being.)

Mum has suggested that we all go in for a multilevel place next year some time. I'm... not sure how I feel about that. On the one hand, it's a really sensible idea, especially in today's climate. On the other hand, living in the same building as my mother until a loan is paid off.

Anyway. The cold medication appears to do buggerall, so I need to rearrange my hair into some semblance of order and get some warmer clothes on and... get back into bed, probably. Sigh.

Plans for today include:
1) read The White Road
2) play some ACII
3) scene some F&F

One of those will do.
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Okay, so I was in a foul mood on Sunday. You all know this.

Today I was in a reasonable mood except when I wanted to cry about stupidity, and then when I just wanted to cry. Which was essentially from about 4.30 when I ran out of useful work that I could complete before I went home. Just so we are clear about triggers.

Now I am in an okay mood because I am being productive, or at least I am organising things, mainly writing notes down in a place where they will not get lost, and I've stopped thinking about being miserable. That's the hurdle, really. It's such a stupid thing to be unable to get away from, but there you are. I still find it incredibly frustrating to have that lump of completely irrational sorrow in my chest and be unable to get rid of it or reason my way away from it.

I am three notebooks through my pile of old notebooks I have to throw away. This is an excellent thing.
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I like how on the one day I vow that I will paint when I get home, I stab myself in the thumb of my drawing hand with my umbrella and make it kind of impossible to do any such thing. -.-

On the bright side, got pretty much all my EWP 5.0.1 JIRAs out of the way today, which means that tomorrow I should be able to throw it all at QE and get started with WFK 1.1 or editing the living fuck out of the HornetQ docs for EAP 5.1. Or, indeed, anything else for 5.1. Or my procedures guide, so Bec knows what she has to do when she takes over from me.

Essentially: I have single-handedly righted my schedule, despite that most of my team is doing courses this week that take them away from their work. I am a fucking machine rock star. I just thought you all should know.

Since I can't paint tonight, I think I will continue researching all the timelining/plotting programs Mac has to offer and then get on with reorganising the scenes in F&F. I am considering doing this the old-fashioned way (index cards) but I don't think I have a big enough table.

Like, even if I take over a board room. :\
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Damn, I suck at keeping this thing up-to-date recently. This week has been busy, clearly! The next week isn't likely to be much better. I'm a little worried about how much work I'll have to do, actually, to the point where I'm considering doing some work tomorrow and tonight just to be sure. But I'm sure I'm exaggerating things in my own head. *crosses fingers hopefully*

Outside work, I've spent most of this week reading. About halfway through The Privilege of the Sword by Ellen Kushner, and gleeful to come across certain characters again. Of course, I picked up Pokémon Pearl again on Friday, so that has been a significant draw on my time since. >_>

Darrin and I dropped into Super Amart to look at furniture on our way back from lunch today and dammit, now I have the bug - particularly for some incredibly squishy gaming chairs, and they can only be termed gaming chairs. They were perfect for it. XD

Spending the night reading and gaming, and may spend part of tomorrow going through my clothes and making a charity pile and a list of things I need to pick up. Socks will definitely be going on the latter.

I should probably go through my books, manga and DVDs and make a list of things to sell or give away, actually, but that may have to wait until I've read a few more of the books on my list. Manga and DVDs shouldn't be a problem, though.


Also, no one should ever have introduced me to digging for things in the underground. I spent a good three hours down there today before I realised what I was doing and made myself leave. (And unfortunately I didn't trade any of my loots for profit because I didn't realise you couldn't leave with them. :( )
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Today was pretty good! Got another project out into the world, although now I think about it, I forgot to make it a menu item on the main docs page. Shhh. I've never had to do that part before; I didn't even think about it. In any case, all the documentation is fine and the project can now be crossed off.

Now for the other six-to-ten-including-errata.

I was going to spend the evening reading and then I got distracted organising things and then I got distracted by the fact that oh dear god it's nearly ten, but in any case: I have a project journal now, and will be endeavouring to use it as David Allen suggests in Getting Things Done because the way he breaks things down is a helpful variant of what I already do.
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Today - this week - has really made a good effort of shitting all over me. Essentially my problem with today is that some people are not emotionally intelligent enough to figure out that they shouldn't send emails when they're stressed, and I'm stressed, and the project is due in four working days.

Especially when, y'know, dev forgot to include Seam in the EWP build.

I'm just saying.

I am more or less done being pissy about it, but I'm still shocked and, I guess, disappointed, that it even happened. It's just not something intelligent adults do. It seemed childish to even bother defending my position for most of the day, that's how daft it was.

Tonight I am more or less organising myself for tomorrow (Avenue Q!!!!!!!!!11one!!) because there is a lot of clothing organisation that has to happen, unfortunately. Mostly working out where the band-aids need to go.

Also I am dividing my life into lists and inboxes, because David Allen says I should.

(Yes, guys, I am - on the advice of my boss, and my boyfriend - listening to a self-help seminar about productivity. ...i-it's actually really awesome.)
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Last night I dreamt about:
- Amanda Palmer staying with us at the Ashgrove house while she acquainted herself with a new double bass
- shopping in the massive dream!shopping centre that I've dreamed about before (the one with David Jones) and Wyrr found an impossible-to-find favourite chocolate
- being rejected in my attempt to assist a person with a broken leg, and being told I'd done all I could by my old art teacher

The Ashgrove house never has a deck when I dream about it; it's always half-built at best. Amanda was playing double bass on the barely-in-place planking and asking whether I knew how double basses were tuned. I have no fucking idea how double basses are tuned and now I have to find out on the off chance that I am ever asked this question.

(Ooh, are they really tuned in fourths?)

Everyone was wrong in the dream anyway because it was essentially violin tuning octaves below for the first three strings... and then a violin's E. Er.

But yes. Really detailed dreams, the 'plot points' of which were pulled from random bits of conversation at the housewarming. Usually my dreams are faintly foggy or have a sort of light swirl filter over the top that makes them a little unreal - these were just incredibly detailed. Or the Amanda Palmer dream was, anyway. XD If I had to pick one of them, that'd have been it!

- clean bathroom
- vacuum

- pack things in hall into boxes cancelled on account of sudden shelving advice
- look at Transactions documentation and see how community books can be combined reliably every version (NB. Branding? ODT-->PDF atm.); get a TOC together
- read more Heart's Blood
- write
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Upon review of the contents of the laundry, the second dark load is hereby postponed until I go to bed, because it seems pointless to do the washing and then immediately contribute to the pile again. (Although we'll have to do mum's holiday laundry tomorrow anyway, so whatev.)

In any case, the todo list:
- fold the dark load
- wash the red load
(I still cannot believe we have enough reds between us to make a fucking red load. XD)
- dry the red load
- fold the red load
- water the plants

- wash mum's sheets
- dry mum's sheets
- clean the bathroom
- vacuum downstairs

Other than that, my plans for today involve finishing books and playing video games, and probably cooking at some point, though since I am still kind of craving pizza, this last is debatable.
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Patrick Wolf was in town last night, and I took Maddie and Sonya, except Sonya had to leave before PW actually started playing. T___T Words do not describe my grief for her. My grief is somewhat assuaged by not thinking it was quite as awesome as Elbow at the Tivoli. BUT IT WAS STILL PRETTY GODDAMN AMAZING. )

We had a delicious Espresso Martini at the Bowery before we went to the concert, too, and man, that place is gorgeous. I always knew good things lay within that building - I've been fond of it ever since we moved here in 2006, and yet never went in. I should go sit in there early on weekday afternoons when I can afford to keep myself in twenty dollar cocktails for long enough to enjoy the atmosphere. Enjoyed my usual immunity to vodka, though, which was quite nice.

Today was reasonably productive, despite obstacles (i.e. more scheduling meetings). I think I'll finish all the open bugs for EWP5 and EAP5 docs on Monday, so I can stage those for review, give Gary a hand with his mod_cluster docs, and start working on release notes for the EAP5 post-GA items, EWS, and EWP. Next week should hopefully involve the dev team finishing ripping the guts out of EAP to make EWP and actually combing through my docs and telling me what needs to go before they reflect EWP support. I hope. Note that I do not say this with any great degree of optimism. But I should be occupied most of next week with... more... scheduling. >_>; Sigh. If worst comes to worst, I can always start trying to thread together a Security Guide. Should probably spend some time studying for RHCT at some point, too. Sigh. THAT is something that ought to go on my schedule. Oh well.

Not a lot of housework to do tomorrow, because I actually do keep on top of things during the week when there aren't other people to contend with, but I still have to:
- fold the dark load
- wash my sheets
- dry my sheets
- wash mum's sheets
- dry mum's sheets
- clean the bathroom
- vacuum downstairs

...which, now I look at it, is pretty much the same as my list every other week. I refuse to vacuum upstairs when I've only been up there to turn the air-conditioning off and on, though. (I keep insisting I have no need for a television bar video games, and no one believes me. Mum will come home on Sunday and be all WHERE HAVE YOU PUT THE REMOTE, you watch.)
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Sarah Palin's supporters speak their 'minds'. I stopped counting the headdesk moments about thirty seconds in.

- breakfast
- clean shower

- clean bathroom
- vacuum
- hit 42k before 2pm
- Wyrren! :D
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I appear to be losing weight. I don't know what's going on. I assume it's just the more or less regular sleep. I am okay with this. I should start walking home of an evening, too, and kick it up a notch with small, regular snacks so my metabolism picks up a little.

I won't, but I should.

Friday night with Rage = I feel like I've had a full weekend already. ♥ We went out to James' golf club last night for dinner while he had a meeting, and came home and watched movies... which pretty much carried over into late afternoon today, actually, because it was way too hot to do anything else. XD Met her new kitten, who is very much a young lady cat at this point, and all soft and lanky. Imriel still loves me. (He knows who skritches best.) And solved a few of the cryptography puzzles in her copy of the XKCD book, although I didn't get all of the dancing men out before I left, which makes me sad. "Started with four letters _ut ..." blah blah. I'll get the rest eventually. I know I've combined 'f' with something else, though, because otherwise the last word makes no sense. Damn eyesight failing me deep in the night...

Had a dream that... I think started out as a zombie dream, and became a sort of spy road trip (I blame Die Hard 4.0), and then became an Elbow concert. I think I was with Tree and Rage during the road trip, but I remember some people from work around the fringes of the concert, too. No idea. XD Great car chases, though.

And now I must endeavour to do all the cleaning and washing while also writing 18455 words before 2pm tomorrow. HAH.


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