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This morning's lecture proved two things. Well, one thing. And that thing was: I am a dork for language. I love the history of English and the history of the printing press and dialects and-- and this morning's lecture was probably enjoyable for no one but myself. ♥ But, I love it. I think I should probably make language my primary field of study, because I am a dork for it. I think I took more notes than anyone else in the room. (Which... is not unusual. But still. XD)

Life in general is getting slightly more complicated, what with money and my utter lack of a decent wage, but I understand that this is normal for a working student. We'll see if my application for a credit card gets accepted. Then we'll see about budgeting and about work experience and about rates and all the other exciting stuff that no one ever wants to think about, least of all me.

I should probably reread the reading for this afternoon's class, and revise a little kanji. I managed to plot out the basics of the story I want to do for Project last night - had to drop Virtu and scramble for a notebook to do it, but there you are. Um. I don't know. I don't exactly feel overwhelmed by any of this, I just feel a little scattered as far as concentration goes.

I want to play violin, I think. Just for half an hour or something. I don't feel all here, in a way, and I need something to make me focus.
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Work was work. Got to work with Cora for the first time in ages, which was nice purely because I know that she will do shit. :'D Srsly, though, Luke has gotta stop leaving us trolleys of stock to do at night, because we cannot do it.

...I just discovered that SW uploaded some Apocalyptica and hyperventilated for a little minute. :3; Eh heh. Anyway, I'm soooo over standing up right now, so I may not actually make my bed before I lie on it, which if you believe the sayings should solve at least half of my problems. Also: Brisbane, I am proud of you. You have finally hit eight degrees. GOOD JOB.

Now, this. THIS is a song I should learn to play on violin. ♥ Oh, Apocalyptica. HOW I HAVE MISSED YOU. I have "Path" somewhere... possibly from [ profile] flamika... in any case, it is awesome. Apocalyptica are awesome. Even though I think I will associate this song with Hiei for pretty much ever. XD; ALSO, "ENTER SANDMAN" ON ELECTRIC CELLO. WHAT IS NOT TO LIKE. HDSYHJSFKYLHSJF. OH MY GODDDDDDSADKLGFSDHFSJD. No, seriously, I have to upload this for you guys right the fuck now, along with stuff for [ profile] narnizzle becuase asdfyasdhjfasyfd DO YOU SEE, I EVEN MISTYPED "BECAUSE" I AM THAT EXCITED.

(Wyrren, this is a song that would require violin/cello beating. Omfgajhfdsdsjfasudfjsdfm. ♥)

Well, we all know what I'm spending Wednesday through Friday this week teaching myself how to play. *cough*

[EDIT] Okay, so the uploading isn't happening because my internet keeps shitting itself, but tomorrow is another day and it will be full of uploads, because asdjhfjashfd, this stuff is amazing. ♥
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Man, I love my characters. More particularly I love the plushies that [ profile] teacupscientist made me last year for my birthday. This is because sometimes (well, often) they wind up in hilarious and compromising positions and I am forever looking up and laughing my ass off. Tonight it is because all I can see of them right now (they're behind books on my bedside table) is the top of Sanga's head and both of Hiru's legs straight up in the air. Tell me that isn't a photo opportunity. XD If I only owned a camera... I must settle for rabbiting on at the rest of you.

(And in a similar vein, [ profile] ignite, I just found the lyrics to "You Can't Stop the Porn" floating around on my desktop. XD That may never stop being funny. ...of course, now I've forgotten whatever I opened the note file to write, but this is not the point.)

Bugger. Just noticed that Ash's voice - what with the short sentences and the brusque tone - sounds rather like Mildmay the blessed Fox. I wish I hadn't noticed that. (On the bright side, I think I wrote this before Mélusine. That's something.) Still, the 'perfect voice' feels like somehow less of an accomplishment now. XD Not that Ash is particularly like Mildmay, but still. Of all things to bloody notice.

I feel very strange writing Chaz at the moment, probably because... in this introductory scene, he feels strange. He's slightly more himself from the media attention, so he's not as... uh. Floaty. (Also, oh, darling, you are not making yourself sound particularly innocent to my readers. XD This is such a clear bloody red herring, it is embarrassing. All of this stuff will be removed in the editing process, I hope. God, god, god. How embarrassing. I want a mystery I couldn't solve in the first twenty pages, god dammit - although I suppose narrating partially from my would-be murderer's perspective isn't going to help with that. XD ONLY A DRAFT NOVEL. IT WILL ALL COME GOOD WHEN I WRITE IT PROPERLY IN FULL AND CAN REVISE SHIT. LALALALALAAAALA.)

Tonight I have written... about two hundred words. |D; Why is Chaz so hard to get?

(Because he's weird, even for him at the moment. Stop asking yourself silly questions, Rave.)

Yes, I am going to be using this icon a lot this week.


Oh, right.

And after much debate - MUCH debate, considering how long I've owned it - I have decided to name my violin Felix, because I just seem to have that sort of relationship with it. XD I have these wild dreams of taming it and making it admit to being even vaguely fond of me out loud, but, no, it continues to grate and grind and cause me agony in my hand and heartplaces.

'Hand and heartplaces' so does not sound like I am referring to my actual hands and heart. >_>;


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