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... fuck me why did I start listening to this soundtrack again help help |D;


Dec. 28th, 2010 11:39 pm
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(I drew this so I would still have some idea of what my scribbled detail lines meant tomorrow afternoon. Now I am going to bed. Goodnight.)
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More great dreams last night, but I've left them too long and now I can't remember them. I think there was me and three other people trying to do something... possibly to do with a shopping centre. I know it was really interesting, but, damn me, I cannot remember why. AUGH.

Going to check out a house on my lonesome tomorrow afternoon, since D has loads of work to do at the last minute because of a change of plans. These people, they would not know a plan if it danced butt-naked in front of them with "PLAN!" tattooed on each arse cheek.

Cat is glaring moodily because we dared to bathe him. He is nearly done licking himself dry, however, so soon he will be allowed to roam free with a collar on again.

Trying to work out what I will do for the rest of the afternoon and not having much luck. I think I should plot things, but today is a drawing day. Except that the paper I have is sheer unbridled hell to draw on, and I don't feel like being on the computer for my creative work. SIGH.

I do however have to do a grocery order. So that's the first thing on my agenda.


I had to defeat a great big sea monster (Leviathan) with a kirin (also Leviathan) that I had to spend a good deal of time locating or taming or something or the sort. I CANNOT EVEN. The temple that the monster was being held in was purely gorgeous, though - like the Colosseum if its center were a round shallow(ish) pool of water.

In other news, I think work is stressing me out again and I'm not sure why. I really am enjoying the planning work, but I guess it's not what I am supposed to be doing. When I say "enjoying" I mean it is giving me a sense of great productivity... but that is not the same as it feeling like something I am supposed to be doing.
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...has not been entirely occupied by Pokémon. >_> But probably only because it only came out on Thursday. At ten hours in, I've two badges and twenty-four Pokémon in my Pokédex, and I have a Bellsprout courtesy of the Pokéwalker, which means that I have dubbed it the greatest thing EVER. Snatched Manaphy from Darrin's Pokémon Ranger game, too, so my collection is growing at a decent rate. :)

Everything looks so pretty compared to Gold and Silver - and I mean Gold and Silver were pretty shiny compared to Yellow, so. XD It's a nice revamp. Particularly the gyms! They are full of awesome.

I've read the first two books in the Dresden Files this week and I have to say I am disappointed by how formulaic they are. So far I have it worked out thus:

1) Dresden is briefly solicited by a person who will later turn out to be involved in the major police case about to turn up.
2) Dresden is called to look at the major police case.
3) Politics at the crime scene that will later work against the solution of the major police case.
4) Dresden goes home to think about the case and tells Bob the Skull not to be so obsessed with sex.
5) Bob helps Dresden brew two plot devices deus ex machina potions.
6) ...

This goes on and on, although obviously the nature of the rest of the novel is formulaic in the way of most mystery/action novels, in that minor conflicts pile up into a tidal wave for the novel's conclusion.

But if the openings stay this formulaic in subsequent novels, I'm just going to skip to chapter ten or so every time I pick up a Dresden Files novel, just to get past the bulk of the boilerplate.

Anyway! Off to read something less formulaic and/or do something constructive while I tell myself not to write release notes with the last of my weekend. Stupid, stupid product schedule.
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Damn, I suck at keeping this thing up-to-date recently. This week has been busy, clearly! The next week isn't likely to be much better. I'm a little worried about how much work I'll have to do, actually, to the point where I'm considering doing some work tomorrow and tonight just to be sure. But I'm sure I'm exaggerating things in my own head. *crosses fingers hopefully*

Outside work, I've spent most of this week reading. About halfway through The Privilege of the Sword by Ellen Kushner, and gleeful to come across certain characters again. Of course, I picked up Pokémon Pearl again on Friday, so that has been a significant draw on my time since. >_>

Darrin and I dropped into Super Amart to look at furniture on our way back from lunch today and dammit, now I have the bug - particularly for some incredibly squishy gaming chairs, and they can only be termed gaming chairs. They were perfect for it. XD

Spending the night reading and gaming, and may spend part of tomorrow going through my clothes and making a charity pile and a list of things I need to pick up. Socks will definitely be going on the latter.

I should probably go through my books, manga and DVDs and make a list of things to sell or give away, actually, but that may have to wait until I've read a few more of the books on my list. Manga and DVDs shouldn't be a problem, though.


Also, no one should ever have introduced me to digging for things in the underground. I spent a good three hours down there today before I realised what I was doing and made myself leave. (And unfortunately I didn't trade any of my loots for profit because I didn't realise you couldn't leave with them. :( )
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- Broke my Java again, and the fix is probably to rip out FOP and start again. Sigh.
- Dad is trying to borrow money from me to finish his house. Any money I lend to my father, I would not expect see again, ever, from past experience on the matter. But the guilt, kids. The guilt will try to get me every time. Despite one notable PRO, I am far from debt-free, so this is never ever going to happen. But the fact that I am not helping when I have been asked for help kind of goes stabbystabbystabstab.
- Was just made violently angry by people being, well, people.

- There is currently one task awaiting my attention for this project. ONE. Everything else is someone else's problem for the week. My happiness and relief know no bounds.
- Half my bonus payment for getting Tom hired came in tonight. Because of this, my savings have just passed the ten grand mark. All of this is going to my HECS debt, mind. But this means I am well on track to affording other, more important things. Like houses, and cats to put in them. As I planned. My lack of social life is paying off! :D
- I am still really happy with the last thing I wrote. It was fic, and it was het, and I am happy with it, for all that I never write het any more. This is a minor miracle.
- I had a really awesome lunch with Neek and Luke today, which I was expecting to be a little awful, actually. I'd clearly forgotten how much I love talking to them both.
- I have a long weekend ahead of me, on which I need do nothing more complex than:
       a) figure out how to get to Josh's kirtan concert thing tomorrow afternoon
       b) have dinner with my immediate family on Sunday night
       c) spend Monday lazing and drawing and writing on the internets with [personal profile] ignite and presumably [personal profile] kuchibue
       d) play Pokémon Snap, which I totally downloaded from the Wii Store last night DON'T JUDGE

So all in all, a really good day today. A good end to the week. But a few of the cons are sitting heavily in my head at the moment, so I feel pretty even.
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Please may I have a FUCKING POLIWAG icon

because seriously my hate

it burns

♥ Rave
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So my day was pretty okay, but apparently the rest of my family the world had a Monday. The worst of my problems was a brain that simply refused to stay on, but that's fairly usual. A new new guy started today, and I didn't get to talk to him much, but he's a friend of Jared's, so he'll be all right. ^^ Apparently ex-military! We are certainly getting in all sorts.

I think I'm spending tonight trying ONE LAST THING with the t-shirt commission in a frantic effort to make the damn thing work, and then I'm going to play Pokémon. Speaking of which: just about to enter Rock Tunnel on the way to Lavender Town. Further retardery. )


"...and I got a D+ on my Modern History assignment because my teacher was preggers when she marked it and she was probably in a bad mood or some shit."

I cannot accurately verbalise my fury, so I will settle for sarcastic disbelief: Of course, darling. I'm sure it has nothing to do with your assignment content at all.

Hand me my fucking arsenic.


Sep. 13th, 2009 09:14 pm
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So... I... may have started playing Pokémon Yellow again.

I want to say I am ashamed of myself but actually the past thirty minutes of my life made me almost ridiculously happy.

Also: my Weepinbell brings all the ASSKICKING TO THE MOTHERFUCKING YARD.
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Give me the title of a story I've never written, and feedback telling me what you liked best about it, and I will tell you any of: the first sentence, the last sentence, the thing that made me want to write it, the biggest problem I had while writing it, why it almost never got posted, the scene that hit the cutting room floor but that I wish I'd been able to salvage, or something else that I want readers to know.

Because gods know I've not been writing anything of actual use lately.

To Do:
- clean shower
- eat breakfast
- wash sheets
- dry sheets
- go to the doctor
- tidy room
- vacuum
- sketch for commission
- complete commission
- read (possibly Havemercy, possibly PSoH)
- write (either Debt or Many Hands Make)
- do not start playing Pokémon. I mean it. Don't listen to the other kids, it will only bring you pain and Venomoth

Okay, yeah, I'm totally charging my GBC in preparation. (Because you can't play Yellow on a DS or an XP, man, it's wrong. Also the cartridge sticks out too far and that hurts me.)


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