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strip bed
wash sheets
set up raph-is again
crank music
vacuum bathroom
clean shower
clean sink
clean toilet
tidy room
dry sheets
vacuum room
tidy desk

organise shelves
buy mothers' day gift
plot snake OR f&f timeline (to thinner south OR end, respectively)
-----> note scenes requiring major time changes in the latter
make bed
make dinner
lineart - at least one full body
sketch - border plan
plot and speedwrite one NTP fic
resist the urge to write essays about consistent tense on facebook
schedule your weeks - drawing and planning on w/e, exercising and writing during week?
give in to temptation and bloody reread good omens already you are killing yourself jeez

'Eat breakfast' should probably be on there somewhere, but wtfever.

I blame the total lack of hips in the photograph that has me picturing Hiru wearing these. XD They're kind of cute in their shamelessness. I think this is my trainwreck syndrome talking, though - I sure as fuck wouldn't want to wear them.

And yeah, sorry for the confusion with the last post - was so damn tired out from all our concentrated awesome that I just could not have typed out everything that was awesome about the Star Trek movie. I still probably can't. It was awesome, though, and really well-cast, like folk have been saying, and... yeah, I'd see it again. Just maybe not this week, guys, I am so fucking sick of going to the movies, omg. |D;

Also, one day I will be the kind of person who sees things like Mothers' Day coming, I swear. I knew it was soon. I just, you know, my chronology is funny. And by funny I mean broken. And also, I need my six extra hours per day, or I need to lay out a schedule for the next, you know, YEAR. I don't watch enough television for ads to remind me about this shit. :\


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