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Or at very least my father to call and tell me the goddamn Dell code. I'll probably get fed up and order the damn thing before he actually gets the code to me. XD

XKCD describes my life so, so perfectly.

Especially this icon. XD I have shown Tina some of the sentences in this essay. I don't think translation to pirate be possible, yar.

[EDIT] And why the fuck have none of you ever linked me to Where the Hell is Matt? before? This is a gross failure in your duties to link me to things that are awesome, guys. I hope you are all ashamed of yourselves.

[EDIT] And the music is based on Rabindranath. There are actually no words for this level of awesome.

[EDIT] PANCAKES: Great lunch or greatest lunch?
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Sleepy Rave is sleepy and could happily have slept until, oh, four in the afternoon, but AOL Live is helping with that because they have a complete Metallica archive on for the release of the new album.

In the interests of retaining sanity while writing this essay today, I think I'm going to take breaks to write for Porn Battle: Round Five.

[ profile] ignite, [ profile] howl_for_words, I'm going to assume the larger of the Squeefund transfers won't actually come out of my account until Monday, so I'll transfer again at that point.

In other news, this is the more horrifying meme EVER. D: There are certain things you never want to think about, and this is one of them.

I could survive for 60 seconds chained to a bunk bed with a velociraptor

This essay is not necessarily meant to be argumentative, buuuuuuuut the Chad Parkhill school of awesomeness in academic writing dictates that I must have an argument, not just an analysis of the books, so I'm considering looking at them both as examples of the author pushing the SNAG-ish middle ground of masculinity rather than either epic fail or epic win. That's exactly how I'm going to word it, too. Might write the whole thing as analytical and go from there re. reworking a proper argumentative thesis, just so I can narrow my focus as I go.

Oh, look, two more days until the Sirianni domain expires! XD XD XD Life is going to be HILARIOUS on Monday when that thing disappears.

[EDIT] Apparently it is International Talk-Like-A-Pirate Day. In the spirit of this, I believe I will also write an alternate version of my essay (on failed hegemonic heterosexual masculinity, lol) in pirate. XD

Also, Bleach 326 spoilers are kind of making Yumichika seem... really blindly concerned about Ikkaku's wellbeing. Which is kind of ridiculously cute.


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