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Oh man, the grocery store that once was Sirianni's is shockingly badly-manned. The cashiers are clueless. CLUELESS.

LADY: That's the price for a bag of apples, not a single apple. :|
CASHIER #1: Um, er.
CASHIER #2: Um, I'll... just go get someone.
ME: *sigh* ...I used to be a supervisor here. Do this...
LADY AND ME: *share an eye-roll*


Oct. 27th, 2008 02:55 pm
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Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!Adopt one today!

Also? Apparently? Rather than having cancer? Luke embezzled 20k from the Siriannis and was arrested.

I don't know whether to laugh or, well, laugh harder.
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Apparently Luke has booked himself into hospital and is making rather more serious funeral arrangements this time. He has also added "For Good" to his funeral playlist, which means that I, at very least, will be sobbing hopelessly into my hands. Which I would pretty much be doing anyway, because Luke is a jerk but he is a fun and loveable jerk, and I always enjoy spending time with him, even though we were always just working.

..... *has a cry*

Work today was pretty good. We had a metric fuck-tonne of stock, but we dealt with most of it. Apparently Azra is on long-service leave and no one else can pay me my god damn first week's wage, which is frustrating, but that's okay. [ profile] alleyne is gone to see Wicked again tonight. XD I wish I could afford to/take the time to go see it again.

Also, John is beginning to annoy me. "You didn't sell a Dyson today! What are you doing out there!? D:"
ME: Two guys are going to bring in their wives TOMORROW MORNING and I talked one guy up to an eight hundred dollar upright from a hundred dollar HANDHELD. :|
JOHN: Oh. ... :D Nevermind.
Yeah, buddy, that's what I thought. XD

Also I went to Suzanne Grae during my lunch hour and bought two cute little tops in different colours for summer. :D They are very nice, and I think I'll get a lot of wear out of them. ^^ Good buys. Also, woo hoo, I still fit into mediums. Uber boobs are not so epically uber!

Bleach 330; HOLiC 167. )

I think I'm going to give writing a shot for the evening, possibly on paper. Since paper seems to make me slightly less concerned with... stuff. I don't know. Whenever I think about AtM I seem to think ohgodohgodohgod immediately afterward, so I'd say it's safe to assume I'm still entirely fucked.

Thankyou for all your comments today, guys. <3 <3 <3 I love you all dearly and despite the Luke thing and the persistent writer's block, I'm feeling much better now. *smooch* Have good weekends.


Sep. 24th, 2008 12:56 pm
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The Sirianni website is no more.



*assumes the evil overlord stance*
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1) I Should Quit Harvey Norman.

I am enjoying myself but there is just not enough time. Also, my god, the fact that I have been warned by staff about other staff sabotaging orders in order to make me look bad is just ridiculous. I don't want or need to worry about bullshit like that.

2) Tol and Hiru can be joint narrators, probably.

I really don't think I can afford to start in the middle of the established storyline, though, so what I might do is weave in exciting timeskip narration from Hiru's perspective. This means village life will be interspersed with sex and power-siphoning and death! I know you're as excited as I am.

3) It was really stupid to agree to see a movie with James this weekend.

It really, really was.

4) I am going to finish my OzLit essay on time if it fucking kills me.

And it might.

5) I need to find out what the fuck this random bouts of dizziness thing is about.

It's probably a combination of stress and tiredness but fuck it is getting annoying. If there's nothing concretely wrong with you, body, then STFU and work right. None of this sudden death vertigo bullshit.


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Today went really quickly. I think there were a few dragging hours there in the middle, after my lunchbreak, but then I discovered that I also had a dinner break and I got back from that about an hour before close, so that was kind of fabulous. XD Didn't get to have lunch with Rage today because a) we were busy with stocktake and b) she was having her nails done, but I did get to talk to... uhhh... Some Guy, who is also studying language and hoping to teach English overseas, which was kind of lovely. He is lovely, anyway.

There is a new Bleach chapter and holy fucking shit Yumichika you are AWESOME. AWESOME. I AM JUST SAYING. ajksdhflasdkjfhasdkfjlhaskdjfh. ♥ ♥ ♥ I mean, I thought you were awesome before this. BUT, WOW. AWESOME. He's. He's just so. *_* GAH. ♥ Wow. (But, um. I thought Ikkaku knew his secret? Or have I not been paying enough attention to canon and reading too much fic?)

APPARENTLY THERE IS A NEW HOLIC CHAPTER WHAT HOW DID I MISS THIS WHY. HARUKA SPLASH PAAAAGE. HOLiC 163. ) I wish I had something to say about the new Tsubasa chapter, but I so rarely do any more. XD; I just don't care as much about that series when neither Kurogane nor Fai is in a chapter.

Anyway, I should probably start trying to wind completely down, since I have to leave for work at about eight, and therefore need to be up in a little over eight hours... which is totally not happening if I don't manage to get to sleep. I'm beginning to suspect that sleeping on a Friday night will actually be a bit of a lost cause, having been on the go all day - I should probably set myself up to stay awake all night and then just crash as soon as I get home tomorrow afternoon.

That will probably kill me. Maybe I'll just stick with 'sleeping badly on a Friday night'.

[EDIT] *facemash* Oh my god, guys, seriously - you have a room, yes, but I need you to get an entirely separate APARTMENT. -_- DO NOT WANT.
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  • First day was nerve-wracking in the usual way, but it was pretty calm. I have an overwhelming desire to use the registers which must be overcome as I am a salesperson now. XD
  • I can now sell you an LG vaccuum cleaner or microwave with a reasonable degree of competency.
  • Half hour breaks for salespeople! What the fuck! D:
  • 10% commission! Fuck yes, bitches!
  • Ran to pick up Shadow's Return with Rage on my break, and started it on the bus on the way home. OH, SEREGIL. OH, ALEC. I MISSED YOU GUYS.
  • Emporium was actually pretty good, aside from my being in deli and Luke having a loud argument with his friend at the registers over him needing to go home and sleep at some point in his life.
  • Also, Wyrren came in to ask how my first day had been, because she is a sweetheart. ♥ ♥ ♥
  • My bastard brother has stolen my internet cable so I cannot post this or check for more FH, but it is probably for the best.
  • Had something else to say, but have completely forgotten it in the space of seven seconds. Oh well.

  • Nhgdgfshgfh, sleep.
  • That was pre-HN; this is post-HN but pre-Emporium: had a brief panic attack on the way in this morning thinking about how ultimately I will fail at everything, job and university inclusive, which was beyond retarded as I sold a crapload of stuff on my own today, including but not limited to a microwave, a breadmaker, an iron, a stereo, an epillator, a blender, and a sandwich press. I = Awesome. >:D I also half-sold another breadmaker to a lady but I'm not sure if she'll come back on a day that I am there to reap the reward. XD
  • However, I also walked out of the store with my supervisor's card to get into the store room. |D; Since I do not have her number and can't get onto her through the store, I really hope she doesn't have panic attacks over it until I bring it back tomorrow morning.
  • And now I have work at six! And tuna pasta bake! AND REALLY SORE FEET, GUYS, I AM NOT KIDDING. If I am in deli again tonight I will actually scream. And then go get a stool from the cafe. :|
  • Also, there was this woman this afternoon with the most awesome eyeshadow I have ever seen. I mean, really. Wow. It was orange and gold and green and it was gorgeous. I didn't want to sound creepy by telling her so, but wow.
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- up at eight
- post tax return
- minimum 1.5k on conductor draft
- edit first scene for focus/flow issues
- read remembering babylon
- write resignation letter
- sort out work clothes for friday
- bed by 10.30pm

Feeling a little more cool-headed now, and kind of feeling like I should have waited until now to do anything, but there's really nothing for it at this point. [/cryptic]

I need to start looking at essay topics this week - or at least start looking into BWF panels that I should attend for my WriPub assignment. And study more often for Japanese... I'm really going to have to start scheduling myself properly. ~_~;; Maybe I should just give up the idea of employment until the end of the year... but that would probably just make me feel really unproductive. Anyway, there's no point worrying about it. Either I handle it, or I don't. And if I'm not handling it, I can quit. That's fine. It's not the job of a lifetime, and it's not the end of the world. I just need to keep remembering that.

[EDIT] Going to pick up Shadow's Return during my lunchbreak tomorrow instead.
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ME: Hello?
JOHN: We'd like to offer you the job!
ME: Oh, awesome! When do I start?
JOHN: Friday! :D And Saturday, and Sunday.
ME: FUCK. FUCK! Awesome! I'll see you then! :D
*hangs up*

And, uh, now I suppose I had better go across the road and let Luke know that I've been offered a job elsewhere and also that I'll probably be dead on Friday night, and also holy shit, guys, 9-9 on a typical Friday, what! What! This is madness! This is a mad shift! OH MY GOD, I HAVE A NEW JOB. WHAT. HOW. AUGH. :DDDDD

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But Tired Rave also wants to read more Havemercy, so we shall see how long she can keep her wee eyes open before sleep claims her thoroughly with the assistance of a metaphorical club.

Spent the night in the fridge throwing out out-of-date shit. Am now coming down with a worse cold. If I am ill on Tuesday I shall be very displeased. Very displeased. Now is the time for a Full Cure, Leviathan. *pointed squint at the clouds*
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STEVEN: Oh, and the cold room is full of boxes, so that really needs looking at.
ME: Oh, I know all about the fucking cold room.

After a FULL DAY during which they had SIX OTHER PEOPLE who could have looked at the motherfucking cold room. I swear I am going to take one of those machetes in F&V and just slit all their fucking throats.
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I think I just had one of the most honest and enjoyable conversations with my grandfather in probably over five years, and it was about Oomi being sick. Well, largely about Oomi being sick. The fun part was just getting to chat to Oopi like a real person about how things were going and how he might be able to work more vegetables into her diet so she gets better, and how much university was killing me dead already, and him telling me about finding his own way and bugger the lot of them. Usually Saturday morning conversations are awkward because he's looking for mum and sympathy and he doesn't feel right getting that from me, I guess. But this morning I think I buoyed him up a little. I hope so, anyway. ♥ Since I pretty much think he's the bravest man ever for taking over the household stuff completely while his wife deteriorates in front of him.

I am about three chapters into Havemercy by Miss Jaida and Miss Danielle ([ profile] narnizzle, by the way, this is Shoebox and I am practically ashamed of you; you are not a HP fan at all) and I am enjoying it enough. I am interested in Hal and Royston, and Hal reminds me of a vaguer blend of August, only August has little time for books. I am not quite so impressed by the writing style, but only I think because I have seen Doctrine of Labyrinths and Shoebox do it better so very recently.

My Wyrren is once again embarking on a trip to the south to see the Witch of the West in concert. ♥ But I get to see her on Tuesday and Wednesday for what is probably the last time until either my birthday or our anniversary thanks to the crushing doom of assessment, and we are going to the Ekka, and it will be excellent.

Although, typically, I am definitely coming down with a cold. At least my immune system generally stands up to the Exhibition fairly well. I have not yet gone home vomiting, which for me is the greatest kind of success. XD

Anyway. Off to be productive with cleaning and writing and such. Hopefully Chaz and Ash are feeling up to a gentle romp today. If not, I may require prompts.


Oh. And in typical Luke fashion, I was apparently closing the store entirely by myself tonight until Seb started fixing things. Now I am working from four instead of from six, and this is mildly vexing because it means I need to factor in a half hour break while closing with children and... yeah, guess how much that is not going to happen.
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- I am the queen of all that is organisation.
- ...but I fucking refuse to deal with that entire fucking fridge by myself because your day staff can't put boxes down so that the glass bottles inside them do not break.
- you and all your fourteen-year-old bitches can get down on your knees and just suck my imaginary cock.

And then I watched maybe forty-five minutes of the opening ceremony and then I said FUCK YOU, OLYMPICS, YOU WILL BE REPLAYED AD NAUSEUM FOR A FORTNIGHT ANYWAY, and came down to chill in front of my computer and tell myself that I should sleep, without actually sleeping.

Tomorrow I wish to:
- clean my room
- wash my sheets
- decide on an OzLit essay topic
- get up before 10am
- write at least 2k of Project
- make more kanji cards
- bring an end to the House of Miekus, and possibly also the House of Wilkes

Well, no. Tomorrow I actually wish to sleep until the next day, and then continue sleeping until my clothes become part of my skin and I become permanently fused with my bed and am some strange variation on that dragon wall in the Temple of the Ancients. But you know what they say about wishes and horses, and the twins are insisting that they say something different, and oh, sweet lord, I do not want to know.
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Tina: I will make you write :D
Anything in particular?
Me: Conductor. I have an assignment due this Thu/Fri and I need at least a 600 word writing sample for it. And I want to work out where the hell I'm starting from with this. I sort of need a 6000 word snippet of it, and, uh, keep going further and further back to try to make the thing coherent
Tina: ohhhh
ok well... give me a moment to think up an appropriate reward if you finish it on time
Me: :D :D
Well, there really need be no reward involved, since that'll be passing the subject
but if you can think of a reward for me getting to the end of the pub scene and the discovery of the body today, then that would be wonderful. XD
Tina: A finished - and coloured (as in, real coloured) illustration of Hiru and Sanga?
Me: O_O
*flutters away in a daze*

Halfway into town, walking along Ann St, my phone starts ringing. The city Harvey Norman wants me to come in on Thursday for... an interview? A trial? I have no idea, because I could barely hear the man thanks to the traffic. But he knows I have uni in the afternoon so presumably the morning is all he will need. It is a sales/cashier position, which [ profile] alleyne tells me is most likely small electrics, i.e. toasters, kettles and electric shavers, which is all cool despite my sudden panic-driven need to do research on the subject, but with any luck I will also be able to convince them to, I don't know, move me into games/computers, which I actually have some higher understanding of. XD

(But really, someone needs to tell me not to go researching toasters and electric shavers now. Although I will probably be buying a new shirt for interview purposes tomorrow. Because it does not do to turn up in a shirt that is over three years old and too small to your first actual interaction with business people. It gives a bad impression.

...I hope they know that my first question is going to be, "So, when do I get my uniform? :D?")

Picked up mum's certificates with no issues, too, so now I'm going to go do that aforementioned writing of Conductorsnippets until [ profile] kuchibue has no choice but to draw me things. MUWAHAHAHA.
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So, that massive Tsubasa/Earthian crossover I was fiddling with? Just grew further relevance to Doctrine of Labyrinths. Which is great, and all, it's just way too unnecessarily complicated. I need to install another brain to run parallel to my own so that I can think about this without getting head-hurty. ;_;

On the bright side, Felix and Mildmay have purposes now! And I get to include Kakyou, and he has a purpose, too. And I think Seishirou and Thamuris get to participate, also. And Lucifel is part of the solution as well as part of the problem, which just figures, and Chihaya/the feather is the foundation of this world's equivalent of the Khloidanikos, and I am resisting the urge to throw in characters from Saiunkoku Monogatari for the hell of it, because while Ryuuki/Seien and Reishou/Kouyuu might be fun to fiddle with, I'm not sure how far they go toward proving a point (other than that Reishou is awesome, but who's going to argue that?)

Which means that this fic will involve the following characters/fandoms. )

At least Eodranaich and Loganaich have respectfully declined to appear, because that is a whole other bucket of beads with no application to real human interaction whatsoever, because faerie, and oh god no. (Translation: Rave is way too lazy to invent them human forms, despite the fact that they started out humanoid in the first draft, and no, brain, no. Bad ponies.)

................ there is a kookaburra on my balcony! :D :D :DDDDD

(Oh, yes. I have the attention span of a really, really sedate two year old.)

And now that I've fiddled a little more, Ryuuki and Seien have points! Principally in that they are not magical. :D Life is sweet! Except, you know, for the rest of this fic and the terror it will wreak upon my mind. Here's a question, though: do we classify Syaoran as a magical being? As a being who possesses magic? In the same way that Fai and Sakura and Subaru and Felix possess magic? Comments would be helpful, here. It will have bearing on the conclusion of the fic.

Work was an exciting place to be this evening! On Wednesday, four bags were stolen from out the back by two guys who'd obviously cased us pretty thoroughly - they got all the way into the butchery, even, to check things out. Tonight, they came back and went again - they got into the back without anyone seeing them, but Steven and I saw them coming out, and stopped them going out the Gambaro door. Steven paged Luke to registers, I called Luke's mobile on the way to registers in case he'd left the store, and Luke got their rego, so we think all will soon be well. I still cannot believe the cheeky little fuckers. They shop here regularly, too! Fuckers. They had better fucking run, because one of the guys whose bag got stolen is in graphic design, and that bag had half his sketchbooks in it, and anyone who's ever drawn or written seriously knows about the importance of your fucking books. And we're all up in arms enough about it to murder them on sight. It is one thing to steal from the store; it is quite another to steal from the staff members.
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Despite [ profile] narnizzle's warnings, work this evening was calm and regular aside from a brief foray into oh-god territory when the hot box blew a fuse. Turns out that it did this because the hot box's element is now live, so they'll be fixing that tomorrow, I imagine, ahaha.

Pascale: Do you ever get... just... over working here?
Me: ...about two or three times a week.

On the bright side, apparently we're getting rid of San Pellegrino mineral water because Coles is undercutting us by about fifty percent. HELL YES. GO, COLES, GO. This just means I spend less of my life fretting about glass bottles in ill-constructed boxes.

Apparently it's going to be four degrees tomorrow morning. AHAHAHAHA. HAHA. D: I have to get up in that. And get to uni in that. And elbow my way to the head of the Beadles line to get coffee in that, which will be more difficult than usual because it will be fucking cold. D:

I guess now is a good time to decide what the fuck I'm wearing tomorrow, eh?

In any case, I am bushed. I am going to bed. Hopefully I remember to SMS Rage tomorrow to ask her if she wants to grab lunch. *drags self to bed*

[EDIT] Life hates me.
1) Fucking downstairs neighbours hold all their conversations on the fucking balcony in the middle of the fucking night.
2) WhiteDog1 updated BR instead of SI. ;_;
3) My fucking assignments from last semester are still not back at assignment minder. ;_;
4) Even if there were not neighbours, there are loud, repetitive birds.
5) Both my arms are really, really fatigued, which means I'll probably spend most of tomorrow wanting to splint the fucking things. AJfasdhajsd I DID NOT EVEN DO ANYTHING WITH THEM WHAT GIVES.
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Tonight was long and boring and I'm really, really tired now. XD I think I'm going to have to sleep until about ten tomorrow just so I don't fall asleep at work tomorrow night. Early mornings for uni + late shifts at work = no.

My left wrist has pretty much packed it in. There was light stock to be done, and then Ashlyn dropped a box of Hartz softdrinks - which, given the state of the fridge, I really cannot blame her for. I wish the people who did stock actually gave some thought to how the fuck we're meant to get shit out again. I tidy that thing up whenever I'm in there, and within a week I swear it is back to its brothel-like state. Going to try to go in on Sunday to clean the damn thing up once and for all, and then threaten to break some goddamn knees if it don't stay that way.

...doesn't. I meant 'doesn't'. |D; Too much Milly-fox makes Raven speak abominable, ungrammatical Marathine, even to people who don't understand what she means when she says 'along of how' instead of 'because'.

- call Centrelink re. payslips
- plan assessment
- wobble in a flaily way over project one possibilities
- do project one homework
- read more 1988
- study new kanji
- revise old kanji + unfamiliar adjectives
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Right. First classes have been attended. Re-acquaintance with uni friends is always interesting. I like them all well enough, but sometimes there is that moment where you have said utterly the wrong thing and they are not good enough friends that this just means you all cackle at your idiocy.

Work tonight, and then assessment planning and scheduling tomorrow. My first pieces of assessment are due in week three. :D This is going to make for exciting times, given that Luke called twice during class today to find out if I could work more shifts next week. :D I am tired already. This does not bode well.

Also, it is freezing. Has anyone else noticed? Freezing.

Also, I miss my girlfriend.


[EDIT] The rediscovery of this icon caused me to laugh until I cried. Oh, Jon. Oh, Ashley-in-my-head.
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Luke: I'll give you fifty dollars cash in hand if you come serve on registers for an hour.
Me: Are you fucking serious.
Luke: Yes, I have no one, I have (blah blah the usual litany of woes that are all his fault)--
Me: Yeah. Whatever. I'll come over.
Luke: Just at five.
Me: Yep. Fine. I'll see you then.
Luke: I know you're not well, but I just--
Me: Yes. Fine. I'll see you then.
Luke: *finally catching on that I am a little annoyed at him* that all right?
Me: It's fine, Luke. I can just hardly curl my fingers around the phone, is all, so I feel kind of fucking stupid being paid when I'm useless.
Luke: I know, but--
Me: Yes. I know. I'll see you at five.

And I do feel useless. And it's not about the money. And it won't just be for an hour. But it has to be, because my brother is here tonight and mum is going out, and I swear to god I will leave the register fucking unattended if I have to. All this because he's not sure if Hannah will turn up. THEN HIRE PEOPLE WHO ARE NOT HANNAH. FUCK.
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Dear Luke,


I may be your only reliable employee, but this is not my fault and I do not deserve to have to cover every single motherfucking shift you suddenly discover that you've missed.

Your deli can fucking bite me.

No love,

Hands are mildly fucked; deli would fuck them more. This is not something I can wrangle.


He just called me back.

Me: Hello?
Luke: *huffy* What if you worked grocery, then?
Me: I'd only be good for registers, and even then, it's iffy.
Luke: *disgusted* Fine. I'll stay, myself, then.
Me: Sorry, honey, but--
Luke: *hangs up*

I love that I've covered his ass every other day for the last fortnight - not even mentioning the last three goddamn years - and he's pissed off at me for this. XD Oh, Luke. Your standards! They are astonishing.


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