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Shin Petshop of Horrors vol. 7 just came out in Japan. It will be with me by Friday because the Japanese shipping is pricey and incredibly fast.

Training today was pretty dull, but I think it'll pick up quickly. We're being taught by Aurelien, who went through orientation with me, which is good. ^^ He's a smart cookie, and he explains things well.

And now... Merlin and then bed. Because damn, I am tired.
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Woke up at 6.30am, went back to sleep until the door buzzed at 8.30am, and just after I decided to get up, I had a call from James.

He had a great time sailing, and then he asked after his marks and I think I brought his mood down pretty low. :( I was so glad to hear from him, too. *breaks things* Everything is salvageable, going from the comments, and I think I had very much the same marks in grade nine, but mum is... mum. Anything lower than an A is completely unacceptable. And she's planning to take away his gaming entirely during semester, which I think is maybe the worst idea ever and guaranteed to make him hate on life for the rest of the year and not come out of his room at all, ever, during the holidays. :\ I think I will attempt to talk to her about it. It is not fair that he is banned from all video games the year that I finally have time to play some, hypothetically.

This makes me want to watch Crusoe. XD I had heard things, but the fact that Sarah Monette made a drinking game to it? Yeah, you know the rest.

My wrist is fucked today. To be fair, it was fucked halfway through work yesterday. It is not merely a result of playing Dirty Little Secret like some kind of obsessive freak. >_> I may have exacerbated its condition, but this is not the point.

I had very strange dreams involving many many pets, including cats, kittens, dogs, puppies, deer, and rabbits. Also involving crazily pirouetting, like, JET HELICOPTERS and epic missile launches in the sky, and realising that I am probably not going to like my sister very much, even though I love her. Dreams involving Gina always seem to emphasise her worst qualities.

I suppose I should start getting ready for work. :| But it has been such a nice morning of doing bugger all. kdjfkdj.

- breakfast
- shower
- work: 11.30am - 3pm
- christmas shopping
- writing?
- re-showering
- ready for dinner
- birthday dinner w/ dad @ 6.30pm XD;;;
- writing?
Haha, yes, no. :|

I would implement some kind of DO NOT PLAY ROCK BAND clause but we all know that I would be lying like a liar who lies.

[EDIT] ..........I think my next header has to be Felix and Mildmay. :| I think. I mean. I have an image in my head. But I'll need to learn to paint. And design Felix's tattoos properly. And. :| Oh dear god. What has my brain DONE. asjkdffsd.


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