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Today was one long ffffffffff, briefly interrupted by dresses and divide by cucumber errors. )

[EDIT] Squeaks, for a character made entirely of ass and sex appeal, Ambrose is surprisingly difficult to draw in a dress. XD It might help if I draw him normally first.
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[ profile] cheloya: ......oh, bloody hell.
[ profile] cheloya: Why did the genius tutor have to use my fucking essay topic as an EXAMPLE.
[ profile] kuchibue: ew
[ profile] cheloya: Agreed.
[ profile] cheloya: *plays with her thesis a little*
[ profile] cheloya: .....why does that sound like I'm masturbating?
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Take a picture of yourself right now. Don't change your clothes,
don't fix your hair...just take a picture. Post that picture
with NO editing. Post these instructions with your picture.

Yes, it is six o' clock at night and I still have not made my bed. I am as ashamed as you think I ought to be, I assure you.

As it turns out, Dell is even more fabulous than I had previously suspected, and their laptop is more or less identical with the added bonus of having Win XP and not Win Motherfucking Vista, for $50 cheaper than I can get the laptop at cost price at HN. So I'm going to look into that again over the weekend and see whether it'd be worth it to go with Vista aside from the obvious which is that sooner or later programs will no longer run on XP.

Dad's looking for his customer number, anyway.

.......also, is it me or is Cale exceptionally hot in the third-to-last panel of today's Looking for Group? Because I can smell an icon coming on. That boy should kill people more often. I hope Richard noticed. :3

Finally had my consult with Craig today. Our conclusions were:
1) Aundin is awesome. (Seriously, this is the only conclusion to be drawn from AtM. XD Blah blah faeries blah blah men blah blah OH MY GOD THE FAERIE QUEEN IS AWESOME. XD He also seemed to like that I'm going back to the roots of the Faerie consort problem, and that I'm thinking about fiddling with fae and space/time a la Torchwood, only not like Torchwood at all.)
2) The twins, while interesting, are unimportant to the plot. Their presence is especially useless if you cannot work in a mention of a stepladder. (Okay, so that was my conclusion.)
3) I can start from the beginning of Faerie rather than the beginning of Tol's story, and I probably don't need a Hiru!prologue. (Although I personally suspect it will help to have a Hiru!prologue. We shall see. I guess you'll get enough of an impression as to the anger of Auberon through Hiru while he's in Faerie, esp. since he's really trying not to step on anyone's toes.)

And now, cooking and cleaning in preparation for sitting down and essay-churning. Because I feel a lot like working on AtM after the babble that went on this afternoon. XD Ultimate proof that your novel is your baby? It gets slammed, and you can see what's wrong with it, and you understand how much improvement it requires and where it requires that improvement... and you still love it and want to work on it more than you want to do pretty much anything else. Hee. ♥
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Dear Hiru,

How dare you take four fucking years to decide you really were the main character of AtM? Do you realise how I have suffered trying to avoid making this so out of a belief that no one would read it? And now you decide we can throw our goddamn readers in the deep end from page one and fuck anyone requiring backstory?

Fuck yourself, fuck your clan, fuck your boyfriend, fuck your liege-lord, and do it all with rusted barbed wire! You may be my one true baby but right now you are my one true HATE. D:<

Your Author.

P.S. - AUUUUUUUUUUUUGHSDFJsfagsksdfasdkfjhasjdfgasflayusdfhas.


Of course I am not really angry about this. It means that Tol goes back to being an awesome quirky secondary character instead of a rather strange main character. It means I get to write all the sex he's going to be having, and the sequel makes a lot more sense. BUT STILL. Sneaky little drama queen bitch brat Whorey McSnitface!

(I'll stop calling him names when he starts looking remotely apologetic.)
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This post made my year.

Of course, now I have a mental image of Eodranaich and Loganaich going all out and buying Hiru a stepladder for his hundredth birthday, and Lady Kagami spewing in fury in the background.

Fortunately, Hiru maintains all allegations made in that post are LIES LIES ALL LIES, so at least now I can just suffer the mental images without the damning knowledge that what I am seeing is canon.


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