So today we came home to discover that we had been broken into. Not a lot taken, thankfully, but the cats are a bit shook up, and I am very irritated. They went through our papers, so identity theft is a possibility. We also have a lot of technology that they didn't take, so we are a very definite target for future robberies, which is just fucking glorious. :\ So we'll be dealing with that for the next day or so. Joy.
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Well, here I am. :D In my little room in Karen and Lauryn and Squeaks' house. :3 Surrounded by kitties. XD (No, really. PJ and Hobbes are sitting on either side of me trying to get at my tea.)

...well, now Peej is off making things fall onto the ground out in the main room, but he was here a second ago. XD;

My flight was fine, except for my sitting next to a woman with no deoderant and amidst about eight squalling children. But I found everyone at the airport and we went home for dinner and watched about half of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead and then I went to sleep because I was tired. XD

Today we have gone to the shops and made pancakes, and watched the rest of RAGAD and attempted to write things... only of course the attempting really was attempting in my case, and I soon decided to see whether FF7 worked on Lauryn's PSII. Which it did! Much rejoicing! So I started playing Lauryn through from the beginning.

And now I am back to sitting on my bed and trying to write while defending my tea from kitties. :3 Hee.
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A fanbrat art thief just told me to go suck on something. *amused* She only just added that line about the original belonging to EK, and she's already been reported on EBay for trying to sell this when it's not her concept to sell. Clearly someone doesn't understand that composition is part of copyright. I just love that she cropped EK's signature out of it.


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