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Word of the Day: Ow.

Hands. Ovaries. Gym with Rage. Listing components for epic doom projects. First two shitty; last two awesome. Watching SPN now because fuck off I cannot type any more.
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yesterday was, in general, a bad move. left hand is excruciating, right arm is merely painfully numb along the under-outside of my hand/wrist. this is why i am not answering all the comments on my last post.

going to go in the shower and read now. not in the shower. afterward. the sooner i finish this book, the sooner i can read dol proper.

also, luc verreuil!!!


Feb. 26th, 2009 09:48 am
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I can't see the specialist until the end of April. Two more months of being in pain and being unable to fucking do anything and fucking fucking fuck I am so sick of this. THIS is what makes me crazy. Waiting and waiting and waiting and fucking waiting and being unable to do anything remotely useful in the fucking meantime. Christ. So much for the fucking job possibility, then. No one in their right mind would hire me like this.
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Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

SAVE THEM. D: THEY ONLY HAVE THREE AND A BIT DAYS LEFT AND THEY'RE BARELY HATCHING. HELP, HELP. (The hilarious part is that I don't even care about the silver; I just need the frill to be male so I can call it Xolotl. XD)

Sitting in Rage's living room listening to the Sims soundtrack. XD Having fun. <3 We're going to their WoW-friends' place for lunch (Portia and Francis?) and watching movies and stuff, so a very good weekend for my hands except for that hour on Twilight Princess yesterday. >_> And maybe some Mario Kart. Shhh.


Feb. 18th, 2009 10:29 am
How can a wrist ganglion cyst be removed?
There are several methods of treatment that are possible. Putting a needle into the ganglion cyst and aspirating the fluid may work. However, the gelatinous fluid within the cyst does not always come through a needle very well. Furthermore, this treatment leaves the cyst lining behind, and the ganglion cyst will return about 50% of the time.

Another alternative, that some call traditional, others call a bit barbaric, is to smash the wrist ganglion cyst with a hard object such as a book. This pops the cyst, and ruptures the lining of the cyst. Because the lining is disrupted, the smashed ganglion cyst may not return quite as often as those drained by a needle. However, many patients are uncomfortable with their doctor 'whacking' a book against their wrist...

The definitive treatment is to remove the ganglion cyst with a surgical procedure. In surgery, the wrist ganglion is "shelled out," meaning the fluid and the sac are removed. In addition, the connection to the joint or tendon sheath that supplied the fluid can be occluded. While this usually is effective, a small percentage of removed wrist ganglion will still return.


I feel so... Kuukaku'd right now.
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Well I am glad that my hands aren't magically healed for the ultrasound, but on the other hand, OW.

Also, I love Mordecai so, so much. XDDDD Especially when he tries to interact like a normal person.

[EDIT] Also, last night I had dreams about trying to find a bowl of poffertjes my mother had made, and about eight other random things that are all blending nonsensically together but may have involved sex in a bakery.

SO CONFUSED. Also sleepy.
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My Kinesis arrived! It is so beautiful, and I think shall be called Larg, since my wee tablet is Soel. I MAY BE UNABLE TO TYPE COHERENTLY FOR A FEW MONTHS, BUT AT LEAST I WILL HAVE AN EXCUSE.

I had two whole sentences of polite conversation with Jason today, after which he made a face like, "What just happened? Why was I... what?" It was very Arthur-like and he was lucky I did not just crack the fuck up laughing. He's kind of a surly jerk, but I have always liked harmlessly moody assholes. You know, in books and stuff. XD; Not so much in the workplace.

Also, d'awww, Cain likes it when Abel makes him bleed.

[EDIT] Re. Khaos: I distinctly remember playing that game with Barbies. With that exact scenario. Uh.

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Adopt one today! ROOKMUFFIN HAS LEFT THE EGG. :3

Also, ow, my hands. Note to self: when the conductor tells you to click, do not listen to her.
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Today was fun. It was so good to see Maddie again, and, okay, I am a complete moron for even saying this in an unlocked post but I got a real hug from Wyrr today and I was too surprised to know what to do with it at the time but it made me happy, so there. XD

Also, my hands hurt like bitches and I'm getting the hell away from the computer now.


Feb. 13th, 2009 01:34 pm
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the voltaren, it does nothing!


Feb. 12th, 2009 03:34 pm
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1) I can has Voltaren anti-inflammatory medication.
2) I can has ultrasound next Wednesday to see if I need anti-inflam injeections.
3) I can has clothes shopping. D: DO NOT WANT.
4) I can has cutting clothes shopping short due to hand pain. (I CAN HAS LONELY BENEFIT OF ALL THIS CRAP.)
5) ...I can has read Kushiel's Dart mebbe nao?

[EDIT] Oh, and, excerpt from clothes shopping.

MUM: *nattering away about ridiculous frilly junk I'd never wear*
ME: *zoning out* So, Hiru, you're good with fashion. See anything useful?
HIRU: *points at faded black-denim pink-highlights hot pants*
ME: ............for me, darling, not you. Also, this is the women's section.

I still haven't worked out why those shorts were in David Jones.

[EDIT] omg elbow is coming to brisbane and danielle is getting me a ticket and afhdsjfadjljkghfjadkslfhgjk
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MUM: Y'know, Chris says holding up books hurts your wrists.
ME: .........I KNOW THAT. I have nothing but movies and I hate movies and unless you plan to hold my book for me I don't want to hear it.

She's spent the last week telling me to read! |D;


Feb. 9th, 2009 07:08 am
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Can I just save us all the trouble and cut off my fucking arms?

[EDIT] What are my chances, do you think? T_T


Someone tell me it's stupid to make a timeline for a webcomic. :| This storyline is loopy.


Feb. 8th, 2009 07:40 am
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Or, instead of drawing in the car, I could be crippled for the day. Sound good?

[EDIT] ....I think I finally understand why I like halternecks so much. The lines involved in a halterneck on, well, anyone, are the lines involved in drawing their torso properly. Wtf, self.


Feb. 7th, 2009 07:12 pm
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Kinesis Contour, with optional Dvorak layout? $485 AU, not counting shipping. Fucking, fucking economy. This had better be the most comfortable thing I've never typed on.

Should only take about three weeks to pay off, but seriously. ~_~;; At least I might be able to put it on my tax return... freelance webdesign needs a decent keyboard, amirite?

I need an accountant. *facemash*

[EDIT] One day I will learn that no, no matter how much you think you want to find decent Axel/Roxas, it is absolutely not worth it to venture to FF.Net. Not. Worth it.
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Dylan Moran is in Brisbane on May 17/18 - tickets are $68ish and I can give you a hand with yours, [ profile] narnizzle, so comment here if you want it. XD So far it's Wyrren and I, because everyone else is too broke. SADNESS. Clearly this is not like Matchbox Twenty. XD

My left hand is fucked, and I got up about an hour ago, because dozing until your brain stops leaking out of your ears? Excellent.

Off to... shower, I suppose. XD And breakfast, because I'm starving.

...and then I think I'm going to watch Black Books. Because I haven't for a while, and I love it.

[EDIT] You know, one of these days I should probably do something productive before midday. I've eaten breakfast, but I still haven't made it to the shower. I think I am qualified to fail at life. XD;
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1) You realise you have a fuckload more Unseelie than you ever will have Seelie, and despair.

2) Narda turns up in your head and exchanges like the following begin to occur.

NARDA: *sniff* Well, it's a good thing you're happy if you're going to get so hideously fat.
HIRU: I have never in my life-- YOU TAKE THAT BACK.

a.k.a. the return of Hiru the Hilariously Insecure. Which is good, because I can't write the first four-fifths of AtM without him. But is bad because Sanga just sits in the back of my head watching all his hard work fall apart. XD

3) You realise that your left hand sucks a lot when you drop things because your fingers are numb, despite it not having DONE anything. |D;

On the bright side, now I've drawn like... 90% of the faerie cast of AtM all on the one piece of paper, minus Sanga's family since they really have nothing to do with anything at all. XD; Woo!


Jan. 30th, 2009 07:17 am
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Your Friday is officially classified OW for dead arms, irrationally-assigned neck pain, and a stomach that is not at all happy with you. Welcome to Fail Country and enjoy not being able to leave!

Translation: ow ow ow ow motherfucking ow what the hell is wrong with you
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As annoying as it is to have a whippersnipper start up as soon as one has tea, the smell of cut grass is nice. At least until the whippersnipper starts up again.

- breakfast
- shower
- wash whites
- fold clothes
- hang whites
- vacuum bathroom
- vacuum bedroom

- walk
- scene more
- draw

Despite the list I suspect most of the day will be lost to reading Quid Pro Quo. >_> Oh well. Surely Sam will understand that rereading fabulous porn is more important than reading about Lady Alustriel Silverymoon. (No, I am not joking. I know this was the format when the book was written, but I keep having to pause to howl with laughter.

...okay, it's not just the names. I don't like Salvatore's style, at least not in this book. I started to be interested in Drizzt as of about p30, but that's a decent whack into the story, and the style doesn't help me along. =_= I think I can cling to my minimal interest enough to converse with my 2IC about his Favourite Book Evar, though. XD

[EDIT] The splints are back on at the first sign of owie, primarily from housework. I'm still hopeful that a few more days will do it - they felt really good this morning.

Mum called to ask me to test aircon fuses and now the thing won't turn on at all. Also, every time I deal with a fuse box I have to tell myself very sternly that no one's arm is going to flop down at me in a dismembered fashion and that there are definitely no velociraptors in my house.


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