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So a judge in NSW has basically given human rights to fictional characters by deciding that owning The Simpsons porn was a bad thing legally. Found, as always, through Gneil.

It should not amuse me as much as it does that the first thing that went through my head after reading this was Xolotl, and a gleeful threat to take me to court. XD

Guess I can rule out living in New Zealand. XD; Did that guy even think about what he MEANT when he said that? The possible applications??? I AM FULL OF LOL. But only out of the belief that this cannot logically continue. XD; I mean, if characters have human rights, then... well, stories just got a lot less interesting, let's put it that way.

Also, I can no longer write Mage!Verse, AtM, or CC!Verse, and that's optimistically. XD; How can you HAVE a story without abusing a character in some form? sjhfashf WAY TO NOT THINK THINGS THROUGH, GUYS.

My brain.

Dec. 7th, 2008 12:41 pm
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Here, dear readers, you may have an exact transcript of my mental soundtrack over the last five to ten minutes.

→ BED BATH AND BEYOND! (F-fuck yeah? Fuck yeah!)
→ I'M FUCKING MATT DAMON! (She's fucking Matt Damon. >:D)
→ ........
I'M FUCKING ADAMO! (He's fucking Adamo.)

So now I a) cannot stop laughing, b) cannot stop trying to choreograph that filmclip, and c) cannot stop seeing Balfour's poor little traumatised face and glove pulling.

[ profile] kuchibue, do you see what happens when you aren't here to help with my insanity?

[EDIT] O_O; I.... think I just found mildly OOC Conductor porn on 4chan? wtflol you decide? NOT WORKSAFE. I just... I mean, it is OOC in many ways, obviously, but those last two panels killed me dead. Just sayin'.

Also, [ profile] howl_for_words and [ profile] ignite, because I found this and thought of you, insanely pretty Shuumi porn. ALSO NOT WORKSAFE.
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I cannot stop laughing. )


[EDIT] Um, yeah, other than that... XD; Today we went into Perth city for some shopping tiemz! I picked up:
- cute underwear (20% off!)
- a new blue top ($12!)
- a Black Mages CD (:DDDDD DANCING MAD)
- a paperback copy of Blood and Iron by Elizabeth Bear
- Christmas presents
- something which I cannot quite decide whether to give as a Christmas present or keep for myself... I bought it for myself, but it occurred to me shortly afterward that someone else might like it more... and has been hunting for one... so... we shall see...

Also, discovered that my mother is reading this blog. Which, uh. XD; Hi, mum; sorry for all the crack? (Incidentally, if you are reading this bit, how do you feel about a Jamie Oliver cookbook for Christmas? You can comment by hitting 'comment' at the bottom of this entry and selecting anonymous... although you are probably already logged in as me. ...that is a terrifying thought. XD Also, IF YOU ARE LOGGED IN ON THE MAC MAKE SURE YOU'RE TELLING IT TO SLEEP AND NOT SHUT DOWN. It's bad for it to be restarted all the time!)

Still have not heard from Nicole, wtf. Or got my marks back. D:< DO NOT WANT.

In other news, I have not written a word today. But I have drawn Xolotl, as requested by Tina. )


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