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Prepping my iPod for the events coming up - namely Avenue Q and Amanda Palmer. This basically means I'll be humming It Sucks to Be Me for the next few days. Managed to book Darrin a ticket directly behind the rest of us, so at least he gets to come see it with us on Friday. Am satisfied with my wielding of the interwebs for the evening.

Also ordered a nice dress and a nice top from F21. I BLAME SONYA. I'M JUST SAYING.

Unfortunately, the click wheel on Jormungand is dying a slow death, so I'm going to have to pick up a new iPod at some point. This time I will take the hint and name the damn thing after an angel so it lives longer than fifteen months.

(Actually, I wonder if it really was a year ago? Probably more than that, but I know I had issues with Jormungand so I'll have some entertaining tags with which to check the purchase date so I don't have to go dig out my receipt.) Yup. Exactly 15 months. I AM SENSING A PATTERN, STEVE. IF I DIDN'T LIKE THEM SO MUCH IN GENERAL, I'D FEEL PRETTY RIPPED-OFF AFTER IPOD NUMBER FOUR. I'M JUST SAYING.

Says the girl considering an iPhone. Sigh.

Speaking of which, have to get started working out the most logical way to put apps together. Secret money-making plots have been hatched. I just need to get to work actually defining the demographic and the pane flow. XD; Product fail.

And now... I should really go eat something. :| This is why we do not snack.
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So today I devised, with prompting from Tom, the best Linux prank ever.

The only problem is that I'm probably never going to be able to execute it.

It's totally the best hypothetical Linux prank ever, though.

I slept really, really terribly last night. To the point where I'm surprised at how well I stayed awake today. ...but then again, I also hardly paused to listen to Aurelien instead of working through the material on my own, so it's not so surprising. More mental effort = less desire to nap in class.

Anyway. I have to write tonight, or I will probably want to slap myself. I think I want to be at 35k by the end of this weekend, which shouldn't be too big an ask (and let's face it, if it is, I'll just insert random non-canonical porn).

...but I'm watching the second episode of V first. Because Morena Baccarin should be lure enough for anyone. )

...and after the writing, I'm playing Castlevania. I know exactly what I need to do, I'm just having handfail doing it.

[EDIT] It should never take three days' play to finish the Forest of Silence. This is something I know, deep in my soul. And yet, look at this. I only just hit the Castle Wall. */wrists* I should hand in my gaming license. ;A;

On the bright side, yay jumping all the time in random directions while holding down the 'charge magic' button strategy.

I know the Villa is probably a fortnight away at this rate, but still. I AM EXCITED FOR THE VILLA. Although I think I was Reinhardt last time I made it that far so I'll probably get there and be horribly confused. :\
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I am expecting an epic technology fail at any moment now, but so far - SO FAR - things are going pretty okay. And I can now keep half an eye on my builds without causing too much panic.

(jsdfhasd the SECOND I typed that there was a minor error. XD TYPICAL. So, yes, half an eye. BUT ONLY HALF.)

- take rubbish down
- dry sheets
- vacuum house
- dust bookshelves and gaming devices
- try to scribble some basic plotting for Rocfall
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My day, a summary:

The error no longer presents.

The error no longer presents.


* If you do not get this, you should go read 'Antique Bakery', a four-volume manga by Fumi Yoshinaga.


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