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I think the reason living with parents eventually becomes so unbearable is that while you are attempting to have respect for them as a parent and a person, they fail to understand that yes, you do count as a separate entity now, and therefore new rules need to be negotiated.

In short, the rule I wish to instate is: do not bitch to me about anything until my walking in the door after work is at least thirty minutes ago, because when I just walk in the door? I do not, in fact, give a flying fuck about your opinion on how my room should be.

Yeah, and every time I try to bring this to her attention she treats me like I'm an oh-so-cute five year old trying to be a big girl. Fuck. Off. I am this close to calling my mother a cunt to her face and I do not like that word.

So in short, [ profile] alleyne, yeah, that email/note re. figures would be lovely.

[EDIT] aaaaaaaaaauuuuuuuugheryeayrgehfjagsdfjagsdfksdfgsafhjasfgshdjfgs *just fucking screams into her pillow*

So, okay, you have a full time job. At the moment? SO DO I. And I'm still trying to catch up with family whom I HAVEN'T SEEN FOR MORE THAN THREE HOURS AT A TIME IN THE LAST SIX MONTHS, IF NOT LONGER. And you know what? I do not stop at the full time job. I am trying to be productive on OTHER SHIT and TAKE A GUESS HOW MANY HOURS OF SLEEP I HAVE HAD IN THE LAST MONTH with which to do that on. Guess how many WORKING HANDS I have to try to not get myself fucking fired on three fucking hours of fucking sleep when I am having great difficulty standing upright and keeping myself mobile and cheerful so that people will fucking buy from me.

But of course, you don't shut your FUCKING MOUTH for thirty seconds to listen to any kind of fucking reason - and it's never a 'reason' it's always an 'excuse'. Yeah, because that's what mature adults do - deny every fucking thing that anyone else tries to say.
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Tina's character, Pashur.


You do not actually have to answer this question.

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How. How do people this stupid even earn the money to get the internet to put together impeachment groups on Facebook.

Although I do love how universal healthcare is somehow unconstitutional. I lol'd.

(Then I headdesk'd. But this is not the point.)
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KLJSDKLJ: K:LSDJ HSDJ KLKJ J V KLJSHDLFJHJ SO WORTH IT OMG <3 <3 <3 <3 AND NOW YOU KNOW WHAT IS ON MY DESKTOP. FOR, LIKE, EVER. <3 Heeeeeeeee. Heeeeeeee. Hee. <3 His sparkly shoujo eyes make me giggle.

...right, now that my brain has come back, sort of: the Czech cover of Good Omens may be the greatest thing ever. Also, Aziraphale tops, Y/Y.

Work was fine. Hot, but fine. Apparently I am into negative sales or something, and this is because some fuckwit put six Roombas on my number when... I was never involved with a Roomba sale. NICE, GUYS. Fortunately everyone and their dog knows who was actually involved with the Roomba sale. Hmph.

Having finished my home made chai milkshake, it is now time to knuckle down on this essay. And stop giggling at Sanga. Eventually. XD


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