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This week has been utter crap. Caught whatever DJ had on the weekend, spent Monday and Tuesday coming down with it, and have so far spent two days with a throat that feels like I shredded it coming off a motorbike. I am fine with puking, I am fine with headaches, I am fine with dizziness and fever, but I am not fine with constant niggling pain whenever I breathe. -_-
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So, today was actually pretty hectic, in that sometimes I just want to hold my boss's face under water until he stops being so damn gung-ho. It's probably fortunate that I missed the chance to talk to my exec boss today, because I would not have been happy. Tomorrow when I go to see him I will actually stand a decent chance of articulating my points clearly, sanely, and without sobbing or tearing at my hair.


I got a good amount of work done this afternoon, and I think I understand all of this okay, and I should be able to send it off for review shortly. And, if there is a god, proof-read the document that my boss just rewrote and rearranged on -48h sleep, before I sleep, myself. Because I really REALLY REALLY do not want that doc to go to QE fresh from a crazy!rewrite, four days before GA.

I think I am coming down with Darrin's cold, but that is what the end of next week is for. I'm tempted to book off the rest of the week after Alyce's wedding just so I don't have to think... but there's so much to do at work, I'd just fret about everything, anyway, so there's really not much point!

It's nearly over. The great thing about GA not being pushed out is that there are only six days left to the madness of this release cycle.

...and then it starts again.

But for people who are not me! :D! At least until they go mad/quit. Please don't go mad/quit, Bec, Jared. ;_;
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So fucking sick of coughing you have no idea. Still getting crap out of my lungs. My throat is oversensitive to cold air, so pretty much every time I inhale I end up coughing. So much that my headache is back and my glands are hurting just from the freaking coughing. Still pissed off that this has basically kept me from doing stuff the psychologist suggested for most of this week, and that I am, charmingly enough, still hacking up green from the depths of my lungs. This is day three of antibiotics, though, so hopefully they will start to do, idk, ANYTHING, any time real soon now.

My stupid porridge won't cook, either. What the hell. *shakes angry fist*

Plans for the day include:
1) lie around and attempt to get better
2) take a shower
3) rescening

That's about the extent of it. Bleh.
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Dear Head Cold,

Although this is an amazing husk I have going on right now, it in no way compensates for the persistent oozing. Please return my body to its usual consistency, and take all the gunk you've stored in my airways with you when you leave.

No love,
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Keeping down water. About to find out if I can keep down breakfast, but that will involve mum returning with food I can eat, e.g. plain bread and gastrolyte.

Spent half the night writhing in pain because of flu-like random aches and twinges. I'd forgotten how much they sucked. Stomach still aches, but I'm not sure at this point whether that's because it doesn't like something in it or it REALLY WANTS SOMETHING IN IT.

Taking the day off, obviously. Sigh.
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Nights are long, guys. Especially when you can't sleep through them. And you ache like your joints are dissolving. and you keep throwing up every few hours.

Not feeling too bad right now, and am managing to keep down more water, but fuck. I hurt in my everywhere and I can't take painkillers and promise to keep them down and also I don't think they would help.

Can't believe it's only 1.30am.

Need to put on a movie or something. Very quietly. Ngh.

[EDIT] Motherfuck my motherfucking spine.
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So for the last... four? days I have been slowly drowning in/choking on my own mucus and coughing all the damn time. Yesterday I started taking Lemsip capsules, and today my body decided it had had enough Lemsip capsules and I puked up that along with most of the phlegm I'd swallowed over the last four days. So, y'know. Silver linings.

And no, I'm not LJ-cutting that for your delicate sensibilities.

Feeling a little looser about the lungs after that, so now I am sitting here coughing up gunk with my very good friend the toilet paper roll. Mum has had this same thing, and James had it earlier in the week, so we are now completely out of tissues and I am left with the classiest of nose-blowing options.

With any luck this will be gone by tomorrow because I cannot actually leave much of what has to happen this week to other people. Doubt it, though.

I'm going to go continue being horizontal. Ciao.


Jan. 31st, 2010 09:00 am
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Throat actually looks relatively normal today! Is less painful! Slept like a dream! Well, I did wake up and take painkillers but I'm pretty sure I woke up because of the rain, not because I was hurting. :D

And speaking of rain: RAIN! :D It is exciting by itself.

I have to go figure out what I can do with myself today. I could stand to put some study time in, I think, and to make sure mod_cluster is still on-target, but I suspect I will devote the day to drawing and video games instead.
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Throat looks vaguely like I took a hot poker to it. Pills are starting to fuck with my stomach. I would like to stop feeling like shit now.
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Ow, ow, ow, motherfucker; or, When my painkillers wear off, they really wear off.

Had my meeting this morning, arrived at work later than I wanted to because getting dressed without moving your neck is a pain, and having to eat breakfast before you take painkillers is not fun at all.

Worked until lunchtime. Then decided that if I had to walk into the mall three more times that day I was going to die, so walked to my bus stop instead and spent the afternoon working from home. Got a decent number of release notes written up for EWS, but not as many as I was hoping. Not due out for a few weeks, anyway.

Neck continues to ache like fuck. Throat kind of just feels like it has carpet burn. Is very raw, but only really painful when I swallow. The swollen lymph node is pretty much a golfball-sized knot in my jaw, so everything to do with moving my jaw hurts like a bitch. It's a bit like the post-wisdom tooth ache, actually - which just makes me long for the painkillers they gave me to deal with that. Mmm, fake codeine. Anyway, because lymph nodes are crowding everything in such a prime location, I have also been having delightful twinges all down my arms and into my hands all day.

Upright for a brief period of time to eat toast so I can take more paracetamol, so I can eat dinner when it arrives, so I can take my antibiotic for the damn lymph nodes. Somehow I doubt tomorrow is a go; I am exhausted just from holding my head upright.

Would like to pretend I can do something useful this evening, but no, probably not. Have been harbouring a vague desire to watch Being Human, but I will probably need to save that for tomorrow if I'm not feeling grand.

Coughing, sneezing, and yawning are all things I should not do. Remind me.


Oct. 28th, 2009 08:40 pm
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Started feeling quite nauseous about half past seven; I thought food would help but it really has not. I think sleep will solve the problem, but I'm afraid I need to ctrl-alt-del my mind before that can happen and, well, Holmes is helping with that.

Got a fair bit done today, although once again not as much as I'd hoped. As much as could be expected, I suppose. Wish I'd organised more thorough technical reviews earlier, but that's what I get for assuming a basic sweep had been done before I started work. Certainly shan't make that mistake again.

Want to get some writing done for gifts and NaNo preparation, but to be honest? Way too tired. I'm not going to be very exciting on Friday night, that's for sure.
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More books arrived for me today! Thankfully my mother does not get the mail.
- The Elements of Style, original edition, by William Strunk, Jr. (IT WAS THREE DOLLARS. THREE. DOLLARS. :D!)
- The Demon's Lexicon by Sarah Rees Brennan (aka mistful@LJ aka She of the LOLarious Book Reviews)
- Thomas the Rhymer by Ellen Kushner (which promises to be excellent)
- Scarlet and the White Wolf by Kirby Crow (which promises to be trashy and hilarious)
- Travels with a Tangerine by Tim Mackintosh-Smith (which promises to be full of the adventures of Ibn Battutah for whom I may or may not profess true love across time)

The Granada Holmes OST also arrived, and I am enjoying the Wren Orchestra of London and the Gabrieli String Quartet (and occasionally the St Paul's Cathedral Choir) as I type.

And now I should really stop buying books, or I will need more than one new bookshelf before the end of the year, and there is no room for a second, let alone a third.

Felt much better today, until about 12.30, when I took more paracetamol and perked up again with lunch for a few hours, and then went steadily downhill again from about 3pm. Still feeling queasy, but will go to bed as soon as I work out where my mother is and whether she wants anything done about dinner. Got a fair bit done today, anyway, which is good.

Tomorrow, work, lunch for Dani who is leaving us (T_T), and shopping after work for a dress for the wedding. I hope that Cue dress suits, but it more than likely won't, and this will mean hunting, and you know how I hate it when I can't just walk in, buy something, and run immediately back to a crowd-free zone. Perhaps if I frequently warn people I am feeling ill they will give me a wide berth. (HAH.)

[EDIT] [personal profile] ignite, I cannot believe I just read that book before midnight. What utter trash. And not even trash with payoff for all its bloody setting up! Two kisses?! What faggotry is this?!


Sep. 8th, 2009 05:16 am
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Went to bed at about eight-thirty, went to sleep at about ten, halfway through Wicked Gentlemen. Woke up at 2.30am and couldn't get back to sleep. Oh, the glamour and perfection of my life.

Not feeling grand, but not feeling hideously ill, either, so in another bloody half hour when the first bus of the day goes past, I can finally go to work. Might leave when Isaac does today. My hours are getting more and more irregular. Sigh.
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Coming down with something, as is my wont when I have been around the children. Glands are up, tonsils aching faintly, but with any luck the multi-vitamin and a decent night's sleep will see me at work tomorrow. Tonsilitis is not something I care to have in my adult life, do you hear me, little fleshsacs. My ears are iffy, too, but that's possibly just a sign I ought not to spend so much time with headphones in.

Wicked Gentlemen by Ginn Hale arrived this morning. Well, technically Friday. It's decent so far, and not as trashy as I was expecting, which is a relief.

I am, of course, supposed to be writing in order to fulfill my self-set fic-finishing deadlines so that I can clear out the fic list and write Real Things but to be honest at the moment I feel like sentences are falling out the back of my nose.

I was talking to Tina last night about methods of novel writing and how, in particular, Book!verse, CC!verse and Rocfall seem to like me to ricochet wildly between them. Conductor is also pretty sharing and caring, although shyer about it than the rest, which just figures, given its protagonists. AtM seems to be the live-in, since it coexists peacefully right up until the wild fits of novel jealousy that involve flinging fistfuls of the story on the floor and making sure it all goes back in upside-down.

Yeah, so maybe I should go to bed. >_>; Yeesh.
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Well, despite my hair looking rather like a woolly mammoth that had an unfortunate encounter with a swamp, and the fact that I did not sleep for more than maybe two hours, and the fact that I just rearranged all the fluids in my head and now feel dizzy from blowing my nose... I think I feel okay. We might have this op yet, though I shalt not prematurely celebrate — I am not out of bed yet.

I do wish to link you to the following, also linked by Sarah Monette, because I have been reading Good Omens and accompanying fic, and because this is just great anyway:
The angel of the LORD cometh upon you in the shower at the worst possible moment: one hand placed upon thy right buttock and the other bearing soap, radio blaring, humming a heathen song of sin.
~ The Parable of the Shower, Leah Bobet
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And the weak get totalled. I maintain that if I had not given in to this... whatever it is, my natural tendency to bull through illness would have seen me through. As it is, am feeling more nauseated by the hour, although not yet like I have been hit by a truck, so I haven't managed to sleep.

And since my mother's natural tendency is to say I Told You So without actually doing anything helpful, I also have to distract her from saying I Told You So by giving her small tasks like Go And Fetch Me A Multivitamin Please Thankyou. -_-

Anyway. Here. Bored. Sweating like a particularly listless pig, and feeling mildly nauseated. Tina, if you start feeling anything like this, go get it checked out, okay?

[EDIT] Chris is bringing me noodle soup. Chris is a god. ...but has an unfortunate tendency to buy me food when I do not want to eat anything. XD


CHRIS: (from the living room) HELLO LAURA.
CHRIS: (still from the living room) THIS... IS ABOUT AS CLOSE AS I'M GOING TO GET TO YOU.


Dear Stomach,

Don't you even think about it.

Can see what you're doing, there,
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Dear Body,



- Rave

*rugs up and buys a fuckload of orange juice*

Nothing bad, but by all gods, if they cannot anaesthetise me tomorrow because of this pissy little illness and the pissy little fever attached to it, I may scream. A lot.
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want to sleep but eyeballs roasting in skull. fevers are retarded. i wish i could eat.

[EDIT] My stomach is not a happy place to be, but I won't wake up starving, which is good. Lying down for a while helped, even if I can't sleep. Going to try it again. Night, all.


Feb. 18th, 2009 10:29 am
How can a wrist ganglion cyst be removed?
There are several methods of treatment that are possible. Putting a needle into the ganglion cyst and aspirating the fluid may work. However, the gelatinous fluid within the cyst does not always come through a needle very well. Furthermore, this treatment leaves the cyst lining behind, and the ganglion cyst will return about 50% of the time.

Another alternative, that some call traditional, others call a bit barbaric, is to smash the wrist ganglion cyst with a hard object such as a book. This pops the cyst, and ruptures the lining of the cyst. Because the lining is disrupted, the smashed ganglion cyst may not return quite as often as those drained by a needle. However, many patients are uncomfortable with their doctor 'whacking' a book against their wrist...

The definitive treatment is to remove the ganglion cyst with a surgical procedure. In surgery, the wrist ganglion is "shelled out," meaning the fluid and the sac are removed. In addition, the connection to the joint or tendon sheath that supplied the fluid can be occluded. While this usually is effective, a small percentage of removed wrist ganglion will still return.


I feel so... Kuukaku'd right now.
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I'm just gonna sit here until all the fluid in my head stops pretending left is down.


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