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Best Linux Prank Ever: EXECUTED.

Tom did the actual executing because he has no self control - I was perfectly happy to save it for a rainy day. But no. We all had the same password, so he ssh'd into Gary's machine and changed his command prompt to

[user@host ~] sudo rm -r /

Complete with new line so that it looked like it was executing. This command? Deletes everything on your computer. (EVERYTHING. DON'T DO IT.) This one wouldn't execute - it would just LOOK that way. It was going to be epic, although possibly distressing for Gary.

And then the trainer chose that moment to demonstrate remote access... into Gary's machine.

So that the 'delete everything' command was up on the projector, and the trainer was going :|, as was the rest of the class. Even the trainer thought we had actually made it execute. Talk about the best stage for a practical joke ever, omg.

Anyway, it served as a nice practical lesson as to why you should never let anyone know your password or your root password. Ever.


Seriously, I generally abhor practical jokes, but this one was too perfect.
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Well, I think I'm getting the hang of all this. I'm still fucking up keyboard shortcuts left, right and center, but with a whole new button to contend with, I think that's understandable. And I'm getting into the hang of installing things and dropping them on the... dock? New terminology. Eek.

Altogether, I still feel that everything could be a lot less goddamn shiny and a little more functional for the helpless n00b, but I'm sure I'll manage.
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The most amusing conversations with my brother occur when he is trying to protect my delicate sensibilities, and I quite calmly tell him the slang for the things he is haltingly explaining. (The terms in question were 'scat' and 'finger fucking', and he seems to be under the impression that the latter applies only to gay men. o.0 Presumably because of the only orifice that applies to him personally. He seemed very worried about it being painful. I mentioned lube, but there was really no opening to make mention of stretching, let alone the prostate, so I quit while I was ahead. XD; How much is too much when your brother is fourteen and presumably still horrified by gay sex?)

Also, from [ profile] factorielle: The Impotence of Proofreading and What Teachers Make. I don't know who this man is, but I think I am in love with him, just a little bit. O-or a lot. ♥ Either of those. I feel hypocritical linking this, because I am oh, so guilty. :3 But I am still in love. I wish I could get out of this habit, but I actually tend to feel as though I'm inadvertantly insulting people when I speak too declaritively these days - possibly simply because of the trend. (See, now I am making an effort to be declaritive, and it will remain in my head for the rest of the night. This could be hilarious.)

Also, this sounds like the sort of thing that would make it really easy to eat healthily. XD At least, if most sweet food didn't make me feel ill these days. Maybe I am becoming diabetic.

I think I want to write 600 words of the proposal proper, and then that will be enough mental gymnastics for the time being. After that, I plan to curl up in bed and either read a book or write for [ profile] no_true_pair. Because assignment-based mental gymnastics are not the same as pairing-based mental gymnastics. Yes.
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Me: Okay, so you know how we said it'd be around a hundred and twenty, a hundred and fifty?
Mum: Yeah... *warily*
Me: Eighty. Five. Dollars.
Mum: Wow.
Me: With an additional special disc.
Mum: WOW.
Me: Because I am fucking amazing.
Mum: I think you are.
Me: Or because she thought I'd pre-ordered or something - who knows?
Mum: So we have to tell him that you couldn't get it.
Me: Yes. I checked all the stores in town and then called you to see if you could get to Chermside during your lunchbreak.
Mum: And I'll tell him in the car, and you can wrap it and leave it in full view on the table.
Me: And you can have your phone out to get photos when he goes into paroxysms of joy.

And I wonder where Aundin, Sanga and Landre came from.

[EDIT] He nearly burst into tears in the car, and he had to go suffocate himself in his room for a few minutes when he got home and saw the present on the table. >:} We are evil, but it is a good kind, I think.


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