I had no option but to make this icon. I wanted to make an icon of Richard's kidney hat today, too, but I'm lazy, and I probably love Thief and Red Mage more. :'D

[EDIT] Holy shi--

Two things.

1) Apparently Liquor's eyes are just crusted over with blood, which is not surprising.
2) Apparently Liquor tries to give Hiru motherly cuddles because he qualifies as a lost child or something, which... is. And that sounds lovely and sweet until you realise that this is a woman made of blood who cries and cares and steals all the unloved unborn unsaved children of the world.

Suffice to say, Hiru just bolted the fuck out the side of my skull and he may not be back for a while. At least until he finds a safe corner to huddle in.
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Also, holy shit, guys, I'm so fucking tired. Maybe two hours' sleep last night. I bought a muffin on the way to work and just... forgot to eat it until about half an hour before I went to have lunch with Rage. And then again until about half an hour before I went home. Going to bed in about fifteen minutes, or as soon as James vacates the bathroom so I can brush my freakin' teeth.

There are so many holes in that movie, even if you discount the other movies. Sigh.

There is a new Starfighter page up and I can't look at it until people gtfo my room.

(The irony is that they would leave my room immediately if I just started looking at it.)
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"Grace Hospital. He ate a week-old sandwich. Ask Jay about it later."

Oh, Honeydew Syndrome. You are my favourite webcomic except for Lackadaisy Cats.


Apr. 2nd, 2009 08:52 pm
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Cale from LFG Is Adorable. I think I need an icon of Benny's saddest-thing-I-ever-saw face. XD

Also, I am home from the pub and ready for drawing! Where is everyone, guys, seriously! D: If you get in a request before I start I might even listen to you!

...dammit, I was having a really good drawing day yesterday, and now I'm having performance anxiety. XD; FAIL.
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Bleach 348: *faps to Ulquiorra*

Tsubasa 215: jdsfhasdkfjsdfhjasdhfjashjsd OH GOD WHAT IS HAPPENING OH GOD

Mélusine: Oh, Mildmay. Oh, god, Mildmay, I love you so much, oh, oh, Mildmay.
(HIRU: Here we go again.)

Khaos: Oh god, Jamie. DDD: I. I. Oh god. You. *sobs and hugs him* I KNEW YOU HAD A REASON FOR BEING A DICK.

Uhhh, work was okay except for the five million products we got in at seven o' clock this evening!
ME AND ANTONIO: *stare at the boxes*
ME: ...those kettles are the perfect size for ramparts; we could make a fort.
ANTONIO: And a car! :D

I am starting to get the feeling Charlotte dislikes my music. The feeling is sadly mutual. +_+


Feb. 22nd, 2009 06:40 pm
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Thankyou for helping my dragons, everyone! :D

Rage's place was loads of fun, but my hands are really sore now so I can't detail it. XD Suffice to say 'yay! and now, sleep'.

[EDIT] Also I am in love with this webcomic.
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Well I am glad that my hands aren't magically healed for the ultrasound, but on the other hand, OW.

Also, I love Mordecai so, so much. XDDDD Especially when he tries to interact like a normal person.

[EDIT] Also, last night I had dreams about trying to find a bowl of poffertjes my mother had made, and about eight other random things that are all blending nonsensically together but may have involved sex in a bakery.

SO CONFUSED. Also sleepy.
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My Kinesis arrived! It is so beautiful, and I think shall be called Larg, since my wee tablet is Soel. I MAY BE UNABLE TO TYPE COHERENTLY FOR A FEW MONTHS, BUT AT LEAST I WILL HAVE AN EXCUSE.

I had two whole sentences of polite conversation with Jason today, after which he made a face like, "What just happened? Why was I... what?" It was very Arthur-like and he was lucky I did not just crack the fuck up laughing. He's kind of a surly jerk, but I have always liked harmlessly moody assholes. You know, in books and stuff. XD; Not so much in the workplace.

Also, d'awww, Cain likes it when Abel makes him bleed.

[EDIT] Re. Khaos: I distinctly remember playing that game with Barbies. With that exact scenario. Uh.

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New Khaos page just hit EVERY BUTTON I HAVE TO HIT and I will now spend my week writhing over it and HoneySyn.

djhfjdksahfksjhjs they were friends, oh, be still my beating otp heart *puts both hands in Jamie's hair and ruffles happily*

[EDIT] Also, today's Starfighter was an interesting way to deal with that scene. Given their codenames, though, I'm rather leery of Abel implying in any way that Cain is someone to trust with a secret like this. Also, what in hell is he going to do when their partnership is terminated? Gah.

[EDIT] Yyyeah, I'm going to be late to work. -_-
Okay, so I almost understand what the hell is happening in HoneySyn. Almost. I have finally cottoned on to the fact that the two storylines overlap in terms of timeframe! (I know, I am a genius. :|) I still don't know wtf the deal is between Erik and Sam but we'll get to that, I'm sure. XD I'm going assume we're about to find out where Jay went during that party at which Charles got thrown into a wall and (pretended?) not to know where Jay was for the other half of the party.

DO NOT ASK ME WHY I CARE THIS MUCH ABOUT CHARLES AND JAY. It seems to be one of those causes I have taken up.




Dear [ profile] pinkumbrella,

I miss you, and my brain chooses to recognise this by randomly prompting me to say, TO THE REEVECAVE!!!! I blame your internet hiatuses. Hiatii. Which looks like I've misspelled the country.



Dec. 10th, 2008 06:49 pm
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As usual, work is nothing like as bad as my wild moodswings make it out to be. Today Was Fine. Tomorrow Will Be Fine. Stop Being Retarded.

Also, I picked up all the manga that I had Daily Planet put away for me today. XD; Ouch.

Also, I love the Merlin fandom because there is new fic EVERY DAY. And it is tolerable! Because the actual show is pretty ridiculous and teenage, the fic seems MUCH BETTER BY COMPARISON. :D I approve! I do not approve of the fact that the last episode in the season is out in three days, though. :( One should not be able to watch a full season of any program in, like, eight hours.

Friendly Hostility is hazardous to my brainplace. Because I think of it as FH, and then I automatically think FISHERMAN'S HORIZON and then I am just terribly confused.

........this song is so much hotter than it should be, seriously. I love Richard like... well, like burning. Which is appropriate, really.

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Strapping on both and settling in to write for a few hours this morning. My leaving the blinds open plan sort of worked and sort of did not... I woke up naturally... but it's cloudy this morning, so I woke up a lot later than I wanted to. XD; Oh well.

In other news, Human!Mordecai is clearly attractive to me only because he is Mordecai, because otherwise I don't really like his appearance at all. (But... little hands! Little neat hands! XD I want this series published, yo.)

I did finish The Graveyard Book last night (it did not take very long) and flailed a good deal more about Silas. I bet there is already an abundance of Silas/Bod slash on the internet, and I sincerely hope Gneil intends to do more with Bod and with the Honour Guard because I haven't yet placed all the mythical identities in it and I would like more information. XD

It is not the best book he has ever written. The style was a little simplistic for Neil, I think, presumably because it was actively trying to be a children's book. I do, however, need the following on an icon, because it was pretty much the greatest moment ever, and it went,
"So," said Silas. "Now there are only three of us."
"And a pig," said Kandar.
"Why?" asked Miss Lupescu, [spoiler spoiler spoiler]. "Why the pig?"
"It's lucky," said Kandar.
Miss Lupescu growled, unconvinced.
"Did Haroun have a pig?" asked Kandar, simply.

And now I am definitely going to start writing and definitely not going to go and look up any of the aforementioned Silas/Bod slash because of not-really spoilers but my shipping decisions do have some bearing on plot, I suppose. )
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Or at very least my father to call and tell me the goddamn Dell code. I'll probably get fed up and order the damn thing before he actually gets the code to me. XD

XKCD describes my life so, so perfectly.

Especially this icon. XD I have shown Tina some of the sentences in this essay. I don't think translation to pirate be possible, yar.

[EDIT] And why the fuck have none of you ever linked me to Where the Hell is Matt? before? This is a gross failure in your duties to link me to things that are awesome, guys. I hope you are all ashamed of yourselves.

[EDIT] And the music is based on Rabindranath. There are actually no words for this level of awesome.

[EDIT] PANCAKES: Great lunch or greatest lunch?
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Take a picture of yourself right now. Don't change your clothes,
don't fix your hair...just take a picture. Post that picture
with NO editing. Post these instructions with your picture.

Yes, it is six o' clock at night and I still have not made my bed. I am as ashamed as you think I ought to be, I assure you.

As it turns out, Dell is even more fabulous than I had previously suspected, and their laptop is more or less identical with the added bonus of having Win XP and not Win Motherfucking Vista, for $50 cheaper than I can get the laptop at cost price at HN. So I'm going to look into that again over the weekend and see whether it'd be worth it to go with Vista aside from the obvious which is that sooner or later programs will no longer run on XP.

Dad's looking for his customer number, anyway.

.......also, is it me or is Cale exceptionally hot in the third-to-last panel of today's Looking for Group? Because I can smell an icon coming on. That boy should kill people more often. I hope Richard noticed. :3

Finally had my consult with Craig today. Our conclusions were:
1) Aundin is awesome. (Seriously, this is the only conclusion to be drawn from AtM. XD Blah blah faeries blah blah men blah blah OH MY GOD THE FAERIE QUEEN IS AWESOME. XD He also seemed to like that I'm going back to the roots of the Faerie consort problem, and that I'm thinking about fiddling with fae and space/time a la Torchwood, only not like Torchwood at all.)
2) The twins, while interesting, are unimportant to the plot. Their presence is especially useless if you cannot work in a mention of a stepladder. (Okay, so that was my conclusion.)
3) I can start from the beginning of Faerie rather than the beginning of Tol's story, and I probably don't need a Hiru!prologue. (Although I personally suspect it will help to have a Hiru!prologue. We shall see. I guess you'll get enough of an impression as to the anger of Auberon through Hiru while he's in Faerie, esp. since he's really trying not to step on anyone's toes.)

And now, cooking and cleaning in preparation for sitting down and essay-churning. Because I feel a lot like working on AtM after the babble that went on this afternoon. XD Ultimate proof that your novel is your baby? It gets slammed, and you can see what's wrong with it, and you understand how much improvement it requires and where it requires that improvement... and you still love it and want to work on it more than you want to do pretty much anything else. Hee. ♥
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My neighbours were raised to suck the cocks of donkeys. This is the only possible explanation for their constant lack of courtesy re. loud parties late into the night and talking loudly on their verandah. I am tired and I need to sleep.

Nude!Derringer is still not available to me. :( But at least he's wearing a collar in the latest strip.

I hope I am more awake today than I was yesterday. I also hope I haven't lost Tol entirely, because that would be really distressing.

Work ends at five today, not four. Wryyy. ;_;


A-Capella Medley of Disney Villains' Themes. :'DDDDDD (I mean, it could be a little ...less-complex, and the main singer could stand to be a little more on top of the rest of them but-- OH MY GOD HELL YESS, THIRD SONG IS AWESOME JSKDHFKLDSFJ.)
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Dammit, I was promised Derringer nudity in today's Friendly Hostility and the damn comic isn't up yet! What does the author think I'm living for?!

[EDIT] Heh. Proof that my hair is still stupidly thick: I washed my hair more than fifteen hours ago. I just took it down; it is still wet. |D;
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jsfhasdfjashfajh I love references. <3 <3 <3
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Oh, sweet Jesus, I forgot how involved being in this house is. XD; Especially if Grandma is here and Dad is out of the house. Grandma tends to get all up in the kids' business, and this involves impassioned shouts from all involved and then I wade in sowing peace and harmony and love or at least tolerance of fellow relatives, and then it is quiet for a while - until it is Ominously Silent and you know that somewhere, someone is being suffocated with a pillow; or until there is Giggling, which means that drawing on walls is happening... I'm beginning to wish for a sacred drum. XD Because I can handle giving simple commands repeatedly in time to a beat.

omgggggg what the hell is going on out there asdfghjkl; DON'T MAKE ME COME OUT THERE, GUYS |D;;;

OH GOD REWRITING THINGS FROM THE DISTANT PAST IS HIDEOUS. |D; HIDEOUS. I keep having to look back at the old piece to mirror its (dubious) structure at least a little bit and, oh god, it is vile. I keep flailing and keyboard-mashing and writhing in place, because oh god hideous. Whyyyy. (Also, lol, alliteration. 8D Oh, god, hatehatehatehahajshdfasflyasjdscm.)

In other news, it is probably not good to want to make karaoke comic strips of your characters when you could be doing stuff that is somewhat more worthwhile. You know. Like writing their actual story. Or drawing Sanga cavorting with Yorick-the-Skull and gnawing on a thighbone. I can't take him anywhere.


Oh, Sanga, you creepy, creepy bastard. ♥ No wonder I love you so fucking much. This relationship is complicated and creepy and my god it is going to take a long time before Hiru is anywhere near ready to stop drowning. Working on this makes me absolutely giddy. XD I wish I could make the other relationships in this damn novel mean as much to me. (But then, it's considerably more difficult to find a metaphor for Tol, Skeff, and Ban. XD Hiru and Sanga come with metaphors attached. Hurrah, again, for elemental affinities!)

More babbling about Trials and Tribulations. )

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That's CHAAAAAAAAAAARGE! to the rest of you. XD

Stress: A Cowboy Bebop FMV. :'D Awesome song, awesome cuts. ♥ And it included Gren! What's not to like! God, I need to watch this series again. Maybe in Japanese. XD; I like their English voices in Bebop. (Also, have Sail On to One Piece, because it is the most amazing FMV in the universe. That is all.)


For [ profile] alleyne, because I promised, but for the rest of you, too - the new Lifehouse album, Who We Are, which is a little weird, to be honest. It's not... them. And Jason Wade sounds more like Rob Thomas at times, and it's bizarre, and at other times they sound like Maroon 5, and that's even more bizarre, and guh. Anyway, here are the tracks, and I do like it better the second time around. )

Also, I was talking to Squeaker today about... uh... Zelda. And we got on to gay OTPs of our childhoods. And it's kind of surprising to me, but I shipped a LOT of stuff before I even knew it was possible. XD So apparently I was open-minded about this stuff before I even knew that it was an optional thing. Open minded and happy with polyamory, because - for example - I loved Donald/Daisy like burning, but I loved Donald/Goofy and Goofy/Pete, even as I loved Meg/Pete in Goof Troop. XD I am going to go ahead and blame this on my parents having an awesome divorce, because that's probably the reason I am so perfectly okay with people that are good for other people being involved with those people. Which is also why I loathed my stepfather. Kyla was good for Dad. John was not good for Mum. That's as simple as it gets. (I kind of want to sit down with my mother and talk this stuff out with her, but she's not reflexively analytical, so I can't see it going well; I can see her getting very defensive, and then very offensive, and that would be missing the point.)

In other news, I am not being very productive today. :( You may have noticed. I just don't want to do this damn assignment. :(

Also, I am laughing my ass off at my Novel tutor sending me an email containing the phrase WORD UP. XD He... he just doesn't seem like that kind of guy.......... XD XD XD

I may or may not also be laughing my ass off at today's Penny Arcade, which I feel that [ profile] flamika will also appreciate. *crying* I mean, I read that series, terrible as it has indeed become. I did actually squeal in a store the other day when I saw there was a new one due out. But at no point could I tell you, without some pretty serious clarifications about what exactly I was talking about, that they were good. ♥


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