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Sleep study on Monday night went well, I guess, except there were tubes in my nose. I have a specialist appointment in a week or so, and I woke up about every two hours during the study, and took about 45 minutes to fall asleep each time, so... yeah. I don't know whether to hope there's a medical reason or not.

Took Monday to Wednesday off because I was trying to reset my sleep schedule over the weekend and my brain still wasn't really back on Thursday, but it seems to be doing okay today. Not great, mind you, but it's chugging along all right. XD

Our new iPads arrived today. Darrin may have jumped up and down a few times at the door in front of the delivery man. The delivery man may have walked away with the impression that D was slightly simple.

It was all very entertaining.

This weekend involves more cleaning, more packing, and more attempting to find a house. Hopefully also more writing. And lunch with Dad on Sunday, which I am looking forward to. :)
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43135 / 100000 words. 43% done!

Soooo not making my April deadline. T_T Not without a miracle, anyway.

My sleep has been utterly rubbish lately. I'm taking a few days next week so I can try to reset myself, and having a sleep study done on Monday night to rule out sleep apnoea. Which, itself, is looking like a more and more likely conclusion because I actually noticed myself failing to breathe this morning and that reminded me that it's not the first time that's happened... I have noticed myself being slow to breathe in the past, didn't think anything of it. Not particularly worried now, either, just aware. Would be nice to have a physical explanation for poor sleep, I suppose.
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Today I've gone through most of the garage and gotten rid of most of the rubbish in it, where rubbish is things that we don't want to keep and can therefore a) sell, b) give away, or c) bin.

I think we've already filled our actual bin, and I have something like nine boxes of books waiting to go to Lifeline. Probably a box and a bit that can go to Cash Converters or EB Games, and another box or so of things that I'm better off selling through eBay or similar (rare fandom items mostly), or passing on to relatives and internet friends. Not bad for half a Saturday's work after an hour of sleep last night!

I still need to go through the garage and pack up the things we actually do want to keep, photograph the furniture we're happy to sell, pack a suitcase with a fortnight's clothing and shoes, but we will be well and truly ready for this move by the time it happens, and we've cut down on so much CRAP that we would otherwise have to cart with us, I think it's going to be cheaper to move this time than it was when we moved 2-3h north of where we last lived. Even though we're potentially moving state this time. Yes, we are uncluttering champions, thankyou.

Seeing lots of Alyce, James, and Dominic lately, which has been awesome. <3 Still haven't seen Mum properly, except when she dropped in last weekend to criticise my cleaning and drop off baby photos. Attempting to arrange the opportunity to see Dad and immediate family without seeing the whole goddamn extended family as well, because I never get the chance to talk to him or play with the kids if the whole family is involved.

Have not been sleeping very well, or writing very much, probably because I am anticipating a fair amount of change in my immediate future, and while it's not exactly freaking me out, it's sending me into uber-planning mode. Which is not the most relaxing of modes.

Still, it's raining this afternoon, and my engagement ring should be ready within the next week or so. :) Which I am very much looking forward to.
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Haven't been sleeping very well for the last few nights, but I think that is down to the heat, particularly since alcohol did not at all help me sleep last night. The work Christmas Party was fun, which was good. I was kinda worried about awkwardness, but I guess that is a silly worry given how work is.

Went to see that house, which is... you know, it's livable, and I really like the kitchen and the bedrooms, but the lounge is really poky. Like, if you took out the wall between the lounge and the smallest so-called bedroom (it's study-sized at best, although it does have a nice built-in) it would be a decent size, but as it stands it's just kind of weirdly shaped and narrow. Unfortunately, the poky room is the room that has air conditioning. SIGH. The rest of the house is gorgeous, though! I'm still not sure how desperately we want it, even though the rest of it is really, really nice. Like, really. :|

Stomach is a bit out of sorts today because how dare I eat or drink something different, so it's going to be largely a reading and lazing about day. Although we do need to wash the cat at some point.
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The meeting last night was mostly incoherent, which was unfortunate, but I did take a few good pages of notes that I'll have to go and do something about at some point. Tonight should be more interesting, or at least more relevant, since it's about productisation - where my talk should have gone, but there was no room. :( Hope someone was recording it, because I forgot.

Just went for a two hour walk/shop/lunch in the heat, so I think I'm going to go collapse for a nap somewhere. Setting my alarm for 4pm so I have time to cook dinner for D before I start.
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This week was pretty good aside from the lack of sleep and the agitation. I can't even remember, seriously. I know I raged a bit during it, but I think I'm over it now.

Had another psych appointment on Friday, where we discussed my sleepfail in my higher moods. He has suggested the sleep efficiency method, which goes something like this:

On Friday night, I was in bed from 12pm to 9.30am. I slept from about 12.30 to about 9.15. (Note: This is because I slept NOT AT ALL on Thursday night.) This means that I had 8h sleep out of 8.5 hours in bed, which is about 95% sleep efficiency - which is AWESOME. If only I hadn't had 0% sleep efficiency the previous night, I'd be cured!

A better example is last night. I went to bed at 2.30am, got up at 10.30am. I slept from about 3.30am to 10.30am, except for one or two half hour wakeups, so we call that 6 out of 8 hours in bed, which is 75% sleep efficiency.

The goal is to regularly hit 85% sleep efficiency and teach myself that bed is where sleep happens, as opposed to where tossing and turning and wishing for sleep drugs happens.

To do that, what I do is measure my sleep patterns for a week and figure out what my average sleep time is. Then, I work backward from the time I have to be up (6am) and make that sleep time 85% of when I go to bed. If I hit less than 85% sleep efficiency, I go to bed half an hour later. If I hit more, half an hour earlier, to try to extend the period I am asleep without dropping my percentage too low.

This is maybe the worst possible week to try this, what with being on 6pm - 2am schedule for most of the week. XD But at very least it should be interesting.

Hoping I should have some time for NaNo while I'm recovering from the meetings, both in the afternoon before they start, and on Wednesday when I am recovering from them. Had another, "Oh, duh!" moment while I was playing Dirge last night, which may require some slight reworking, but not much, and explains a little better why Lana is there, which is good. She doesn't need to have a random sharing moment with Reno in Wutai any more, anyway, which is awesome, because that scene didn't make much sense.

My boy is nearly done cleaning the kitchen. <3 He's a good boy. Time to go mess it up making lunch, I suppose.
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Did pretty well today, though I couldn't concentrate for shit. Got about forty minutes of sleep last night, part thanks to my cold, part thanks to all the charming sounds of my neighbourhood in the middle of the night. In this case, rustling plastic bags.

Do not ask me. Somehow the sound carries all the way up the side of the building. I cannot even.

In any case, mum's tune has changed abruptly from I don't want you moving while you're unwell to you should move so you can get some sleep. I'm not complaining, but it's hilarious how she ricochets. |D;

Can't concentrate worth a damn even now. Watching the new ep of Sherlock, which really isn't as good as the first one was.

Done, now. And... not really tired. Well, not sleepy. Head is hurting and eyes are burning faintly, which is tired, but not as tired as I've been. We'll see.
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Just tired. It's been a busy few days, and I've been ready to sleep since lunchtime. Lots of stuff is being sorted, but lots of stuff has been hitting the fan, too. My schedule is full of ultimate fail.

Tomorrow night I'm going bowling with Wyrren and Tree. \o/ Should be fun. <3

And now, bed.
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Today was good. Didn't get a lot of material work done, but did solve all the problems I had, and dealt with two of the small niggly issues that were driving me nuts. Also discovered an unfortunately large bramble in terms of getting my next project out on time, but there you are.

Took Tom and Darrin to Java Coast for lunch with Rage today, too. :) They talked WoW. Or ex-WoW, I guess. XD It was entertaining. I just made rather a mess of my steak sandwich. I am such a lady.

Really, really tired right now. |D; Time for bed before I collapse. Will be offline for most of the weekend, so SMS is the way to go if you need me.
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Today was a Monday. I'm sure part of it was frustrating or something, but I can't remember anything of the sort right now. Mum has been grumpy all evening, but that is her problem up until she makes it mine.

Bed time. ♥ Night, world.
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Friday: 4-7am; 7.30am-9am
Saturday: 2-7am
Sunday: -

Thankyou and goodnghhh. Wish me luck, internets.
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6am start and 8pm finish on a night where I probably only got like five hours' sleep? You know where my coherence is at right now. Every Tuesday is an endurance run and I don't know why that is. On the bright side, zips are off for another build, so... I'm writing some release notes tomorrow, and reconfigurating reconfiguring some books for the translators, and then... going the hell home. Or maybe getting the damn book we spent all day on today to build again. The guys all pulled together magnificently for me, and now we're being thwarted by tables that should be variablelists. AUGH.

Or, as I just said to Tina, copying EAP docs to the ECS repo so we can start cutting them down for EWP as soon as... that guy... gets back to me with a component list. Yeah. But we have to wait on other stuff first, so... yeah. Stuff.

NaNo is maybe not such a great idea at this point. |D; Goodnight, interwebs.
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i.e. nonsensical, but fun. It was, as my boss put it, the most expensive B-grade I've ever seen. I suppose these are technically spoilers. Pffffsnnrrrrk. )

I am pretty sure every vehicle in the film was stolen from either FFVII or Wall-E, though. And John Cusack can get some better cheekbones and come back to play Crowley any time, I am just saying.

On the bright side, hey, heat, seawater and time! You didn't even need that last continent!

Oh man, I was exhausted before the movie. I think I've slipped into over-tired now. Not yet awake enough for NaNo, though. We'll try again at 4am, eh?
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So I deduced, when I woke up properly about an hour and a half ago, that because the house was quiet and the air-conditioning was still on, it was probably about 9.30am and I could safely lie in bed reading for a little while without arousing anyone's wrath until my mother got home from her usual coffee shop jaunt around ten.

Turns out it was not about 9.30am, it was about 11am, and James had been supposed to get me up and tell me that we were headed to see Oopee and so I should get cleaning and also get ready to come along!

Completely ignoring that a) none of this had been mentioned the night before (as usual), and b) I had already mentioned that I had plans for early afternoon which did not involve being at Labrador.

One day, my mother will listen to anything I say at all. I don't care if it's 'I have already washed those' or 'that is a poisonous snake' - anything would do at this point. *facemash*

Anyway, so James is in trouble for not waking me up earlier, and I am in trouble for not psychically deducing that this Saturday would not be exactly like all Saturdays before it. This is what I get for being lulled into a routine.

In any case, things to do in the next few hours before Dad gets back to me about travelling to the distant reaches of Mt. Crosby:
- vacuum downstairs
- finish cleaning bathroom
- work up the nerve to use corrosive chemicals on the sink (Drano makes me fear for my hands and eyes, okay?)
- dry sheets
- wash darks
- hang darks
- wash towels
- pack small bag to take to Dad's place
- do NOT play Mario Kart
- do NOT sit around mooning over
- do NOT watch The Road to El Dorado
- also do not take it to Dad's with you or you will never get it back from the children (I am an excellent big sister, I don't know what you're talking about)
- write NaNo only in ten minute blocks between chores


Sep. 8th, 2009 04:29 pm
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I know sleeping know would be a monumentally bad move, but that doesn't make the bed look any less inviting. To stave that off, to do list:

- finish Wicked Gentlemen
- sketch Gaura of Gaura Vani and As Kindred Spirits
- list BPAL imps for Sonya
- take mum BPAL shopping, yay, yay, perfume

- write something, preferably coherently

[EDIT] So, I'm not finished Wicked Gentlemen yet, but I have to say - it's good, right, but it seems to suffer a persistent case of not quite rightness. As in, none of the phrases are quite as beautiful as they could be. The rhythm is off, the word isn't as precise as it should be... whatever, there's just this niggling sense that it needs to be rewritten and resoldered and given another six months in the bottom drawer. It's frustrating, because otherwise I'm really enjoying it, but I guess reading Sarah Monette almost exclusively for eighteen months has left me spoilt for gorgeous phrases.

[EDIT] Yeah, no, that book was little more than mush. Next!


Sep. 8th, 2009 05:16 am
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Went to bed at about eight-thirty, went to sleep at about ten, halfway through Wicked Gentlemen. Woke up at 2.30am and couldn't get back to sleep. Oh, the glamour and perfection of my life.

Not feeling grand, but not feeling hideously ill, either, so in another bloody half hour when the first bus of the day goes past, I can finally go to work. Might leave when Isaac does today. My hours are getting more and more irregular. Sigh.


Sep. 3rd, 2009 04:32 pm
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Today was good. Excellent, in fact - Chris and Isaac are both back and more or less healthy. I am home early because I can be, and also I am going to sleep right now.
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I'm tired. I hurt. I'm trying to convince myself drawing is a good plan by means of what may constitute Depeche Mode abuse. Or I was until I found more Dissidia clips.

Dave Wittenberg does a damn fine Kefka in Dissidia. Although I have to say, I actually really like this version of Kuja's Trance. :3

Right. Okay. Uhhhh. Seriously, I cannot brain today. I have been having serious trouble, for obvious reasons that I... may or may not have explained. 2.5h sleep is not good for you! Neither is pain you cannot get rid of! Just in case you wondered.

Drawing. Right. Okay.
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Feeling significantly less than overwhelmed this morning, which perhaps just makes me whelmed. Slept like the dead, which was a great relief.

An easily-accomplished list of tasks for the day:
- get dressed (yes, this is a goal)
- wash sheets
- dry sheets
- tidy room
- tidy desk
- tidy bathroom
- vacuum downstairs
- scene the rest of the first section of AtM
- chair hunt on the interwebs
- clean the bathroom
- train to Oxley by 5pm

After that, any and all hope of completing goals will be obliterated by the presence of children, so you know, I'm not even going to bother. I do want to try to write things this weekend, though.

In slightly different news, I am out of milk for my tea, and I think I need to complicate the fae side of the plot in AtM so Hiru doesn't show up at the beginning and then just... vanish for a few chapters. This could just involve little snapshots of his mother, hearing that Auberon has a new pet, working in the wards, but I'm not sure how to make that exciting and important other than, well, HIRU IS ON THE PAGE, OBVIOUSLY THIS IS VITAL STUFF. Well, I mean, it is important and exciting. But. Oh, I don't know what I mean. XD; Fail.
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Being the youngest is hard. Particularly when I start trying to help people who are technically newer than me but know their way around computers in general and Linux in particular a fuck of a lot better than I do and are older by a good ten years. Because I do not want to patronise, but nor do I want to under-explain, and ashdfjdhf, this is why I am not a teacher, but we had that conversation the other night.

In short: I hope I was helpful and did not make anyone think either duh or *sob* today. Although tbh it's more likely to be the former. orz

Other things I did today:
- not-break shit!
- well okay there were broken things but they were not broken because of me, so that was okay XD
- lunched/moped with Rage
- made some good decisions re. errata
- learned some new things with which to make better decisions about errata in the future
- finished my errata queue... and promptly volunteered to go through more. |D; WRONG MOVE.

Also? I slept for 7.5 hours last night. I'm not convinced going to bed out of sheer apathy is a good thing, mind, but it did the trick for one night.

Things I want to do tonight:
- read OFM3
- read Muun's stuff again and leave her comments of adoration
- not go to bed just because I don't care sufficiently about any of my other options


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