May. 7th, 2009 07:38 am
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Last night I slept for maybe six hours, which is okay. What proves it was okay is that I dreamed, which doesn't usually happen if I sleep badly. The hilarious thing was that I dreamed I was Skeff moving furniture for people, and now Tol won't shut up about it. XD I think he thinks he's found his place in the Office AU. Or he's found Skeff's place, at least.

Lunch with Rage at the secret cafe today! It has a shopfront about six feet wide that's black and looks old and terrible, and then a side-alley to a garden you can juuust glimpse from the street. I'll tell you what it's like when I get home. I'm fascinated. It's like little alleyways in Melbourne. Secret cafes!

Also, I started reading a Scorpius/Albus Severus fic last night. I couldn't help it. And the Scorpius voice is just enchanting. It could be wildly inaccurate and it would still be this beautiful, disjointed and hollow and mmph. <3 Also, this fic involves Percy. I swoon in its general direction.

It is like a special kind of madness. There is Percy/Snape and it is bizarrely wonderful. Read the first chapter for me. The first bit I was dubious about, and then I fell into the voice and became hopelessly and happily mired.
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This article, found by Tina, is really very interesting. Not least for the wry humour displayed by either police or the writer in the last paragraph. |D; I feel compelled to keep an eye on this.

In other news, guys, I may not have been strenuous enough in pointing out how much you need to read Sarah Monette's work. I am going to link you to things now, and I demand that you give at least one of them a try. Okay?

For a start, she has a LiveJournal. Which is a good place to go just to read her thoughts on writing. Also, there are online short stories listed in her sidebar, some of which I will demand that you read below.

It is really difficult not to just link you to all of them, by the way.

Meta makes me glad I'm not always totally awful to my characters. (Shut up, Xolotl.)

A Light in Troy is one of those beautiful snippet-verses that make me long for the rest of the story and yet know that the lack of detail there is kind of the point - what makes this short so complete.

A Night in Electric Squidland makes me want more stories in this 'verse for a different reason - like the Booth stories, there's a lot more you could do in a world like this, and I sincerely hope she does.

Sundered is a beautiful piece on understanding, where once again I want more of the world but am satisfied because this story feels real.

Under the Beansidhe's Pillow made Chaz come out into the middle of my head and sit and wait while I read it and gained knowledge and understanding from it.

Wait for Me is one of the Booth stories, part of the short story novella called The Bone Key, which I love as a collection possibly more than I love The Doctrine of Labyrinths. This is the sort of thing I hope for in Squidland!verse.

The Watcher in the Corners is a brilliant standalone. I really, really liked this.

Absent from Felicity is a Hamlet fic. It goes by the tagline, Fortinbras is not Hamlet, and does, I think, what good fanfiction ought. I am very fond.

She also writes for Shadow Unit, which I've not yet read, but I plan to.

There's a full list of her writings at her website, but these are the easily accessible ones, the free ones, that I need you to look at before you discount me as a rambling loon. Just one, guys, one or two.

Big talks were had today. Mum would like to get me counselling for my social anxiety. I am not wholly against this, but I don't exactly feel anything positive toward it, either.

Now I'm going to go draw things so I fulfil my obligations toward [insanejournal.com profile] stepstepjump and don't miss out on [insanejournal.com profile] kuchibue's sculptures of my characters. Even though, having made a sand!Sanga on the weekend, I am remembering how much I actually like working things with my hands. XD;;; Fail, Rave. Fail.


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