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Isaac got Arkham Asylum today, and so this afternoon it occurred to me that it would probably be really easy to connect Papa D and Pamela Isley. I can't help but wonder where and when she earned her (presumed) botany degree/s. I don't imagine she'd have been anywhere around.....


I can't remember Vesca's university.



Um, anyway. [profile] teacupscientist, any ideas for Ivy?

No, seriously, this shouldn't happen. I know the year that side-story was in, I know there is a street out the front of it called Fuller Blvd. for fuck's sake, what is the university, ffffffff. And I can't just check, either, this is a matter of pride. Gah.
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...oh, so tired and crampy and dead~!

...yeah. Tired. Probably going to bed within an hour or two. Possibly working more on my Sanga profile before then, possibly just curling around Mélusine again. I don't know if I have mentioned recently, but: I love this book.

WriPub this morning was... well, it looks like it'll be useful enough, and I'm glad I have Sam because otherwise I'd have had the crazy enthusiastic woman, and she would have been difficult to deal with early on a Monday morning.

Then I went to see Dark Knight again because Tom said I should come with the group and I thought, hey, why not.

Japanese was a bit of a let-down, honestly. I was nearly late because three buses didn't arrive. Yumiko-sensei has the speaking volume of a laryngitic mouse, so I'm going to have to arrive early and elbow my way into a front desk if I want to learn anything... and I probably won't anyway, because she does barely anything interactive for the whole lesson. It was kind of REALLY ANNOYING after the awesome that was Mayumi-sensei. :( And the people that I was sitting near did not appear to give a lying fuck, although at least they seemed to know things. Kind of. I am hoping for a better environment on Wednesday night, but not expecting it. :\

- clean room
- start 1988
- pick up pay slips
- cut out ovaries
- write 1000 words of something
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Oh, yes, weather forecast. I see your 'mostly fine' and raise you a 'totally overcast'.

Heigh ho, heigh ho...


Aaaaaaand guess who just saw Dark Knight for the fourth time. XD APPARENTLY THIS IS JUST THE THING TO DO. Three hours spare? Dark Knight. Don't feel like doing work in the evening? Dark Knight. Also, I totally knew it was the depression making me bum out during it - I enjoyed it more today than I did on either Thursday or Friday. XD

And now, cleaning, so that my mother doesn't think I've been out watching movies all day between classes. XD Shhh.
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Neek wasn't feeling so good tonight, so we went and had an impromptu re-view of the new Batman movie. Thoughts. )


I'm not sure whether it's because I'm tired or what, but... I'm feeling rather ill. I was going to just stay up, but I don't think that's such a good idea.

It might be related to this freaking enormous screen. I think I'm going to end up using the other keyboard purely so that I can type from further away, because... well, we'll see if this is tiredness or something else tomorrow, I suppose.
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So. Batman.

It was awesome. Heath Ledger was amazing. There is this scene. We all applauded. It was marvellous. I need to see it about five more times, I think. At least.

I also bought some beautiful notebooks for the semester in DJs. They are thinner than I would like, particularly given the size of the rings they're bound with, so they'll get fucked up pretty easily, but they are beautiful and their paper is nice. ♥ ...of course, they have attached the paper to the cover upside down, but as there are no margins, I can deal with this. =_=;;;

Also, The Doctor and I, by John Barrowman, who is a fucking legend. XD XD XDDDDD I giggled. I giggled a lot.

I am really very tired, now. I can't believe today was Wednesday. God. Where does the time go? XD; Damn you, holidays! You are far too short!


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