Totally missed the fact that it was home time at five-thirty. XD Whoops! But I finished another book today, and that is all that matters. Muwahahaha. Tomorrow, meetings, meetings, and more meetings! By which I mean two meetings, one very early in the morning. XD

Had a wonderful weekend, I have to say. Torchwood: Children of Earth was unsurprising but, well, Torchwood, which made me happy, and I got Daisy on MKWii for Wyrren, which made her happy. XD

My arms have been numb for most of today and most of Saturday night, which is just bizarre. Going to hope that posture and exercise improves it, since I'm not seeing the doctor again for another month.

And now, to implement my new writing schedule, because fuck my arms. ;)


Jun. 18th, 2009 08:24 pm
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Ianto Jones has lovely ties. Lovely ties. And S2 was everything that was promised. I appreciated all the little moments more than the office scene, everyone, you really hyped that up rather a lot, you know? It was lovely but on the whole I appreciate the smirking and the stopwatch. Also the stalking.

Did have a bit of a failtastic moment, but we won't go there! |D;; Ahahahaha.

We wandered town and had lunch in there. ^^ It wasn't a particularly nice lunch, but it was good to get out, even though I was getting a bit woozy toward the end there. No luck finding El Dorado, unfortunately!

Now I'm going to try to draw a little just to keep up the convalescent theme, but I don't know how much luck I'll have. |D; Not much in the mood, oddly.
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1) ...I'm sorry, internet, why do you hate Martha? She's clearly awesome sauce.
4) ...figures. *sob*

Seriously, why do I watch dramas? Oh, yeah, because they hurt me. ARGH. ARGH. *slaps self*

...but seriously, Martha. I could get to like that girl. Like, a lot. She may have just convinced me to watch Doctor Who. I KNOW, RIGHT?


Jun. 15th, 2009 12:48 pm
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Oh goddd, Rhys. I love you so much. So much. Please don't die. I know you probably will. But. hjjkhgf.
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Oh god, oh god, why did I stop watching this again? Oh god. :'D I forgot how much fun this show was. :DDDDDDDDDDD
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Dear Fic-Writers,

He does not lay in bed at night. Unless he is a chicken, in which case he is not, technically, a he.

Please learn to use your words,

What is it with me and dreams about Torchwood? I think it's turned up in my head more frequently than any other fandom, and I've only known it for a month or so. Last night it was Jack and a riverside water park that looked like it was part of the river Wanganui was on. He was wearing a bunny suit, like the mascots at football games. There were two other bunny suits that collapsed to nothing where they'd been walking, and the distinct impression that harlequins and pierrots were involved, and it was awesome and creepy as fuck. :3 Fandom dreams are excellent, even when they're cracky.

The plan today is to scour away the filth in my bedroom and bathroom, because despite frequent attempts at tidying them up, both are still kind of a mess. Then I want to get all my critiques out of the way and make sure I'm using proper stroke order katakana because they know! They always know! If I finish all that up before work, then I might spend a little more time on the header. :3 This colour pink makes me want to draw my people caramell dansen. Hiru would probably never forgive me for that. Still.

I might go in to work a little earlier this afternoon because Jeff is on holiday (again?) and Luke has barely slept the last two days and since I didn't hear my phone last night due to it being on silent and stuffed in a corner of my bag in a corner of my room he was at work yesterday from 4.30am until 9.20pm. This is the day after he had chemo. :| He's mad. Although apparently he has the interwebs now, so when [ profile] narnizzle gets her internet back she'll be pleased. XD

In any case, that'll give me most of Sunday and Tuesday and part of Monday and Thursday to work on my DigiMed folio and presentation, and I think I can do that. *deep breaths* I think if I keep up a steady sort of work ethic for the next eight weeks, I'll be able to do everything without any real problems. I just have to keep half an eye on Japanese and work on the Half Jack proposal and the Conductor pretty steadily during the next four weeks. If I can finish up what I need for Novel by the time the proposal's due and keep on track with the DigiMed exercises, then I can spend the next four weeks pretty much tweaking it, and writing the 'Art of Fiction' interview for myself, which I think will be more difficult than the chapter itself. ._. I just need to make sure that I do keep that weather eye on Japanese. Because I'm sure I can translate from Japanese to English without too many problems, but I have no sentence variation ability when it comes to going the other way. >_>; Also, we started learning kanji this week, and even though they are kanji I know the meanings of already, the readings kind of make my brain hurt.
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Right, mum, of course, sorry I didn't finish doing the dishes because I hurt myself lifting and scrubbing your wrought iron pot. Of course my pain is lesser than your pain. Why didn't I think of that?

*rolls eyes*

[EDIT] Re. TW 1.12 - Wow, Ianto, you are just a bundle of optimistic sunshine and trust. Has he ever had a serious line that wasn't concerned with a conspiracy theory about whatever the rest of the team was doing? XD;

[EDIT] O-oh my god, TW S1 Finale. )

I so very much require:
a) Season Two, or
b) Doctor Who.

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God damn I am exhausted. XD It wasn't so much the family as the 'hauling extra clothing plus all the books on trains that Brisbane has to offer plus Japanese textbooks' that has killed me dead. |D; Oh, my shoulder. Oh, the pain in my shoulder. But I am home now and I have tea to put in my sugar and--

....that sentence was actually meant to run: 'sugar to put in my tea, so everything is okay now,' but clearly I should go and have some of that tea so that I don't accidentally reverse the order of my words again. >_>;

We had our first Japanese 'test' today, which involved writing a paragraph about ourselves and our schedules in katakana and submitting it to Mayumi-sensei. This took a surprisingly long time, mostly because trying to describe my schedule to anyone is kind of impossible. XD I don't have a schedule. Also, Mayumi-sensei did not recognise 'ZELDA no Densetsu', which just made me cry moar. :( And now of course I have that ridiculously awesome Super Famicom dance!Link ad in my head. XD Deru, deru~ ZERUDA no densetsu. Deru, deru, deru, deru, tsui~ ni deru~! That ad was the greatest. ♥

What I wrote, mostly because I want to see if I can actually post in hiragana here. :3 )

Not sure what I want to work on this afternoon, but as I told [ profile] alleyne at lunch, the siren call of Torchwood is strong. >_>; I think I'll try to read more of The Tailor of Panama and work out which book I want to do my presentation on before I let myself do anything TW-related, though, or I could just churn through the whole lot this afternoon. |D; Maybe I'll work on one storyboard frame every day? I'll have to show Emma on Wednesday and see what she thinks... but I'll have to memstick it because my freaking internet quota at uni still hasn't respawned. =_=; It's pathetic.

Apparently the new Hellsing OVA has finally deigned to include Enrico. I'm trying to care, but it's been so long. |D; I love him, and I love Iscariot, but Hellsing itself persists in hurting me, so not sure what I should do, there, exactly. XD; Maybe when Blockbuster gets it in.

Anyway. Off I go. Things to do, etc. >_>; Yeah.


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