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Today was a Monday. I'm sure part of it was frustrating or something, but I can't remember anything of the sort right now. Mum has been grumpy all evening, but that is her problem up until she makes it mine.

Bed time. ♥ Night, world.
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So I deduced, when I woke up properly about an hour and a half ago, that because the house was quiet and the air-conditioning was still on, it was probably about 9.30am and I could safely lie in bed reading for a little while without arousing anyone's wrath until my mother got home from her usual coffee shop jaunt around ten.

Turns out it was not about 9.30am, it was about 11am, and James had been supposed to get me up and tell me that we were headed to see Oopee and so I should get cleaning and also get ready to come along!

Completely ignoring that a) none of this had been mentioned the night before (as usual), and b) I had already mentioned that I had plans for early afternoon which did not involve being at Labrador.

One day, my mother will listen to anything I say at all. I don't care if it's 'I have already washed those' or 'that is a poisonous snake' - anything would do at this point. *facemash*

Anyway, so James is in trouble for not waking me up earlier, and I am in trouble for not psychically deducing that this Saturday would not be exactly like all Saturdays before it. This is what I get for being lulled into a routine.

In any case, things to do in the next few hours before Dad gets back to me about travelling to the distant reaches of Mt. Crosby:
- vacuum downstairs
- finish cleaning bathroom
- work up the nerve to use corrosive chemicals on the sink (Drano makes me fear for my hands and eyes, okay?)
- dry sheets
- wash darks
- hang darks
- wash towels
- pack small bag to take to Dad's place
- do NOT play Mario Kart
- do NOT sit around mooning over
- do NOT watch The Road to El Dorado
- also do not take it to Dad's with you or you will never get it back from the children (I am an excellent big sister, I don't know what you're talking about)
- write NaNo only in ten minute blocks between chores


Oct. 18th, 2009 09:11 pm
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Lots of things happened today:
- I went to a pot luck picnic in New Farm Park with some of the translators at Red Hat.
- My mother told me she was two feet from stepping on a taipan or eastern brown snake yesterday, prompting an immediate and reflexive, What the fuck were you doing, trying to fucking ninja through the bush or something?! jkdshfasjdf. I am a charming and sympathetic child. Bless Chris and his reflexes; also, my mother is never allowed to bushwalk alone again.
- I cleaned. \o/
- I triumphed over a moodcrash. \o/

By far the most important, though?

I spent twenty minutes away from the computer this evening and now I know how Book!verse goes.

...well, okay, that's maybe not as important as mum nearly standing on one of the top three deadliest land snakes in the entire fucking WORLD, but it is the most important AWESOME thing about today. *clutches head* Mon dieu.
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Mum has spent the afternoon organising old photographs upstairs.

MUM: [opens my door] Hello?
ME: Uh-- [pauses Holmes] Hi.
MUM: I just found-- oh, who are you talking to?
ME: Tina. And that's a freeze-frame from Sherlock Holmes, not a person.
MUM: Oh. Well, Tina, listen to what I just found--
ME: Oh god, you're going to embarrass me, aren't you.
MUM: [reading from her own note] 'Laura, after failing to pick up her toys, looks at me with tears in her eyes and says, "Mummy, that's just what kids do, all right? You're just going to have to accept it!"' [to Tina] 'You're just going to have to accept it!' In grade one.
ME: God.
TINA: D'awwww.
MUM: Grade one!
ME: ...and you still haven't accepted it!
MUM: I refuse to accept it!

[EDIT] <-- I... actually quite like this. Have I become immune to memeage? D:
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Current results show that my mother is FULL OF CRAP.

Her: So, how'd you sleep?
Me: Well, it still took me hours to fall asleep. And I woke up a lot. And I was still awake when my alarm went off, so... exactly the same.
Her: Oh. Well, maybe it's something else then.

We have a good relationship.

I was planning to get to work early today, but y'know, fuck it. I'm spending quality time with my mug.
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And the weak get totalled. I maintain that if I had not given in to this... whatever it is, my natural tendency to bull through illness would have seen me through. As it is, am feeling more nauseated by the hour, although not yet like I have been hit by a truck, so I haven't managed to sleep.

And since my mother's natural tendency is to say I Told You So without actually doing anything helpful, I also have to distract her from saying I Told You So by giving her small tasks like Go And Fetch Me A Multivitamin Please Thankyou. -_-

Anyway. Here. Bored. Sweating like a particularly listless pig, and feeling mildly nauseated. Tina, if you start feeling anything like this, go get it checked out, okay?

[EDIT] Chris is bringing me noodle soup. Chris is a god. ...but has an unfortunate tendency to buy me food when I do not want to eat anything. XD


CHRIS: (from the living room) HELLO LAURA.
CHRIS: (still from the living room) THIS... IS ABOUT AS CLOSE AS I'M GOING TO GET TO YOU.


Dear Stomach,

Don't you even think about it.

Can see what you're doing, there,
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Dear mother,

It is not cool to have your mobile off when you don't come home when we have previous arrangements and you've made no intimation to the contrary. For all I know you and Chris made fast friends with a stringybark on the side of the highway.

No love right now,
who is mildly disgruntled and wishes the bloody woman would a) call or b) LEAVE HER PHONE ON.

Merlin was fabulously tacky, by the way. Now I need to go raid the fic comm again.

[EDIT] OKAY, SO I HAVE ADVENT CHILDREN COMPLETE, NOW. Flows much better than the original, except for the division between Tifa and Marlene getting to the church and the fight, so thank all gods for that. Also, my Girl With Pigtails gets a bigger part. As do the Turks and Yazoo. 8D And Zack! Who is still a puppy!

Things I can understand without subtitles. )

'kay, guys, it's, uh, totally worth suffering through again. :"D



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Only half an hour earlier than my normal Saturday shift, which doesn't really count since we were open an hour longer anyway, but... I am home! Apparently my carpet has been devoured by moths! My mother has cleaned my room again and I don't really approve of this, but whatever! I have work tomorrow and Monday but I'm off Tue-Thu now so, uh, I am going to sleep. And hermit. Yes.

Also, wild Corambis appeared! I hope Pulp Fiction calls soon.

Of course, James's plot to keep playing the XBox while mum was at the football has been foiled, and his response to this is, "Well, I'm calling Dad, then, and I'm not coming back."



[EDIT] And I'm pretty sure mum just kicked James out of the house. :|

[EDIT] He's not kicked out yet, but he's banned from the computer and all games. So he's going to harass me to change the passwords and let him play all night. And if he harasses me, mum is going to take him back to John's tomorrow.
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Because apparently being the mum means you can organise anything you want with absolutely no notice and chuck the shits about it when your adult daughter mentions that actually she has had something else planned for that day for more than a fortnight. -_-;;;; AUGH.

Had dinner with James and Alyce in the mall before choir, and then went and proceeded to... listen to the basses and tenors all night! Awesome! We did have a five minute run-through of a very fast, high song in Latin, a Laudate Dominum that pretty much sounds like gossip over the back fence a la Rome. XD It was awesome. Also HILARIOUS because two-thirds of it are lalalas. XD

Uhhh. Work was. Alan. Yeah. Someone needs to tell him to stop talking to me before I accidentally force his glasses past his tonsils with my fist.

And. ....suddenly my mind doesn't work want... want to work. Yeah. Fuck you and the horse you rode in on, grammar is for cocksuckers. YEAH.
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Actually managed to have half a discussion with mum re. my plans for the year - i.e. my actual career plans, i.e. WRITING - and trying to get short stories out there and a novel assembled.

Now she is all, well, get cracking. Just after telling me to take weeks off to let my hands recover.

Color me really. fucking. confused. |D;

[EDIT] Also, calling all Hobb readers. I have done a terrible thing to my seme-sama. How did you make peace with the ending of the Tawny Man? I ask this even though I know [ profile] alleyne and I regularly scream FUCKING SKILL PILLAR at each other in despair. All I can say is, somewhere in the back of my head there is a relatively happy culturally-confused threesome. Because that is how they do it in... that tiny little land to the south whose name I can never remember. Ummmm. Thingie. >_>
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So, guys, it is Hard Decision Making Time.


- take three weeks (or more) off with arm splints and then go back to it
- try to get Centrelink to support me in taking even more time off and get used to a life without hands
- take those three weeks off with the splints and use dad's birthday offer to get a kinesis keyboard, voice recorder, and decent speech-to-text software
- spend a year legally dead for tax purposes like that guy in the restaurant at the end of the universe (only in my case for health purposes, which I think is funnier)
- pack up my computer for those three weeks and see how long it takes me to go stark raving mad


Other suggestions are appreciated. Note that I have not yet discussed any of this with my mother and any of these plans may not meet with her approval.

[EDIT] Mum's decision on my behalf: quit, take three weeks off to get my hands back on track, and then start applying for Real Jobs. Quotes from that conversation involved the favourite you aren't writing anything IMPORTANT anyway, which I'm sure you can all guess makes me feel SPARKLY AND SUPPORTED.
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if I am not out of here by the end of 2009, I'll have killed my mother and/or myself.

She just hung up on me for trying to explain that when a application asks for 1yr minimum newspaper work or similar? They mean they want you to have published something. Because apparently this means I am SHOOTING THINGS DOWN AND NOT APPLYING FOR ANYTHING.



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I think the reason living with parents eventually becomes so unbearable is that while you are attempting to have respect for them as a parent and a person, they fail to understand that yes, you do count as a separate entity now, and therefore new rules need to be negotiated.

In short, the rule I wish to instate is: do not bitch to me about anything until my walking in the door after work is at least thirty minutes ago, because when I just walk in the door? I do not, in fact, give a flying fuck about your opinion on how my room should be.

Yeah, and every time I try to bring this to her attention she treats me like I'm an oh-so-cute five year old trying to be a big girl. Fuck. Off. I am this close to calling my mother a cunt to her face and I do not like that word.

So in short, [ profile] alleyne, yeah, that email/note re. figures would be lovely.

[EDIT] aaaaaaaaaauuuuuuuugheryeayrgehfjagsdfjagsdfksdfgsafhjasfgshdjfgs *just fucking screams into her pillow*

So, okay, you have a full time job. At the moment? SO DO I. And I'm still trying to catch up with family whom I HAVEN'T SEEN FOR MORE THAN THREE HOURS AT A TIME IN THE LAST SIX MONTHS, IF NOT LONGER. And you know what? I do not stop at the full time job. I am trying to be productive on OTHER SHIT and TAKE A GUESS HOW MANY HOURS OF SLEEP I HAVE HAD IN THE LAST MONTH with which to do that on. Guess how many WORKING HANDS I have to try to not get myself fucking fired on three fucking hours of fucking sleep when I am having great difficulty standing upright and keeping myself mobile and cheerful so that people will fucking buy from me.

But of course, you don't shut your FUCKING MOUTH for thirty seconds to listen to any kind of fucking reason - and it's never a 'reason' it's always an 'excuse'. Yeah, because that's what mature adults do - deny every fucking thing that anyone else tries to say.
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...why I bother talking to my mother. Every single thing I say, three sentences later she's yelling at me for something unrelated. Every. Single. Thing. Eventually, I think, I am just going to put a vow of silence into place.

Rage was home sick today (I hope you're feeling better, sweetness.) so the day was pretty long and tedious. My foot was sore from the moment I walked in the door, which is... not a good note to start the week on, put it that way. Sold my first real coffee machine today, but I'm not counting it as a real sale as pretty much all I did was tell the guy we had them and how much I was going to give it to him for. For the record, there is a FUCKLOAD of margin in the Gaggia Titanium at the moment. Not forever, but John clearly bought them when Gaggia's only other option was to suck cock for money. Just saying.

Um... yeah, words are leaking out of my head like the air from a punctured inner tube. Might be a better idea to just... stop talking.

For the Wickedest on my flist, I hit Liir today and while I like the characters well enough, the guy's writing style and scene choice is CONSTANTLY BEMUSING TO ME. I'm currently bored and hoping things improve. I'm sure it surprises no one that I am most interested in Tibbett and what the hell happened to put him so far below the radar, aside from being tied to a Tiger in a club. Going to keep struggling on, and suspect it takes a few reads, but dfajsdahsj. Do I have to?

...yeah, okay, so my mother should stop talking to me now.
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I tell you that my mother saw the Sanga drawing and said: "When are you actually going to write these books?" which I have not yet asjdfdsf'd at her about, and "You should illustrate them and make them children's books!"
ME: What? He eats people. Among other things.

I may be whistling things from The Nightmare Before Christmas all day, which my family will just have to put up with.

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Another night spent preaching the evils of Twilight to people with no background in YA or vampire fiction. XD I have argued myself croaky. I am officially very tired, but I do love seeing that half of the family. Even if it would be nice to be able to sit down and have real conversations with Dad and Kyla like we used to have the time to do. XD; Mum and I do not have conversations; we have brief five minute descriptions of what we're doing and what we should be doing and okay see you then. Dad and Kyla have a more similar mindset.

Anyway. I have to be up early again tomorrow, and I am very tired, so I suppose bed is the logical choice. When all you want to do is read something or draw something or write something, though, that's very disappointing.

(Another thing that's disappointing... had a reasonably sane half-conversation with my mother re. writing things and working, since we were both in front of Chris, and basically she said, "Good luck." Not in the supportive way. Which makes me so ... apathetic. Because... that is what I've been studying for, you know. To write things. I didn't just call it a Creative Writing degree; there was a reason behind that. And to have her just... dismiss writing utterly as a possibility for my immediate future - for my entire future - is ... hurtful. Putting it lightly.

And yet sometimes she is all, "You have a great future and I believe in you and what you are doing," so, what the hell. I think bipolar sums it up.)

[EDIT] ...and if James doesn't know where Kate is when he gets here on Monday I am going to cry. Because I did leave her near my desk and mum said today, "WELL IF YOU LEFT IT BY THE BIN," and I am just, I am going to fucking cry.

But probably not as much as Wyrren. :( Who may have to make do with the dubious comfort of her Tonberry, and resist the urge to flee or cast Ultima as she cries herself to sleep.

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Woke up at 6.30am, went back to sleep until the door buzzed at 8.30am, and just after I decided to get up, I had a call from James.

He had a great time sailing, and then he asked after his marks and I think I brought his mood down pretty low. :( I was so glad to hear from him, too. *breaks things* Everything is salvageable, going from the comments, and I think I had very much the same marks in grade nine, but mum is... mum. Anything lower than an A is completely unacceptable. And she's planning to take away his gaming entirely during semester, which I think is maybe the worst idea ever and guaranteed to make him hate on life for the rest of the year and not come out of his room at all, ever, during the holidays. :\ I think I will attempt to talk to her about it. It is not fair that he is banned from all video games the year that I finally have time to play some, hypothetically.

This makes me want to watch Crusoe. XD I had heard things, but the fact that Sarah Monette made a drinking game to it? Yeah, you know the rest.

My wrist is fucked today. To be fair, it was fucked halfway through work yesterday. It is not merely a result of playing Dirty Little Secret like some kind of obsessive freak. >_> I may have exacerbated its condition, but this is not the point.

I had very strange dreams involving many many pets, including cats, kittens, dogs, puppies, deer, and rabbits. Also involving crazily pirouetting, like, JET HELICOPTERS and epic missile launches in the sky, and realising that I am probably not going to like my sister very much, even though I love her. Dreams involving Gina always seem to emphasise her worst qualities.

I suppose I should start getting ready for work. :| But it has been such a nice morning of doing bugger all. kdjfkdj.

- breakfast
- shower
- work: 11.30am - 3pm
- christmas shopping
- writing?
- re-showering
- ready for dinner
- birthday dinner w/ dad @ 6.30pm XD;;;
- writing?
Haha, yes, no. :|

I would implement some kind of DO NOT PLAY ROCK BAND clause but we all know that I would be lying like a liar who lies.

[EDIT] ..........I think my next header has to be Felix and Mildmay. :| I think. I mean. I have an image in my head. But I'll need to learn to paint. And design Felix's tattoos properly. And. :| Oh dear god. What has my brain DONE. asjkdffsd.
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One day she is yelling at me because I don't have a career job; the next she is telling me she does not want to go shopping with me on Saturday as she wants me to SLEEP AND REST.



[EDIT] Also, I have lost my watch. :|
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*needs a job that does not involve a) running, b) impromptu obstacle courses, or c) climbing like a large and awkward monkey*

Rage bought me lunch this afternoon because, as I said to her then, "Oh fuck I have left my fucking fucking wallet in my fucking drawer." I was really hungry at the time and did not want to walk back up so it seemed pretty fucking tragic until she waved twenty dollars at me. XD ♥

Mum keeps hassling me about getting a real job, by which she means a writing job, which - given that I want to write novels and start building up a folio of published short stories - is pretty much insane. Writing for work and then trying to write at home? OUCH. Trying to explain this to her is like trying to talk to Ritsu during a panic fit, however.

I am almost ready to cry directly to Sarah Monette re. this first chapter business. :| Don't you understand that I need to know what is happening with Mildmay, seriously, I do not trust you when you say you think the ending is a happy one. :|

I want to do something but at the same time I just want to stone and do buggerall. My feet. Might try to write something later, but asjfdds.

ALSO. TO EVERYONE IN BRISBANE: I will pretty much be working straight from Dec 15 to Jan 15, so if you're not booked in at the moment then like as not I cannot actually do anything with you until then. :| The magic of Christmas in retail. I am going to try to get a few days off, but they will mostly be used for flopping down in an exhausted heap. So if you have anything that really desperately needs doing, now is the time to let me know. :)

Also, [ profile] feather_qwill, I think I am picking your package up from the post office tomorrow! I will let you know how it goes! :D

[EDIT] sdjf djfhsfhsjf, I get to go see Daddy this Sun night/Mon/Tue! ajsdfasdkf. ^____^ ♥ ♥ ♥ This means writing and reading during the day and chatting and playing at night! THIS THING IS AN EXCELLENT THING.


Oct. 12th, 2008 08:58 pm
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Oh my god, do not raid my room while I'm away, pack all my fucking instruments into impossible-to-reach locations, and then come bitch at me when I pull out my violin because it's the only thing I can find all the pieces to.

[EDIT] I can't stop being angry about this. I was doing wonderfully until that point. I was feeling really good, really productive and ready to go, until I went out to help with dinner. Then I was playing violin and that conversation happened and I cannot stop being angry about it. Fucking hell. Of all the times to be vengefully violently angry.


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