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Yesterday was spent running around after kids in the morning, and pretty much playing video games until Kyla got home and took me back to town for Mario Kart and Iron Man 2 which was awesome but probably not as uniquely awesome as the first one was, idk, I am iffy. I also giggled a lot at the Oracle globe, because, well. Oracle, guys. The first reference, I was sort of hoping we were getting Batman references, but I'm pretty sure that was an Oracle globe and that's... just... wrong. Although fitting, I guess.

Hunting vaguely for a bedside table, and trying to work out how to rearrange my room to make everything fit in a semi-coherent fashion. So far I have decided I need a TARDIS. And possibly this bar stool as a bedside table.
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You will all be pleased to know I have actually managed to stay away from work aside from walking Darrin halfway there this morning. Mostly because the VPN seems to be broken, mind you, but I have stayed away. >_> There is a monthly report due tomorrow that I will be missing unless the VPN is fixed, okay, shut up.

Today I have:
- had a walking breakfast with Darrin after waking up wayyyyy too late because Scruff caught a rat at 2am and was extremely proud of himself
- bought a new bra :D not the pretty splodgy one I saw the other day though :( it is not available yet but I wantsss it precious and may order it specially
- picked up vacuum bags with which to clean D's place on Sunday, because he has an inspection next week
- had lunch with Rage and Nis, which was awesome fun
- performed all the isolation tests I can think of on my internets, and now need someone else's modem and to remove all my line filters before I can get a dude out
- paid for these:
Calling the Rains In, which made me think immediately of Xolotl
Every Tool... If You Hold It Right, because wheeeeee gears!
and Elegant Mechanic because they are purty.

I'm about to head to Dad's place, although I am considering repacking my bag because... well, I have to go to a movie tomorrow night and I'm not sure how much crap I'm going to want to carry. Naturally I consider this in the last possible half hour before I leave the house.

I catch my last free bus today. :< WTF, paying for things!


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