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Best Linux Prank Ever: EXECUTED.

Tom did the actual executing because he has no self control - I was perfectly happy to save it for a rainy day. But no. We all had the same password, so he ssh'd into Gary's machine and changed his command prompt to

[user@host ~] sudo rm -r /

Complete with new line so that it looked like it was executing. This command? Deletes everything on your computer. (EVERYTHING. DON'T DO IT.) This one wouldn't execute - it would just LOOK that way. It was going to be epic, although possibly distressing for Gary.

And then the trainer chose that moment to demonstrate remote access... into Gary's machine.

So that the 'delete everything' command was up on the projector, and the trainer was going :|, as was the rest of the class. Even the trainer thought we had actually made it execute. Talk about the best stage for a practical joke ever, omg.

Anyway, it served as a nice practical lesson as to why you should never let anyone know your password or your root password. Ever.


Seriously, I generally abhor practical jokes, but this one was too perfect.


Mar. 3rd, 2009 10:02 pm
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At the moment, I am tired enough that I can look at my evening and see two possibilities.

The first is to panic about tomorrow and work myself up into not sleeping properly again, thus ensuring that I gabble like an absolute idiot and miss out on the job.

The second is to write, because Hiru has come down from his snit and seems to want to contribute in a helpful fashion, and I am probably just awake enough to put words down in a coherent order, since I have found myself randomly assembling sentences on the off chance that I am able to write them down.

And see, if my hands were working properly? This would be a really easy choice.

[ profile] narnizzle, I realise you won't have the internet yet, but I hope your move went all right. ♥

[EDIT] it weird to realise that [ profile] snuck would be perfect for a Yuffie character journal at half ten at night? >>; I feel it is a word she would approve of.
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I need to start keeping track of a few things, I think, so I need you guys to hassle me about status reports on:
- exercise,
- current weight,
- whether I ate anything bad,
- current mood out of 3 or -3 depending on independent classification of manic or depressed state,
- hours of sleep per night, and
- the nature of my pre-bed activities/time of attempted sleep

Because if can't write anything I can at least solve a few of my other problems.


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