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I'm going to spend the entire time I read Mélusine rewriting this presentation in my head as new information comes to light. |D;

But I think I have plenty in the first four pages of the book to give a pretty excited talk about worldbuilding and how to go about it. Sure, it'll only apply fully to three people in the class, since we appear to be the only ones who care about actually creating worlds of our own, but I think worldbuilding and grounding a story in a setting applies to everyone, so the rest of the class can suck it.

Sometimes I wish I weren't educated, just so I could read a book without automatically beginning to analyse it. What the sentences are doing. How everything is working together. What deliberate and interesting choices the author has made about the tense that their characters speak in, and what this might say about the character. (Mildmay - or at least the introduction - is written in present tense; Felix is written in past. Both are first-person narratives. This automatically makes Felix shadier. He has the ability to colour his story while he recounts it; Mildmay's version is likely to be more honest and immediate, but because Felix is looking in retrospect, he doesn't have to do that. I love that I notice this stuff now but I also hate that I notice it. XD Sometimes it is nice just to read.)

There are tiny voices in the back of my head going: pata pata pata pon pata pata pata pon pon pon pata pon pata pata pata pon. Seriously, a game based on rhythm and adorable little voices chanting war cries? I want Pata Pon. XD The concept is awesome, the music is just interesting enough not to drive me into a coma, and visually it is fucking gorgeous. *_* Do want.

[EDIT] LOL, NASA. Way to be outmath'd by a teenager.

[EDIT] Dear Everyone, I Fucking Love Mistful's Book Reviews. Also, I should never be allowed to read book reviews because they make me want to read, desperately, and this is a terrible thing when one has a (still-unwritten) presentation and a (still-uncoded) website due tomorrow.


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