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Today was pretty hideous by all accounts. Didn't make it to the kirtan. Wyrr didn't get back to me, but it was probably for the best, because I was fighting off another ridiculous mood all afternoon. It's not gone, either, but I've been distracting myself with half-hearted Conductor research, and the rain was nice. I've felt exhausted since about 2pm, so I'm going to bed pretty much as soon as I make it.

Had such peaceful dreams last night, too. Dreams about washing the dishes, mind you. XD But dreams about washing the dishes while with warm and affectionate people. And uninterrupted by drunken neighbours buzzing the apartment at 2am, which, colour me surprised.

My research pretty much revealed that my knowledge of, well, everything, is so painfully limited that half of what I thought I knew about Conductor!verse is now total AU material. Very glad I ordered such a wide range of books for further research, but given Chaz's history I need a whole swathe more. |D; To Archives! Perhaps that is what I will do on Monday.

And speaking of this obscure tag, apparently we have to wear dresses at work for Melbourne Cup Day. WHAT. WHAT. D:
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My father is watching rugby. His commentary can be compared, roughly, to me trying to play a video game I dearly love, but suck at.

Translation: This shit is bananas.

It was very warm today. The train out here was filthy, as in 'coated with filth'. I like visiting Dad's place because I never expect to get anything done here, so I really can just chill out on the couch without feeling hideous about it. XD If I manage something? So much the better.

In kind of a Conductor mood, but I blame that on seeing Cillian Murphy earlier in... something. He has very blue eyes and the soft, puppyish look that I associate with Chaz when he's not around his flat.

Also: you know you have reached a decent state of finances when your father inquires about the possibility of borrowing money from you. XD
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CoPA On-Line, the Commercial Pattern Archive database with over 48,000 vintage pattern records with images of the pattern designs and small scale pattern pieces dating from 1868 - 2000 will be free to everyone for one week starting Wednesday August 19 through Tuesday August 25.

Oh, Aaaashleyyyyyy...


May. 20th, 2009 11:03 pm
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  • It Rained A Lot. We have gone from water restrictions to flooding in 24 hours. The premier is calling it a national disaster. I hope I am not alone in scoffing at this. Admittedly I have not seen much of the damage, but it's not like it's a hurricane, Ms Bligh, you're making us sound like pansies on the world stage. :(
  • Rewrote 27 pages.
  • Started Vassalord, literally the gayest vampire manga that ever gayed.
  • Finished thieving Chris's music.
  • Lunched with Rage on gross pumpkin soup. :( Sweet chilli sauce did not help, which should tell you about the sorry state of the soup.
  • Spent all day halfheartedly prodding Ash and Chaz to get them to talk to each other. Got them both to admit that they didn't know how to explain, but they KNEW the other person was wrong. Further teeth-gnashing ensued. We'll see whether this one gets worked out or not. I have a feeling Ash is going to solve it by flinging logic at another of Chaz's impassable barriers. We shall see.
  • Went to bed too late again because of stupid gay vampire manga.
  • Stupid gay vampire manga.
  • How the hell was today only Wednesday?
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WHY DID I NOT HEAR ABOUT THIS. ...I mean, obviously there are several things to go um over but uh I don't care enough about that because RDJ is Holmes? Even though I now see Holmes as Felix with a wig on, which I blame entirely upon Sarah Monette?

Damn movies, forcing me to rearrange my reading schedule around them...!

[EDIT] Things discovered in the shower:
1) The crocodile fae is a goddess of commerce in modern Azra, to whom Youta cleaves as much as Youta cleaves to anything. There are temples filled with crocodiles, the business moral of which is 'Choose your risks'. I wish I could see Youta with an actual plotline, sdhjfsh.
2) CHAZ: At least you have the opportunity to make something of yourself. I am whatever people believe me to be.
ASH: Bollocks. You only kiss me because I believe you want to? Bollocks.
ASH: *bright red and sullen*
CHAZ: *sputter spaz flail cannot deny*
ASH: *leaves*

And now Chaz seems to be sitting by himself trying to stop himself pulling out his hair and Ash is... no, wait, there he is, he's gone home and he's glaring at things.

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Just had a pretty epic conversation with [ profile] kuchibue, in which we discovered where Ash came from. And why he's been around for the last week or so. And on second thought also explains why I was doing okay at the beginning of 2007 but absolutely failed in the latter half.

Also, I fear the next book I must order will be Wicked Gentlemen, because the entire premise is fascinating. :'D
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Or in my case, mirrors. I have a white board marker beside my bed, now, for my waking up in the middle of the night to write things down - it is much easier to lean across and write shit on my mirror than it is to scrabble about for a pen and notebook in the dark. I've been wandering haphazardly between White!Verse, Conductor and AtM for most of this week, trying to work out what I shoud be writing. It seems to change from day to day, but I think it's going to end up being Conductor. Ash is... not in my head, exactly, but I've been gravitating toward Prince of Wales tea lately. I know this doesn't mean much to most people, but when you're drinking it and you have someone in the back of your head guiltily admitting that it's not quite sweet enough and maybe next time you could add another spoon... well, it's very warm-fuzzy glow.

Also, knowing how they take their tea is slightly more helpful than knowing their kinks, somehow.

So, yeah. Today I have to do all that stuff. Which I kind of really don't want to do, actually. Which I kind of want to ignore in favour of sleeping, to tell the truth. But if I get it all out of the way before I head to work, maybe I can get it all finished early and sort of... not do anything for a little while tonight.

Or play Rock Band. >_>

(Yeah, that was a writing-conducive game to buy. *headdesk*)

My brain.

Dec. 7th, 2008 12:41 pm
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Here, dear readers, you may have an exact transcript of my mental soundtrack over the last five to ten minutes.

→ BED BATH AND BEYOND! (F-fuck yeah? Fuck yeah!)
→ I'M FUCKING MATT DAMON! (She's fucking Matt Damon. >:D)
→ ........
I'M FUCKING ADAMO! (He's fucking Adamo.)

So now I a) cannot stop laughing, b) cannot stop trying to choreograph that filmclip, and c) cannot stop seeing Balfour's poor little traumatised face and glove pulling.

[ profile] kuchibue, do you see what happens when you aren't here to help with my insanity?

[EDIT] O_O; I.... think I just found mildly OOC Conductor porn on 4chan? wtflol you decide? NOT WORKSAFE. I just... I mean, it is OOC in many ways, obviously, but those last two panels killed me dead. Just sayin'.

Also, [ profile] howl_for_words and [ profile] ignite, because I found this and thought of you, insanely pretty Shuumi porn. ALSO NOT WORKSAFE.
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Leave questions for my characters in the comments and either I or they will answer. XD

A list. )
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I decided yesterday that one day I would like to cosplay bikini!Adiane-sama. Possibly just Adiane-sama to begin with, but bikini!Adiane-sama eventually. Mostly because that gives me yet another weight-loss goal, and also I would have to make a massive scorpion tail to wander around with. It'd be tricky, but I think I could do it. XD

Today is all about editing Conductor for Jim Frenkel's hopeful perusal. And writing a synopsis that doesn't sound fucking stupid. But first, a shower. Mum gave me a massage last night that was all bloody thumbs, so now I just have circular bruises in addition to locked muscles. XD; Augh.
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This is an article about the mythology of street kids in Miami. It is an amazing article, and a reminder of an amazing thing in itself... mythology happens everywhere.

It's sad.

But in my head right now, Sticks is more touched than I've ever seen him.
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Pfffyeah, writing schedule works really well. Seriously, Ash, what the fuck.
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SDBFJHKDSJLV SDVLXBDS,agvsvxb,vbv okay not really but seriously Jim Frenkel from Tor Books akjsdfhla sdfjladsf hasjdfhasjdkfsa.



*slaps self*

Right. Okay. Awesome. Um.

I am going to go throw up out of glee/terror/stress, and then I am going to write more Conductor. :D Prepare to have your arse kicked into gear, Ashley! I will eat, sleep and breathe you, and if this involves getting a haircut and a dorky hat, then so be it.


Aug. 25th, 2008 08:55 pm
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Uni today was productive, but probably not productive enough. Bought new playarts figures. MY SHEIK ARRIVED. *SPARKLES* He is upstairs now, waiting for my birthday. Oh, birthday. Why are you in October and so far away. (I will probably forget about him by my birthday and be all WHAT THE SHIT IS THIS MASSIVE BOX oh wait.) Succeeded in extorting Luke (for that fifty bucks he promised me for that extra shift I worked a month or two ago) and am happily laughing at a paid credit card bill. I am awesome.

Must figure out what the fuck I am doing wrong with Conductor tonight, though. I suspect it is the lack of chronology. Perhaps I will just write it like a short story and forget about fitting it into the novel, which was the idea in the first place. >_>; *wonders if she can pull that off* Maybe I'll try that tonight and see how far I go. (Six thousand words in two hours? I can totally pull that off. >_>)

Good night, everyone. (I want to be watching Firefly right now.)

[EDIT] Bought Prince of Wales tea for Ash today, too, so we shall see whether I recoil and scramble for my Traditional Afternoon again shortly.
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Dizziness is still around, headache has developed, but still not feeling death-on-death terrible, which means that I'm likely doing my usual trick of developing a lesser illness over the course of a week and then vomiting for a day or two and getting over it. Fret not, dear f-list, because I will be quite all right. Shortly.

I tried to work on things this morning, wrote incoherent drabbles, napped, and watched Firefly a little. Well, about six episodes now, but I've just been kind of lolling and giggling at intervals, so this is a rewatch bereft of useful plot point absorption.

Also, I am watching Jaynestown and Simon is a douche. An adorable, incoherent douche. And I still ship Jayne/Simon like nobody's business and it actually hurts me. |D; (If it makes you all feel better, I also ship Mal/Inara, Wash/Zoe, Simon/Kaylee, and - for the duration of this episode - Vess/Jayne, because hero worship is a kind of love.)

I love the way they talk in Firefly the same way I love the way they talk in Marathat. 's shiny. :3

A Sticks/Ash ramble which probably shows you that I am in fact a little discombobulated. )
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Writing on my bed is infinitely more natural than writing at my desk, which should probably worry me. I should spend the holidays getting back into the habit of writing here. But there's no time for that now, so I suppose I'll have to spend as much time as possible on Tetsu. Also as much time as possible thinking about Ash and Sticks and how they are different, because Sticks is a careful balance between Ash!voice and Aziraphale, and if he ends up wittering about snuff boxes I am going to be embarrassed.

I'm kind of exhausted, though. Like. Ngh. Really... needs moar sleep. Tomorrow is going to be really, really long. I hope I am allowed to go on frequent coffee runs. I need to find out when the Coffee Club stops actually serving coffee, so I can go down and get a Chai before it closes, or I am probably going to die.

Maybe I should take a thermos. I would feel silly, but also sensible.


Aug. 20th, 2008 11:21 pm
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Sometimes it occurs to me that I am a fucking idiot.

Ash's family is religious. He's so rarely in contact with them because he's guilty about being the way he is.

So naturally the discovery that part of ancient Greek mythology has power and bearing isn't going to affect him at all, is it, Rave? Oh, of course not. *smacks self across the face* WHY DO YOU ONLY OVER-ANALYSE OTHER THINGS.

...which means that, god dammit, this novel probably just got a lot more personal and a lot less about the murders. Your choice of FUCK / WOOHOO, there.


Ajhfasdjfjaksdfjaksd, why don't I just give up and admit that I am writing a higher class of Harlequin? Mythic Realism Detective Romance is just STUPID. XD
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Today was fun~! OzLit was essentially performance poetry and chatting about how much we all loathed lit theory, and I had lunch with Rage and sorted out all my super stuff. Forgot to take any of my Japanese study material, and I think I can expect 18/20 because I totally forgot the word/kanji combo for 'air'. *headdesk* We don't use it much, so I looked at it once and associated it with Kuukaku, and that was about it. Oh well.

I bought A Companion to Wolves and Poppy Z. Brite's Drawing Blood, too, but have banned myself from reading them until Conductor is satisfactory, so I'll be writing that tonight and tomorrow morning, and probably for a good portion of my off hours on the weekend.

For now, I have to find somewhere to post my Conductor draft so that people can read it, preferably without revealing my IJ to the world. |D; Erk?


Everyone seems to be having terrible days lately. :( I love you, everyone! Just keep swimming. *cuddles to all of you*


Oh, and the other thing that was awesome about today was that Josh mentioned in passing that the vacuum cleaner for that lady had come in, so presumably he has called her so that she can come and pick it up. >:\ He said he'd take care of it, so he had damn well better!


Aug. 14th, 2008 09:02 pm
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Well, I'm finally happy with the first scene, but it's only about 10% of what I need to hand in in three weeks' time. So basically, it's going to be a lot of hard work from here, but at least I feel like I'm on the right foot now. I'll take it with me on Saturday and Sunday and work on Chaz's scenes in my lunch break, I think. Or maybe read the OzLit novel so I don't need to panic so much about my presentation on the thing.

(Speaking of which: fuck, fuck, fuck, and also fuck.)

[EDIT] Oh, and the food-related part of the post I was planning to make: random stomach cramps are definitely, definitely not love.

[EDIT] Yeah, okay. Any time you want to not feel like vomiting, body, you just let me know. What the fuck gives? I have eaten nothing deserving of this. ngshgasdjfs.
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I forgot that Ash just sounded abrupt, that he is not actually abrupt. So he has been talking to me properly for the last few days and I've been truncating him all to hell like an absolute idiot. I do not actually want to count how many drafts of this scene there have been. |D; This is supremely embarrassing.

It should never occur to me how apt the byline of Slaughterhouse #5 is for Tokyo Babylon, because then I want to write fic just to title it Slaughterhouse. And that is inappropriate. But still. Everything was beautiful and nothing hurt. Kurt Vonnegut was so amazing.

So, um, yes. Getting there slowly. Also getting over the urge to panic about things slowly, which is a good thing. Short of quitting, there's not a damn thing to be done about my impending stress level, and what the fuck is the point of quitting, sez me. CLENCH YOUR TEETH, etc. Feeling much more at home with it all right now than I did either last night or this morning, anyway.

I'll manage. It is what I do.

Still kind of nervous about the likelihood of my living healthily while mum is overseas, though. XD I think I will use my Monday break to cook massive amounts of food, and then freeze meal portions for later in the week.

Because I wrote it out for my benefit and schedules are helpful to my mindplace. )

So basically I am going to be a little tiny bit swamped. But at least I will be forcing myself into a schedule again. I think I do better on a schedule. I know I feel better about my productivity on a schedule. XD I just hope that feeling will be justified.


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