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Did get a little wobbly this morning just before I arrived, and was extremely lethargic/apathetic (I don't really know how to describe this feeling, but I feel heavy in my head) for a lot of the day, but I haven't burst into tears so far, which makes the first day since Saturday March 27 that I have not sat choking and sobbing, or about to begin choking and sobbing, for a significant portion of the day, except for most of Sunday 4 April. So that's a plus.

I think I was so good today primarily because I got a lot done. Or at least, I got the chance to think about how I wanted to get things done, and wrote a few lists I needed to write, and can shortly begin completing those lists mechanically while I think of other things that need thinking about. Sadly those lists make about 130 issues that need release notes, and I have that to do before April 26 and another book to edit and have QE'd before mid-May, bu y'know. We'll get there. It's all coming along.

My newest n00b, Bec from uni, is picking up very quickly, although I fear she may have been fast-tracked through information that might help her later. She can go back to it then, though, which is a good thing. In the meantime, she's figuring out XML and SVN and putting most of a book skeleton together, and we can take her through the whole QE process in a few weeks when she's done with the basics.

I'm still pretty heavy/lethargic/apathetic at present, but there's a glimmer of optimism in here, which hasn't really been around for the last few weeks. Here's hoping it sticks around. Also that I don't get ill, because my throat started getting sore at about 2pm today and I am feeling another head cold coming on. Me and the rest of the building, I assure you.


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