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1) bachelor of creative industries (creative writing) with distinction; and
2) corambis, chapter two; and
3) one gigantic motherfucker of a headache.

[EDIT] Oh, and an orientation to Red Hat from April 6-8. Of course. XD I sincerely hope we get out early and I can read this goddamn book, seriously.


Mar. 12th, 2009 09:23 pm
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...hey, guys.

I, like, graduate in twelve days.

...yeah, that'll never stop being weird. XD
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So Breakfast at Tiffany's went really well until I started rewriting it in my head, with Yuffie as Holly Golightly, and then I just cackled a lot.

So much fun, though. XD I miss those guys.

Other moments of hysteria:
- Last night I woke up shrieking and beating at my own head, convinced that there were bees in my hair.
- Yesterday I thought, "WHO NEEDS BEES ANYWAY. T_T" ...and then went and made honey sandwiches. The irony of this was not lost, and I promptly had a laughing fit in the kitchen.
- My grandmother called me today to tell me that I should turn on Dr Phil immediately because there was a girl with one breast bigger than the other and it was nothing to worry about but they were going to Fix Her. I HAVE NEVER LAUGHED SO HARD.

I think my uni friends make me wittier. I cannot remember any of them, but I know I made three or four decent jokes tonight. I'm not sure when I started noticing these things, but apparently I notice now. Go figure.
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I am set to graduate on Tuesday, March 24, 2009, at 2pm.

Ugh. =_=;
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Being out with Wyrr today was really fun and it was great to spend time with Dad again tonight, but fuck, I am exhausted now. Sleep is happening in about fifteen minutes.

Got a 6 for Project. Woooooo. I'm totally happy with this; I wrote terribly all semester. This gives me hope for when I am actually happy with things.
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For the record, when I made that last post, I was completely sober. XD Just... totally unable to think straight due to 39 hours without sleep, and about three weeks of failing to sleep properly on any regular basis.

(Also, this is just how hanging out with people makes me speak. XD In very long rambling sentences. Uni has destroyed my ability to be concise - take heed.)

I would like to reiterate when awake that Sam is the most adorable drunk in the entire world and I never thought I would see a tutor be that... cuddly. XDDD I mean, Alasdair is cuddly, but he's cuddly-looking normally. Sam does not usually look like a particularly cuddly bloke. XD HE WAS SO PAINFULLY ADORABLE. I hope he doesn't get into serious trouble with people buying him drinks because of that. He's like. He's like ZACK. It was hysterical.

Anyway, today I am apparently going shopping for clothing to wear to the engagement party, since my grandmother called last night all I HAVE THE SHIRT (being a shirt she ordered from some fucking store like months ago that they had to send up from somewhere else and it has beads on it and colour me afraid now oh god) and we all know that I do not in all probability want to wear this shirt anywhere ever in the history of the world., that was a legitimately long sentence.

Anyway. Having started the day with a nightmare about a swarm of wasps, I am off to shower and make ready for a shopping trip. Thankyou and most likely goodnight.

[EDIT] Except for a brief run back to the computer to say OH MY GOD, BLEACH 334. *flails wildly* OH MY GOD. And I thought I didn't particularly care about that person. OH MY GOD. Although it remains to be seen how exactly allegiance will shake down... holy shit.

(Also, I feel really shallow for liking so many Arrancar purely because of their designs. XD But I really like Sun-sun!)

[EDIT] And... I know I can't really afford it but I want to give EK a few commissions to work on so's she won't starve or go crazy. I am curious as to what she'd make of Ban, because... well, I have a feeling. (Apparently no one is allowed to draw Hiru but me, Tina, Wyrren, and Meat Bamboo, idk. XD Sanga is free to whore.) They're only sketches, but that's the way I like them. XD So, um. *tries to think who else she could afford to get drawn*
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omfgsotired. uhhh. about to go to bed, but, um, today I:
worked 12.5 hours
went to omalleys after work to say goodbye to dan who is going to live in nz
went to meet writing peeps at pub (ric's???) in valley for post-gala drinks only without much drinking as i drank about one third of a corona

things discovered today:
lg microwaves are fucking heavy
sam? sam my tutor? sam my tutor is possibly the most adorably happy drunk in the ENTIRE WORLD. just saying.

i am not drunk or even tipsy because as mentioned one-third beer does not a drunk girl make but fuck damnnnnnnnnnnn tired cannot rant properly about work kind of hate allen and yet have cameraderieafduefhs thingie over i don't know games and occasionally, well, no, games. too tired for capitals.

no really sam is like the most adorable drunk in the world. happy cuddles. from a tutor who always kind of just looked at me funny. it was a bonding moment. XD i sort of... lol'd. at great length.
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[EDIT] Er, by which I mean, that was my last exam. And even though I stared blankly at half a dozen of the half-point questions, I kicked ass with my invisible context ability, and more or less aced the essay reading/writing sections. So, uh. I dunno, 32/40 or so? WE SHALL SEE. I really like my invisible context ability. XD;;;


...or this book on J M W Turner that I just picked up from the library. >_>;;
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I'm going to feel like a total creep any minute now, but Neil Gaiman really is about the most attractive author/person in the world just saying. That picture of him when he was younger, er, immediately linked him with Turner in my mind and now I am like, wow, if they had children, their children would be beautiful and even more amazingly talented and possibly insane. And I am not allowed to talk about people that I have intellectual crushes on because an intellectual crush makes me find people physically attractive and I am going to just shut up and squee quietly now. This post brought to you by the young Neil Gaiman who really does look like Turner's self-portrait just with darker hair. :3 :3

Did not finish the fic before bedtime, but that was mostly Thom refusing to cooperate. Plans for the day involve:
- studying kanji
- writing the rest of this fic
- going to bed around eleven so that I am not dead for work the next day
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My book on Turner has arrived at the library. :3 I might take a walk in there today to pick it up. Or I might sit around bemoaning the state of my stomach, either way. God, I'm still tired.

But omg, Squeaker arrived in Perth yesterday afternoon and we all Skyped together and jdfhadh, Nov 22 cannot come soon enough. Hee. :3

Um. Um. I've kind of wanted to write unrepentant Ash/Chaz mush since I got home from handing in Project, except that... well, I am somewhat repentant about that kind of thing. XD I feel guilty for writing mush that will take a very long time to happen when I've not written the novel for it yet.

Really have to study Japanese today. XD; Really need to stop failing at studying Japanese.

[EDIT] ...ahahahaha, except that "We Were Lovers" from Gankutsuou just started playing and now I am like omfg asjdhfajkldsjfk GANKUTSUOU. XD;;;;;; Um. I don't have the history to fic for that fandom but fuck damn do I want to. Well actually I just want to weep hopelessly over it for pretty much ever, damn you Albert, you fail entirely at not being a blind douchebag. I need more Franz icons. ;_;
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This is simultaneously the best and worst idea for writers ever in the world. I think I would end up too stressed to write anything. XD

Also, and I realise I say this at least once every day, but: it really needs to be April now.

I really like having a room that gets air, but on days like this being in my room with the window open is something like being in a hurricane. Those 90-100k winds they keep talking about? STRAIGHT THROUGH MY WINDOW, swear to god. XD And it's too hot with the window closed, and while I love that the wind has rain in it? NOT HELPING.

Anyway. Today, Japanese! Lots of kanji practice. XD And writing practice. And just generally making sure I don't get into the exam on Thursday and start translating things like I translated Dee seeing well in the dark, e.g. EPICALLY but full of FAIL.

[EDIT] Best accidental homophone use: It wasn't like Gideon to gambol...

I cannot get the image of Gideon, dear sweet Gideon, in that perpetual run-ta-ta through flowery fields. You know the one. They do it in Ouran.

*gigglesnorts helplessly*

[EDIT] And on the subject of deadly things for writers that are nevertheless awesome... this thread wins pretty much everything. Because I can see that. XD;;; HELP.

[EDIT] Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

I am determined to have a Sydney!girl to breed with Hardin!boy, dammit. XD
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I am glad that someone is able to write this. I would just have burst into tears and incoherence halfway through.

Also? Watanuki is going to be the best Yuuko replacement ever. Just saying.

The exam was all right. Finished in about half time, and decided not to go back over them because a) it would make me sad and b) my right arm was dead. Went out. Waited about forty-five minutes to regain feeling in my arm, then sketched while I waited for the rest of my peeps. Thus I now have another sketch of the younger brother in Samurai!verse and what could be an extremely flamboyant female pirate or could just be an extremely flamboyant female captain of some other thing.

Work was equally all right, although rather bloody slow. Did not sell much. Did get paid - apparently no one got paid yesterday because of some dickery about the head office and public holidays. Who knew?

In any case, all I have to do this week is rewrite the 'first' two/three chapters of AtM for submission and learn more kanji, vocab and sentence patterns. I'm not too worried about Japanese. XD Project is another story.

Mostly because I'll have to spend about five hours scanning and uploading everything so that Craig can access it. -_- Oi.

- clean shower
- vacuum room

- write Auberon pretty (why does that sound like it should involve alcohol)
- write Aundin prettier
- write Skeff believably clingy
- finish writing Sanga neutral re. butterflies
- decide whether or not you really need Scene by a Brook for wordcount purposes
- set about clarifying Faerie
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Tonight: structure Book Thief essay
Tomorrow: read Of a Boy; structure essay
Fri 07: OzLit exam; work (2pm-9pm)
Sat 08: write Project

Sun 09: write Project
Mon 10: hand Project in; hand Crits in

Tue 11: study Jap
Wed 12: study Jap
Thu 13: Jap exam
Fri 14: work (8.30am-9pm)

Sun 16: some stupid birthday thing fuck knows???
Mon 17: Gambaro website; friends?; some stupid birthday thing fuck knows???
Tue 18: Gambaro website; friends?; some stupid birthday thing fuck knows???
Wed 19: Gambaro website; friends?; packing; some stupid birthday thing fuck knows???
Thu 20: WORK; packing
Fri 21: WORK; packing; sleep

Dear Brisbane friends, if there is any chance that you can hold off on seeing me until, I don't know, next year.... *curls up in a miserable asocial ball*


If you're going to insist on doing something for my birthday, at least tell me when the fuck it's going to be.
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Don't forget to vote today if you haven't already, folks.

(It's infectious. I don't think I've ever seen my flist so excited over an election, and I don't know if it's because I wasn't paying attention last time or because everyone is just this excited over Barack Obama. For my part, I want him to win the election because his opposition says, relatively seriously, that he eats babies, and any man who has to put up with that shit during his election campaign clearly deserves the job so that he can at least beat the stupid out of a few states during his run.)

Although that said, I'm not sure why people are complaining about using paper ballots. :D; We use paper ballots every year, guys, it's not that hard.

*resisting the urge to refresh election coverage until she knows what's happening*

Plans for the day:
- breakfast
- shower

- read Lilian's Story
- structure essay
- lunch with Rage
- read Of a Boy
- structure essay

(I love that two books in a day does not actually seem like an impossible plan right now. Also: I want to draw I want to draw I want to draw. There, I said it. Also: shit, I totally forgot that Luke wants to collaborate on that comic next year, so I should probably factor that into NaNoMangO plans rather than, uh, preparing to draw a thirty page comic about Xolotl retardery. Although since it is merely pencilling, I can probably do that as well... on real manga paper.... >:D Huh.)

[EDIT] I have 'Don't Rock the Vote Boat' in my head.


Well, showers. Little misting spitting showers developing into rain tonight and thunderstorms tomorrow, apparently. X3 Oh, I am so excited.

[EDIT] One day I will learn that no matter my will in the matter, banana makes me very, very ill. -_-


Nov. 1st, 2008 09:38 am
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Oh my god, I totally forgot that the yuri special from SSBB came out today! X3 I has an excitement. Now you all know what I'm reading when I get the chance.

Also, I have no way of getting to David's party, which distresses me. It's basically just across the river, so it's not hard, but... *researches* It's two buses and a bit of walking. The real question, I suppose, is whether I wear my costume on the bus. (And the answer is: NO. Not when I have no one to costume with. XD *will dump it all in a bag and work it out when she gets there*)

It is already stupidly hot today, a fact which can Fuck Right Off as far as I'm concerned. We're hitting thirty a few times in the next week, and... no. :( Just no. I forgot that "First Day of NaNo" also meant "One Day 'til Official Summer" and.... *cry* No. It's a shame I can't go to Canada over Christmas while it's stupidly hot here.

(Ahhh, the best way to start my day: another review of F&F that says nothing but WHY'D YOU STOP? *facemash* Read my profile, fanbrat.)

To Do Today:
- shower
- breakfast
- clean kitchen
- clean room
- hang out clothes
- organise costume
- write project
- write nano
- work out how to get back from David's party
- get ready for David's party
- get to David's party
- get back from David's party
- sleep
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Went to bed around three. Slept fine. Except of course mum chose this morning to wake me up to ask stupid questions. *facemash*

Essay too short. Need to fix. Brain = slush. Nghhfj.

Icon a little early, but so, so appropriate. ♥ Thankyou, Katy.

[EDIT] And on the bright side, I have finally been paid. :D :D

- shower
- breakfast
- paragraph on effects of non-fiction persona
- paragraph on effects of youth fiction persona

- paragraph on historical fiction persona
- paragraph on effects of historical fiction persona
- conclusion

- edit essay pfffyeah
- references
- hand essay in

- clean room
- tidy desk

[EDIT] LMAO, Katy, the door buzzed like the SECOND I had soaped myself up. XD XD XD I am assuming that will be your parcel, then. *dashes off to get it*


(Sh-she bought me BPAL. She bought me Nanny Ashtoreth and The Buggre Alle This Bible and Xiutecuhtli and Lyonesse and Mag Mell and Bengal, which I must now go and look up, asdjfashdjfahsdjf sfjahsj ahsfj hsd THANKYOU KATYYYYDKJFHSKDJFHSDJS.)
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Boy, I really need to lay off the crack, my nose is killing me.


Epic sarcasm aside, no idea why that is happening. About 500 words into the essay and having fits over its structure or lack thereof. There is really no sensible way for me to essay when my thought process is typically a fluid and meandering squiggle. I think sideways. Therefore my essays? Totally useless to everyone but me.

Anyway. Not really tired, so I should keep going. But kind of bleh, obviously, and rather warm, because it is in no way breezy this evening. Or this morning. Whatever.

....yyyyyeah, don't care about this subject. >_> Do care about my GPA, but... less and less. XD;;; Dear apathy, please GTFO.

[EDIT] It would be bad to hand in a page of notes, wouldn't it.

[EDIT] Ahhhhh, that's why it's been so muggy all night. *listens to the rain* I can handle that.
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The persona cultivated on Burke's Backyard...

See what I did there? Oh, yeah.

(I'm sorry. I'm tired. My lame is showing.)


11.53 PM
Blocks With Letters In Level: 44/64
Wordcount: 287

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- get up at 7.30am
- shower
- breakfast
- clean desk
- clean room
- wash sheets
- dry sheets
- research Jackie French
- determine argument for essay
- draft structure
- start writing essay
- scan and email [ profile] kessira's line edit
- scan and email Annalies's line edit
- endeavour not to kill your hands


- stop staring at this and wondering how in fuck you are ever going to finish F&F

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
21,692 / 200,000

- try to avoid shrieking FOUR DAYS FOUR DAYS FOUR DAYS


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